Earthly Deity Chapter 268

However, this terrifying Yuan Power suddenly disappeared without a trace when it reached the entrance of the hall.The eyebrowless man took one step out of the hall, and his murderous aura shot straight into the sky of Five Elements Domain City.

Mo Wuji’s ears heard the lazy voice of the white-bearded fishing old man, “This eyebrowless boy will disappear in the future, remember what I explained to you.”

“Wait ah, take out all the True God Realms here, I can’t beat them.There’s also Qing Yun Castle Shen Bai Qi’s ring, that’s what I’m going to give to my friend ……,” Mo Wuji hurriedly chased after him to the doorway and shouted.

Shen Bai Qi was killed, and his things, Mo Wuji must get them back and give them to Shen Ren.Otherwise, how could he live up to the help that Shen Ren had given him.

“Pffff ……” Several rays of light shot in, each of them taking away a tent of blood from the eyebrow of a True Stranger Continent cultivator.

“Ding dang!”Followed by a ring that landed beside Mo Wuji.

“I helped to fulfil all your requests, now it’s your turn to help me.”The white-bearded old man’s voice landed in Mo Wuji’s ears before disappearing.

Mo Wuji let out a sigh of relief and picked up the ring on the ground before taking it directly from the fingers of the several True Stranger Continent powerhouses who didn’t even know how they died.

This old fishing man was still kind of generous, he didn’t grab the loot with him this time.It was probably because he was afraid that he would be unhappy, so he left a little something for him.

The great hall said that some people were frozen, what was going on?Just now, the crowd was still threatened by the True Stranger Continent’s Human Immortal King, how come the Alliance Master not only easily whisked away that Human Immortal once he arrived, but also wiped out all these True God Realm powerhouses in one fell swoop?

No, just now those few rays of light killed five or six True God powerhouses from the True Stranger Continent, what kind of cultivation does this require?

After figuring this out, every single person in the grand hall’s gaze was filled with awe when they looked at Mo Wuji.No wonder he could easily kill an Extra-Terrestrial True God, dare he say that there was such a powerful existence behind this Alliance Master Mo.Easily taking away the Earthly Immortal King and then instantly killing several True God Realms.With this kind of might, the little life of that eyebrow-less Human Immortal that was taken away was probably also bad enough.

Mo Wuji walked over to Xing Huang, took out an elixir and sent it into Xing Huang’s mouth, and with a tap on the back of his heart, Xing Huang opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of bruised blood.

“Patriarch ……,” Xing Huang opened his eyes and you just saw Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji nodded, “It’s good that you’re fine, just take the time to heal your wounds.”

After saying that, he stood up and said to a youth who walked to the doorway, “Wu Jingwu, are you leaving like this?”

The youth hurriedly stopped and bowed to Mo Wuji, “Wu Jingwu has met Lord Alliance, Lord Alliance’s divine might is unrivalled, he easily chased away the invaders from the True Stranger Continent.”

As he spoke these words, Wu Jingwu’s long face was a white colour, and his slender eyes were shaking terribly.

“You should have said Castle Qing Yun Wu Jingwu, I just don’t understand, I’ve seen many people with wolf hearts and dog lungs, to say that you’re a wolf heart and dog lungs, that’s really an insult to wolves and dogs.You want to go to the True Stranger Continent there is no one to stop you, you actually backstabbed Shen Baiqi who raised you.Could it be that all these years, you were fed sh*t by Shen Baiqi and grew up?Don’t you know a little bit about repaying favours?”Mo Wuji walked over, a murderous streak rising in his body.

The type of people he despised and loathed the most were ungrateful people.

“I ……,” Wu Jingwu suddenly hissed after taking two steps backwards, “Shen Baiqi is just treating me like a dog, he said with his mouth that he wants me to inherit Castle Qingyun, but where does he have the slightest intention of letting me inherit Castle QingyunHe said he wanted me to inherit Castle Qing Yun, but where did he have any intention of letting me inherit Castle Qing Yun?His daughter, Shen Ren, stole from him, and he told me that as long as I got Shen Ren back, he would betroth Shen Ren to me in the future.

