Earthly Deity Chapter 267

The white-bearded old man once again let out a heave, “I also have to tell you one more thing, that little lover of yours went to the True Stranger Continent after being saved by me.I heard that there’s a purple clothed monkey named Xia Mu in the True Stranger Continent who’s interested in her, if you don’t hurry up and go, the beauty won’t be there for you.”

Mo Wuji directly ignored the old man’s words, this old man probably had a purpose for everything he did, “Senior, just say it directly if you have any words or deals, don’t beat around the bush and make it like a politician.”

“Ah, I like it when you do things as straight as me.”The white-bearded old man slapped his palm and said enthusiastically.

Mo Wuji pooh-poohed in his heart, if you call this straight forward, then there are no bent things in this world.

The white-bearded old man wasn’t half embarrassed, “The True Stranger Continent has a Starry Sky Ranking, and this Starry Sky Ranking is different from other lists.The Heavenly Enquirer List is how many Heavenly Enquirer Steps you climbed, and your name on the Heavenly Enquirer List can be engraved on how many steps.The starry sky list is how many steps you can climb when your name is ranked.Remember, the Starry Sky Ranking’s steps are the opposite of the Heaven Asking Ranking, with the first step being the topmost step.”

Mo Wuji’s face turned a little ugly, “You wouldn’t be asking me to obtain the first place in the Starry Sky Ranking and then climb the Starry Sky Ranking, right?”

The white-bearded old man didn’t seem to be the least bit aware that Mo Wuji was being sarcastic as he gave a thumbs up and said, “See, you and co-operation are just enjoyable, you first ascend to number one on the Starry Sky Ranking, then climb up to the first step of the Starry Sky Ranking, and take down the topmost Starry Sky Plaque, that’s the first thing to do.”

Mo Wuji said coldly, “I’ve also heard of the Starry Sky Ranking, it’s the number one rank on the True Stranger Continent, and the strongest people on the rankings are even Human Immortals and those who exceed Human Immortals.Even if there are some True God Realms, they are all ranked at the bottom.This list calculates the contribution in the starry sky, not only do you need to be strong in cultivation, but you also need to be number one in contribution, so you’re asking me to get number one in the starry sky list?Besides, the number one on the Starry Sky Ranking has already been there for a long time, even if I climbed up, the Starry Sky Plaque wouldn’t be able to take my turn.”

The white-bearded old man hurriedly waved his hands, “It’s fine, it’s fine, the number one on the Starry Sky Ranking are those old men who are over a hundred years old.Even if one is over a hundred years old and ascends to the first place on the Starry Sky Ranking, they still can’t climb up to the first step of the Starry Sky Ranking.What’s more, there aren’t many people in the True Stranger Continent who would climb the Starry Sky Ranking.Do you think that people are fed up?As long as you can stay on the Starry Sky Ranking, it’s fine, who knows that the Starry Sky Ranking can be climbed.Therefore, as long as you can climb to the top of the Starry Sky Ranking within a hundred years old, you will have a chance to get the Starry Sky Plaque.If a hundred years have passed and you haven’t even been able to stand at number one in this kind of low level continent, there’s no point in going up with this kind of qualification.”

Mo Wuji sighed, “That’s why you saved Cen Shuyin and tried to find a way to send Cen Shuyin to the True Stranger Continent, right?”

Mo Wuji had asked about Cen Shuyin’s matter long ago, knowing that he was saved by this old man and was left at the doorstep of the Sword Lake with no explanation whatsoever.It was still the elder of Sword Lake who found an explanation himself.

“What you said, I didn’t force her to go to the True Stranger Continent, I didn’t say anything, I was totally doing a good deed.As a result, she herself wants to go to the True Stranger Continent, and now I heard that she’s still being harassed by that little Summer Foam’s envoy to come, so ah, you hurry over and hug the bed first.”The white-bearded old man hurriedly said.

Mo Wuji said indifferently, “I like to be straight to the point, I won’t talk about the twists and turns, the big deal is that I’m going to go and fight to the death with the people from the True Stranger Continent.”

This old man didn’t even bother to stand up for the imminent annihilation of the Lost Continent by the extra-dimensional cultivators, he just couldn’t believe that there was such a good heart that would go back to save Cen Shuyin.

The white-bearded old man snorted, “Ah, you’re talking about Cen Shuyin, I remembered, saving her was indeed a little bit, a little bit of wanting you to follow you to the True Stranger Continent.”

Mo Wuji was silent, he knew Cen Shuyin’s character.She could have been following herself, an outer disciple, for the sake of exchanging a Thunder Skill, and with the opportunity to go to the True Stranger Continent to ask for help, she ironically wouldn’t give it up.He even knew Cen Shuyin’s character, there was no reason for this old man not to know.

“Let’s talk about the second thing, I’m sure you’re not asking me to do one thing.”Mo Wuji calmed down, the old man with the white beard made it very clear that saving him was for a purpose, it was always much better than those hypocrites.

The white bearded old man immediately said with a joyful smile, “The second thing is for you to take these two tags to the Immortal Locking Formation in the Tower of the Gods and save someone called Ji Li.As long as you do this, our deal will be completely over.”

“Where is the Tower of Gods?And who is Ji Li?I don’t even know.”Mo Wuji said calmly.

The white-bearded old man waved his hand, “When you have the ability, you’ll naturally know, if you don’t have the ability, it doesn’t matter if you know or not.”

“Since that’s the case, why don’t you find someone more capable to do it?”Mo Wuji asked with a frown.

