Phoenix Among Men Chapter 301

“Okay!” Lin Tianhu nodded his head!

But just as Lin Tianhu was driving his car to find a repair shop, he noticed a red Mercedes C kept following them!

“Mr. Chen, there’s a situation …………”

Lin Tianhu said as he scanned the rear view mirror.

Chen Ping glanced back in the car and hurriedly turned his head back, “Drive to a more remote place, there are too many people on the street here!”

Lin Tianhu jerked his direction and drove towards the outskirts of Yuncheng, while the red Mercedes-Benz also hurriedly followed him!

Su Yuqi’s face turned a little ugly as she saw another car following them, her body trembling slightly!

Chen Ping put one arm around Su Yuqi’s shoulder and said softly, “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine!”

The car soon arrived at a rather remote place, Lin Tianhu stopped the car, and the red Mercedes-Benz also braked sharply and stopped behind it!

Chen Ping got out of the car and because Su Yuqi was scared, Chen Ping kept his hand on Su Yuqi’s shoulder and held her in his arms.

At that moment, a girl got out of the driver’s seat of the red Mercedes, with short hair, delicate features and a round face that looked like a doll!

When the girl got out of the car, Chen Ping and Lin Tianhu were both stunned, such a girl, how could she look like a killer!

The girl was holding a spanner in her hand and looked at Chen Ping and Lin Tianhu with a bit of panic in her eyes.

“Who are you people, let go of my cousin, I’ve called the police ……”

The girl pointed at Chen Ping with the spanner, only her hand was shaking badly!

Chen Ping and Lin Tianhu froze, all involuntarily looked at Su Yuqi, and at this time Su Yuqi’s eyes were full of tears, her expression was so excited that she could not say anything.

“Fifi, you’ve all risen so high, I can’t even recognize you!”

Su Yuqi said, running directly towards the girl and hugging her with one hand!

At this moment, the girl froze, looked at Chen Ping, and then at Su Yuqi, somewhat dumbfounded!

“Sister Yuqi, you …… weren’t you kidnapped by these two bad guys?”

The girl asked.

“Kidnapped?” Su Yuqi froze, then snorted out a laugh: “Tying what frame ah, these two are my friends, let me introduce you!”

Su Yuqi pulled the girl forward to Chen Ping, “This is my cousin Gu Yufei, these two are called Chen Ping and Lin Tianhu!”

“Hello!” Chen Ping graciously extended his hand!

Gu Yufei’s face reddened with embarra*sment as she shook Chen Ping’s hand, “I’m so sorry, I thought you were bad guys!”

It turned out that Gu Yufei had seen Chen Ping driving and she saw Su Yuqi in the car, she was being held by Chen Ping with her arm around her shoulders, Su Yuqi’s face did not look too good, plus the back of Chen Ping’s car was smashed, so Gu Yufei thought Su Yuqi had been kidnapped!

So while calling the police, she drove up and followed them, and it turned out to be all a misunderstanding!

“That’s good, the misunderstanding is cleared up, just now we thought you were the bad guy, it scared the hell out of me!”

Su Yuqi said with a happy face.

“Sister Yuqi, what’s up with your car? What are you guys doing here in Yuncheng?”

Gu Yufei asked with a puzzled look on her face.

“We came over to buy some herbs, as for the matter of the car, it’s a long story, I’ll tell you slowly later!”

Su Yuqi didn’t want to follow Gu Yufei and say too much, nor did she want her to know too much, after all, knowing too much would not be good for her!

“Then get in my car, it just so happens that my sister is waiting for me to have dinner with her, if she knows you’re here, she’ll be overjoyed!”

Gu Yufei didn’t ask too many questions, she pulled Su Yuqi and got into her car!

Chen Ping took a look and said to Lin Tianhu, “You go and fix the car, we’ll be in touch by phone then!”

Lin Tianhu nodded and drove the car away, while Chen Ping also got into Gu Yufei’s car and sat in the back!