I went to great lengths to get Shen Ren back, but he seems to have forgotten about it and never mentioned it.That’s even if it’s not enough, his Wordless Dan Book is clearly impossible to decipher on his own, yet he won’t show it to me ……”

Mo Wuji’s face grew colder and colder, “Ungrateful people really do all think differently, Wu Jingwu, Shen Baiqi treated you like a dog, and you, a dog, still managed to cultivate to this point today?Could it be that all the dogs in Castle Qing Yun are so bullish that they can swallow pills and use spirit stones to cultivate?I finally understand the saying, that is, the grace of rising rice, the hatred of fighting rice.If Shen Baiqi really kept you as a dog, perhaps you really wouldn’t bite your master.By the looks of it, Shen Bai Qi is really too good to you as a dog.”

After saying that, Mo Wuji no longer bothered to nag Wu Jingwu and raised his hand to blast a thunderball over.

Sometimes when you give a little tiny help, others would remember your kindness.If you gave the other person great help, it might make him think that you could have given him even greater help, which you didn’t do, making him cynical about you.I’m afraid that the most difficult thing to gauge in the world is the human heart, as there are always such scum in existence.

“Boom!”The thunder ball exploded, and Wu Jingwu was blown into a mist of blood.

It was only when Mo Wuji turned back here that the crowd hurriedly saluted in greeting, “Greetings, Alliance Lord.”

If it was said that before Mo Wuji became the alliance lord, it was mainly because there were too many people and the support of the Heavenly Enquiring Academy, that made the majority of the sect lords support Mo Wuji to become the Hundred Sect Alliance’s alliance lord, then now that Mo Wuji had become the alliance lord, then no one would feel the slightest bit wrong anymore.

Before Mo Wuji could ask Jiang Xiushan, Jiang Xiushan took the initiative to come over and bowed, “Jiang Xiushan’s villainous heart, please don’t take it to heart, Alliance Lord.”

Mo Wuji had an existence behind him that could easily destroy the Earthly Immortal King, even if Jiang Xiushan had 10,000 guts, he wouldn’t dare to be disrespectful to Mo Wuji at this moment.He didn’t think that that Earthly Immortal King would be able to come back after leaving this place.

Mo Wuji’s gaze landed on Jiang Xiushan as he said in a cold voice, ”Patriarch Jiang, even though I despise you, you are at least considered a man.I can clearly tell you that the Great Diffusion Sect is the Great Diffusion Sect, and Lei Hongji is Lei Hongji.If you continue to think that the Great Diffusion Sect’s bottom card is Lei Hongji, and that Lei Hongji represents the Great Diffusion Sect, then I reckon that your Great Diffusion Sect’s day of burying Lei Hongji with you is very close.”

If Mo Wuji had said these words before, even if Mo Wuji was the Hundred Sect Alliance’s alliance leader, Jiang Xiushan would not have hesitated to stand out and rebuke him, or even flip out with Mo Wuji.But now, he was well aware that Mo Wuji was speaking the truth.Just by virtue of the fact that an Earthly Immortal King was also killed by the person behind Mo Wuji, he wouldn’t dare to show any disrespect.

“Allied Lord Mo’s lesson is correct.”Jiang Xiushan replied respectfully, no matter how arrogant he was, he couldn’t gamble on the survival of the Great Diffusion Sect.

Mo Wuji didn’t pay any more attention to Jiang Xiushan and took the initiative to walk over to the seat where the eyebrowless man had just sat down before speaking, “Everyone, please take a seat, the Hundred Sect Alliance has been thriving more and more during these two years that I was in seclusion, thanks to your hard work.I, the one who is the alliance leader, is instead even more ashamed.”

A few cultivators from the Hundred Sect Alliance had long ago dragged away the few corpses around them.

