Phoenix Among Men Chapter 163

Li Jian didn’t dare to stay, so he hurriedly ran out!

When he saw that Wang Han Han was still in the office, he immediately looked at Wang Han Han with an evil face!

Wang Han Han saw that Li Jian had come back, and with a face of anger, she was so scared that she didn’t dare to make a sound!

“How are you thinking about it? I’m telling you, you just have to promise me that I can guarantee a 100% contract to follow your company ……”

Jian Li already knew that the contract was to follow the Heart and Rain company, that’s why he promised so much!

“Jian Li, can you …… you change your request, I …………”

Wang Han Han had a difficult face!

“Change your request?” Jian Li sneered, “Do you know how much the contract is worth this time? If you can get the contract signed, the commission alone is more than you can imagine, there’s no problem buying a set of buildings! With such a huge profit, it’s not too much to sleep with you for one night, right? If I spent money to find a chick, I could find a hundred of them!”

Wang Han Han’s face was red and she was biting her lips to death, Li Jian looked at Wang Han Han like that, if he wasn’t in the office, he would have pounced on her right now!

“I …… I promise you, but only if you sign the contract first!”

Wang Han Han nodded after thinking about it for a while and said!

“That’s for sure, definitely have to sign the contract first ……” Li Jian’s mouth raised, and then continued, “I’ll get a good room and wait for you at night, just wait for my call, remember to wear something sexy ……”

Wang Han Han turned around and walked out, she just couldn’t listen to it anymore!

But just as Wang Han Han turned and walked out of Li Jian’s office, she saw Chen Ping coming down from upstairs!

“Brother Chen Ping ……”

Wang Han Han didn’t expect Chen Ping to come so quickly!

“Han Han, why are you here?” Chen Ping said after seeing Wang Han Han, he was slightly stunned!

He had said that he didn’t need Wang Han Han to come, but he didn’t expect Wang Han Han to sneak here on her own!

“I came over to get some help from my cla*smates so that we can still have a better conversation!” Wang Han Han said, looking at the contract in Chen Ping’s hand, and said with some surprise, “Brother Chen Ping, you …… are you signing the contract already?”

“Yeah, it’s already signed ……”

Chen Ping handed the contract to Wang Han Han!

Wang Han Han looked at the contract and her eyebrows directly wrinkled up!

She had just promised that Li Jian, how could Chen Ping have signed the contract so quickly?

“Mr. Chen, who is this??”

After Gao Ren saw Wang Han Han, he looked at Chen Ping with a puzzled expression!

After all, he knew about Chen Ping’s relationship with Su Yuqi when the two of them were flirting at the banquet without avoiding the crowd!

“My sister ……” Chen Ping said with a faint smile!

“Han Han, this is General Manager Gao of Tian Mei, we have just signed a contract ……”

Chen Ping followed Wang Han Han and introduced him!

“Hello Mr. Gao, my name is Wang Han Han ……”

Wang Han Han hastily reached out and shook hands with Gao Ren!

“Miss Wang, just heard that your cla*smate is also in our company?”

Gao Ren asked to Wang Han Han!

“Well, his name is Li Jian, the office director of your company ……”

Wang Han Han nodded her head!

“It’s him?” Chen Ping frowned!

“Brother Chen Ping, you know him?” Seeing that look on Chen Ping’s face, Wang Han Han asked in confusion.

“Just now, that Li Jian was trying his best to stop us from cooperating with Tian Mei!”

Chen Ping said!

When Wang Han Han heard that, she was furious, she felt that this Li Jian had been deceiving her, and when she thought that she was still foolish enough to promise that Li Jian, Wang Han Han was furious!

At that moment, Li Jian was coming out of his office, when he saw Wang Han Han with Chen Ping, and Gao Ren was also there, he felt that things were not good, and ran out!

“Li Jian, you beast, how dare you lie to me ……”

Seeing Li Jian, Wang Han Han cursed and chased after him!