Phoenix Among Men Chapter 220

“What is this place? Don’t fool around!”

Su Wenzong lectured Su Yuqi, before looking at Gu Wentian and Daoist Master Bu Xu and the others with a smile on his face full of embarra*sment!

Several people also smiled, with envy in their eyes!

“Mr. Chen, although the Yin Cold Qi in Daoist Master Bu Xu’s daughter’s body was absorbed in a hurry, but you also said that she is some kind of ice crystal body, and will continue to absorb Yin Cold Qi from a source, this is afraid that in a short time, her body will be invaded by Yin Cold Qi again, so …… ……”

Before Gu Wentian could finish following Chen Ping, Chen Ping directly interrupted with a wave of his hand.

“Bu Xu Daoist, your daughter will not be in trouble for the time being, his ice crystal body, is a rare physique in a hundred years, with my current strength, I can help her get rid of the Yin Cold Qi completely, but I would prefer her to go all the way to cultivation, so when my strength is improving some, I will naturally give her a transformation of her physique, for the time being, your daughter will not be affected in any way, I will come over regularly I will come over regularly to help your daughter absorb the cold Qi from her body!”

Chen Ping said to Daoist Master Bu Xu.

With Chen Ping’s current strength, he could help Daoist Master Bu Xu’s daughter get rid of the Yin Cold Qi and still make her look eternal, but then, this Ice Crystal Body physique would not be cultivated and would be wasted!

So Chen Ping intended to help Daoist Master Bu Xu’s daughter enter the path of cultivation after his strength had increased, but Chen Ping also had his own little selfishness, that is, this Yin Cold Qi was of great help to Chen Ping’s cultivation, he could just use the cold Qi from Daoist Master Bu Xu’s daughter’s body to help himself cultivate and improve his strength!

“Thank you Mr. Chen, thank you Mr. Chen …………”

Daoist Master Bu Xu said, going so far as to kneel down to Chen Ping!

Chen Ping rested his hands: “Daoist Master Bu Xu need not be so polite, I am also here for the spirit pen and vermilion sand, so we are just exchanging them!”

“Mr. Chen’s kindness in saving my daughter’s life is not comparable to the Spiritual Pen and Vermilion Sand, in the future, if Mr. Chen needs me, I will be obliged to do so!”

Daoist Master Bu Xu said with a respectful face.

“Mr. Chen, just now I was blind and offended Mr. Chen, I hope Mr. Chen will bear with me!”

At this moment, Daoist Wu Wei walked over and followed Chen Ping with an embarra*sed face as he apologised!

The strength Chen Ping had displayed had long since made him admire him to the core!

“You’re welcome, two Daoist Masters, since the matter has been resolved, I will not bother you anymore!”

Chen Ping had the spirit brush and the vermilion sand, and couldn’t wait to go back and help his mother get her eyes cured!

By the time he came down from Thunder Mountain, it was already dark and Tang Long was still keeping watch at the bottom of the mountain!

Su Yuqi volunteered to drive Chen Ping back to Pan Long Bay, while Gu Mantian and the others would have to squeeze into one car!

“You’re a girl, why do you have to drive me home if you’re not going home at night?”

Chen Ping sat on the pa*senger side and asked Su Yuqi.

“I’m your wife, if I don’t give you a ride, who will?”

With no more bystanders around, Su Yuqi no longer had any qualms!

“Uh ……” Chen Ping was speechless for a while and after a moment’s pause said, “We’re not engaged, we’re not married, how come you’re my wife? Not to mention that I don’t have the money to marry you right now!”

“You don’t have money, but I do, I’ll support you in the future, I’m sure of you anyway!”

Su Yuqi looked at Chen Ping and raised her eyebrows slightly, with a little provocation.

Looking at Su Yuqi, Chen Ping smiled, for Su Yuqi, Chen Ping had long been attracted to her.

Whether it was her looks, her figure, or her life, including her personality, she was the kind of girl Chen Ping liked!

Only now Chen Ping had not thought of following Su Yuqi to the next level, since he had entered the path of immortal cultivation, Chen Ping’s state of mind had changed, perhaps as his strength increased, Chen Ping’s age could be extended indefinitely, while Su Yuqi, she was just an ordinary girl!