Phoenix Among Men Chapter 123

“I can’t, that’s the rule!” One of the big men shook his head!

“Since you can’t, then I’ll go ask your boss ……”

Chen Ping said, about to walk towards the manager’s office upstairs!

The four big men froze, they didn’t expect Chen Ping to be scared of them at all, and there was a bit of disdain on his face!

“Seek death ……”

With that, the four big men made their moves together, their brightly shining daggers stabbing towards Chen Ping!

Chen Ping didn’t even look at the four men, his palm gently waved, the four men’s wrists instantly felt smashed by something fierce, followed by the daggers in their hands dropping to the ground!

This time, the four men were dumbfounded, watching in shock as Chen Ping walked into the building and then towards the upper floors!

None of them had reacted just now, they hadn’t even seen Chen Ping touch them, but the dagger in their hands had just fallen off, and each of them had a blood red mark on their wrists!

Only when there was no trace of Chen Ping did the four big men react and hurriedly chased after him!

At this moment, in the manager’s office, Liao Fei Xiong was looking out of the window, holding a cigar in one hand, his eyebrows slightly knitted together!

Originally, the underground power of Hong City was divided into two, the Gathering of the Righteous and the Red Dragon Gang were equally powerful, while the other small gangs could be ignored!

However, some time ago, the leader of the Red Dragon Gang, Feng Sihai, was injured and all the matters of the Red Dragon Gang were handed over to Liao Fei Xiong, who did not dare to act rashly at the moment.

Especially when Liao Fei Xiong saw Chen Ping injure Feng Sihai with his own eyes, Chen Ping’s strength shocked Liao Fei Xiong deeply, he didn’t know where Lin Tian Hu had found such a powerful helper!

But Feng Sihai has also gone to find his master Ye Fengchun, when the time comes, as long as Ye Fengchun arrives, then the Red Dragon Gang and the Gathering Hall will be on equal footing again!

Bam …………

Just as Liao Fei Xiong was looking out the window, pondering the future of the Red Dragon Gang, suddenly there was a loud bang and the door to his office was kicked open!

Liao Fei Xiong was furious, and before he could turn around, he cursed, “D*mn it, who entered my office without knocking?”

But as soon as Liao Fei Xiong’s words fell, when he turned his head, he froze, followed by a look of horror in his eyes!

Because he saw Chen Ping, who had injured Feng Sihai, standing in front of him at that moment!

Chen Ping didn’t know Liao Feixiong, after all, at Gu Mantian’s banquet, Feng Sihai had brought many people with him, but all of them didn’t make a move, only Feng Sihai followed Chen Ping and made a move, only to be injured by Chen Ping!

“You are the manager of this Xian He Zhuang?” Chen Ping asked as he looked at Liao Feixiong who had a shocked look on his face.

Seeing that Chen Ping did not know his identity, Liao Feixiong immediately nodded and said, “Yes, I am the manager, I don’t know what you want?”

“Just now your men said that someone was buying my life, I came over to ask, who exactly wants to buy my life?”

Chen Ping pulled a chair while sitting directly on it!

“Buy your life?” Liao Fei Xiong frowned slightly, but then his eyes snapped open and his entire body began to tremble slightly!

He remembered that Xing Jun had asked him to kill a person, it couldn’t be such a coincidence that the person that Xing Jun wanted to kill was this devil in front of him, right?

Just when Liao Fei Xiong didn’t know how to answer, those four big men also hurriedly ran in!

“Brother Xiong, this kid has some strength, the four of us are surprisingly no match for him, let him run up ……”

One of the big men said to Liao Fei Xiong!

This time, Liao Fei Xiong almost didn’t sit down on the ground, so it seems that the person that Xing Jun told him to kill is really this Chen Ping in front of him!

Liao Fei Xiong regretted it, if he knew it was Chen Ping, he wouldn’t have dared to give him any money, not to mention a million!

Feng Sihai was so powerful, but he was still killed by Chen Ping with just one kick!