“If it wasn’t for the rules formulated by the alliance master, my Lost Continent, and even the Hundred Sect Alliance wouldn’t have developed at such a fast pace.”Feng Zhenqiu was the first to step forward and said.

If it was said that he supported Mo Wuji before, he was only looking at Mo Wuji’s potential.Then now that he was supporting Mo Wuji, it was literally because of Mo Wuji’s strength.

He wasn’t wrong in this either, the rules that Mo Wuji formulated before his seclusion were very suitable for the Five Elements Desolate Domain.Although there were still a bunch of loopholes in the rules, but with the efforts of the Hundred Sect Alliance over the past two years, most of these loopholes were already patched up.

Bi Solomon’s Patriarch Han Xing stepped forward and said, “Back to the Alliance Master, I’ve found some clues to what the Alliance Master gave me two years ago.”

“Oh, how is it?”Mo Wuji hurriedly asked.

Seeing that Mo Wuji didn’t avoid anything, Han Xing hurriedly replied, “Later on, they had some internal problems and then left the Lost Continent from the Heavenly Sea, as for where they went, I have searched the sea in also, but I don’t have half a clue.”

Mo Wuji waved his hand in disappointment, “That’s it, thank you Patriarch Han.”

There were problems within the Nine Moons Dan Pavilion, Mo Wuji had known this for a long time.Since Zhen Shaoke had gone out to sea, he didn’t have any way to find him now.He only hoped that Zhen Shaoke was lucky and could survive in the Heavenly Sea.

When the many patriarchs saw that Patriarch Bilomon was still subjected to the alliance leader’s private work, they were all a little envious of Han Xing.

Mo Wuji was also aware of Han Xing’s carefulness, and he was really too lazy to care about such things.

“Alliance Master Mo, the True Stranger Continent is filled with strong people, although this time, it was resolved by the Alliance Master.If someone stronger is sent next time, how are we supposed to block the Lost Continent?”A man with somewhat messy hair stood out.

Mo Wuji recognised this man, it was the Thousand Formation Sect’s Sect Master, Yu Hexi.Don’t look at the Thousand Formation Sect as merely an Earth Extreme Sect, but in the Lost Continent, no one would underestimate this sect.

In the Lost Continent, seven or eight out of ten clan protection formations were set up with the help of the Thousand Formation Sect.Even the Five Elements Desolate Domain Entrance Formation was also formed by the Thousand Formation Sect.Yu Hexi was not only the sect leader of the Thousand Formation Sect, but also the leader of the Hundred Sect Alliance’s Formation Dao Union.

“What Guild Master Yu said is very true.”Mo Wuji had much more respect for this Yu Hexi than he did for Jiang Xiushan, who at best was only a little more powerful in terms of cultivation.It could not yet enter Mo Wuji’s eyes, towards this Yu Hexi, Mo Wuji was very much looking at him differently.

“I intend to set up another defensive grand formation in the Five Elemental Desolate Domain, once someone crosses the Five Elemental Desolate Domain and comes to my Lost Continent, we will be the first to know.At that time, this defensive grand formation will have to trouble Club Master Yu for more trouble.”Mo Wuji even stood up and clasped his fist.

The best way would naturally be to set up a grand formation that would envelop the entire Lost Continent.But this obviously wouldn’t work, not to mention Mo Wuji’s current cultivation, even if his cultivation reached the True God Realm, it would still be difficult to set up this grand formation.So Mo Wuji retreated to the next best thing, to find a way to block the path from the True Stranger Continent to the Lost Continent.

There were two roads coming from the True Stranger Continent, one was the Five Elements Desolate Domain and the other was the Heavenly Sea.

Mo Wuji knew that if the strongest people from the True Stranger Continent were to come to the Lost Continent, they would definitely choose to go through the Five Elements Desolate Domain instead of choosing the Heavenly Sea.The distance of the Heavenly Sea was many times that of the Five Elements Desolate Domain, and it was easy to lose one’s bearings.