For the first time, the white-bearded old man revealed a sad demeanour, “You think I don’t want to, when I was guarding this place, the Heaven Enquiring Academy was still unknown in which nook or cranny.At that time, the Lost Continent was full of geniuses and strong people, but there was just no one who could step onto the top of the Heavenly Enquiring Steps.Once, I came across a fellow who was able to climb the 107th step of the Heaven Asking Steps, and I was almost overjoyed, but it’s a pity that that fellow didn’t end up stepping onto the 108th step.”

Seemingly starting to reminisce about how long he stayed here, the white-bearded old man gazed at the deep stream in front of him for a good while before continuing, “You don’t have a spiritual root, yet you opened up your own means of cultivating by opening up a vein.Not only that, you also found the one hundred and eight veins in your body, although not all of them are opened, I believe that it is only time.You also had a burst of chance and found the best cultivation technique that belongs to you, the Immortal Mortal Technique.That’s why you’re the only one here, a cultivator who can truly step into the Human Pole Realm, and it’s possible to step into the true Earth Pole Realm as well.Of course, the most important thing is that you went up to the 108th step.

Do you know that when you took the Immortal Questioning Medal, I almost wanted to take the Immortal Questioning Medal and leave this place, going to the True Stranger Continent on my own to continue searching for geniuses.It’s a good thing that I held back that thought, instead of going to look for someone else, I would have chosen you instead.Even though I don’t think highly of the chakra cultivation methods you pioneered either, who made it so that I can’t find another fellow who is better than you?”

When he thought of this old man’s reaction when he asked for the Immortal Enquiring Licence, Mo Wuji finally realised.Unexpectedly, this old man even knew about his own means of opening up his veins for cultivation, what exactly was this guy’s origin?He himself didn’t have a Jindan, he only had a violet qi did this old man know about it?

“Senior, I’m not the only cultivator in the Human Extreme Realm, even in the Lost Continent there are some.But most of them are just at the 10th layer, unlike me who has cultivated to the 12th layer.”Mo Wuji corrected the white-bearded old man’s mistake.

The white-bearded old man heatedly smiled, “Three layers of a small realm, for example, if you’re at the Yuandan realm now, the first layer of Yuandan to the third layer is the early stage of Yuandan, the fourth layer to the sixth layer is the middle stage of Yuandan, and the seventh layer to the ninth layer is the late stage of Yuandan.Since there are three levels, what makes the Human Extreme Realm only one level?Let me tell you, the true Human Extreme Realm is also three layers, which is the tenth to twelfth layer.Those so-called ten layers of the Human Extreme Realm are nothing but self-congratulation.Hey, it’s not worth mentioning, it’s not worth mentioning.”

So it was like this, Mo Wuji finally understood why each of his heavens was twelve layers.It wasn’t that he was wrong in his cultivation, but that other people were wrong in their cultivation… The truth was indeed in the hands of the few sometimes ah.

“Senior, in that case, I agree.Let me say this up front, I’m just doing my best.If I don’t find the Tower of Gods in my entire life, then I won’t be able to go in and open the Immortal Locking Formation.Of course, perhaps I will help senior continue to look for a successor.”Mo Wuji cupped his fists and said.

The white-bearded old man sighed, “I reckon that with your shrewdness and means, you won’t have a problem living for a thousand or so years.After waiting for a thousand or so years, it doesn’t matter much if you go to the Tower of Gods or not.”


“Two hours have already arrived.”In the Five Elements Domain City, the eyebrowless man suddenly stood up, his body surrounded by a murderous aura, clearly ready to go on a killing spree.

This murderous aura caused those Patriarchs in the great hall to back away.No one would think that this was fake, the other party, an Earthly Immortal King, would not have half a word of falsehood when he said that he wanted to kill all of the Five Elements Domain City.

Jiang Xiushan’s face was grim as he said in a cold tone, ”Indeed, you say one thing and do another, where are the grandiose words from two years ago in the Five Elements Domain City square?Everyone in my Hundred Sect Alliance has been working hard these past two years, where is he?”

“Could it be that I still have to report to you, Jiang Xiushan, wherever I go?Are you Jiang Xiushan the alliance leader, or am I, Mo Wuji, the alliance leader?”Mo Wuji’s voice came in, followed by Mo Wuji walking into the middle of the grand hall.

Jiang Xiushan’s tone stagnated, he didn’t expect Mo Wuji to appear at this time, if he had known, he would have said that sentence a little later.

When Mo Wuji came, the entire grand hall breathed a sigh of relief.All of them were clear that if Mo Wuji came, at most one of him would die, if he didn’t come, then everyone would be doomed.

“Alliance Master Mo.”Feng Zhenqiu clasped his fist at Mo Wuji, his face all bitter.It was reasonable to say that if the Hundred Sect Alliance was in trouble, they shouldn’t let the Alliance Lord stand out to block it alone, but right now, they had no other way but to let Mo Wuji stand out to block it.

It wasn’t that everyone was afraid of death, but it was because even more eggs couldn’t crack a single stone.Since this was the case, why bother wasting eggs?

“Are you the loose cultivator 2705? “The eyebrowless man coldly swept a glance at Mo Wuji with a slight surprise in his eyes.He sensed that Mo Wuji’s spirit chants were thin around him, so by all rights, his qualifications should be average.

“I have no grudges with you, did you specifically come to find me because of that Xia Mu?”Mo Wuji looked at the eyebrowless man and asked calmly.

“Where’s all the rubbish, let’s go.”The eyebrowless man raised his hand and grabbed at Mo Wuji.Immediately after, his face changed and he retracted the hand that grabbed towards Mo Wuji, while at the same time, he blasted a fist towards the entrance of the grand hall.

The berserk Yuan Power that was brought up by this punch swept up in an instant, almost engulfing the entire grand hall like a giant dragon.