Phoenix Among Men Chapter 181

“Brother Dong, I really didn’t lie to you, Mr. Chen …………”

But before Manager Zhang could finish his words, he was directly pushed away by the man: “If he doesn’t kneel down today, even if the King of Heaven comes, it’s useless, I won’t give face to anyone!”

When the man finished speaking, he gave a look and told his men to do something!

Seeing this, Manager Zhang hurriedly winked at the salesperson and told her to take Cui Zhiyuan away, the fewer people saw this kind of thing, the better, if word got out or someone recorded it, their reputation of Pan Long Bay would be in ruins!

Seeing this, the salesman hurriedly told Cui Zhiyuan and the others to leave, Cui Zhiyuan was still a bit reluctant, he wanted to see the scene of Chen Ping being beaten up with his own eyes!

“It’s a shame that such a wonderful scene is not allowed to be seen ……”

Cui Zhiyuan said with loss!

“No, let this guy Chen Ping play hard to get all day, this time he’ll be unlucky if he meets a tough guy!”

Wang Lanlan also said with a sneer on her face!

Only Sun Xiaomeng’s brow was slightly frowned, her heart was somewhat worried, if this really caused a death, it would be troublesome!

“Xiaomeng, you’re not still worried about that Chen Ping, are you? Haven’t you always hated him?”

Wang Lanlan saw Sun Xiaomeng looking like that, so she asked.

“Hate is hate, but we can’t just watch him lose his life and not care ……”

Sun Xiaomeng had a sad face: “Or let’s call the police!”

“I don’t think so, can’t you see how mean that guy is? If he knew we called the police, he might have killed his whole family ……”

Cui Zhiyuan threatened Sun Xiaomeng!

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of them.

Looking at how good Chen Ping was, Brother Dong’s face changed slightly in fear, while the woman was even more panicked!

“Do you still need me to kneel down and apologize?”

Chen Ping looked at that Brother Dong and asked with a cold smile!

The muscles at the corners of that Dong’s eyes continued to twitch, and finally gritted his teeth and said, “Kid, you are very capable of fighting, aren’t you? Let me tell you, I’ve taken down your license plate number, I can find out what your name is and where your family lives, if you can fight, I don’t believe your family can also fight …………”

Dong threatened Chen Ping with his family, but he didn’t know that this had touched Chen Ping’s scales of rebellion!

“You’re threatening me?” Chen Ping’s eyes instantly erupted with a murderous aura, a terrifying murderous aura that directly enveloped that Brother Dong!

Brother Dong’s body shivered, and he felt a gust of cold wind drilling into his neck collar!

“Kid, you don’t have to look at me like that, do you still dare to kill me in front of everyone?”

Dong also gritted his teeth, his face full of ruthlessness and said, “If you don’t kill me today, I’ll kill your whole family when I find the right opportunity ……”

This Dong actually followed Chen Ping and started to play a scoundrel, with an expression of a dead pig not afraid of boiling water!

“You’re looking for death ……”

The killing aura on Chen Ping’s body was getting thicker and thicker, and the manager Zhang, who saw this, hurriedly stopped in front of Chen Ping: “Mr. Chen, forget it, forget it, it’s not necessary to fight and kill, it’s not much of a problem!”

Manager Zhang didn’t want a murder in front of his own neighborhood, and he couldn’t afford to offend either of these two people, nor did he want anything to happen to either of them!

Chen Ping didn’t say anything, but indifferently took out his mobile phone and called Lin Tianhu!

“Ten minutes, go to the entrance of Pan Long Wan district ……”

With just one sentence, Chen Ping hung up the phone!

When Dong saw that Chen Ping was able to shake people, the corner of his mouth immediately raised, “I really can’t see it, just you can still shake people? I’d like to see what kind of people you’ve called ……”