Second Chance Chapter 350

Outside the south gate of the West Garden, the Cabinet straight hut is lit up like daytime! From four or five o’clock in the morning to start reading, in addition to the middle of the meal break for a moment, the rest of the time is all used to read the papers. Finally, at nearly … Read more

Second Chance Chapter 349

The first ray of sunlight in the early morning through the sky pouring down to earth, through the West Garden Hall of Seongnyeon gossip window fell into the hall, sprinkled with a mysterious gossip pattern halo, in the gossip pattern of the two poles of the middle of the two people stood, one wearing a … Read more

Second Chance Chapter 348

After the palace exams, the tributes went home to relax. They made four hundred test papers by the volume, palm volume, mass sealing by the secret file sealing, theoretically speaking these temple test papers should have Jiajing emperor to read the paper, temple test three days of reading time, but Jiajing emperor to busy repairing … Read more

Second Chance Chapter 347

The setting sun is in the west, the sky is full of red haze, the floating mists filled the earth, Linhuai Marquis House is also floating in this sunset mists. LinHuaiMarquis backyard, buns little maid holding buns face, little head little by little dozing, hit three or five on their own to scare themselves awake … Read more

Second Chance Chapter 346

The stroke of the pen startles the wind and the rain, and the strategy is made to weep the ghosts and the gods! Inside the hall, the tributes were writing with great vigour, putting their ambitions, their good plans for ruling the country and securing the nation into the plan with their hearts and souls, … Read more