Phoenix Among Men Chapter 304

He Zhigang, after a moment’s daze, spoke at length to Chen Ping, “Brother Chen Ping, I can understand your desire to do big business, but these things you mentioned, even in Yuncheng, are priceless, even though the Su family is rich, they may not be able to get these, and if you don’t know your way around, I’m afraid you’ll be cheated out of your home! ”

“Brother He, thank you for reminding me, I have my own sense of propriety!”

Chen Ping followed He Zhigang and thanked him!

Seeing that Chen Ping seemed to have made up his mind, He Zhigang also stopped persuading, but said, “Brother Chen Ping, you have just arrived in Yuncheng, take a rest first, tomorrow you can go to Renhe Tang General Store and find me, I will accompany you around, you can get familiar with it first, with me accompanying you, no one will cheat you after all.”

“What are you doing accompanying him? Aren’t you busy? This kind of guy with low eyes, he can’t do anything, and when he opens his mouth he talks about hundred year old ginseng, does he know how to distinguish hundred year old ginseng?”

The more Gu Yuyao looked at Chen Ping now, the more displeased she was!

“Alright, since we’ve come all the way here, we should always keep company!”

He Zhigang said with a faint smile.

“If you want to keep company, you should, I’m not free, I have to work!” Gu Yuyao frowned and saw Su Yuqi and said, “Yuqi, you should be more careful yourself, but you can pay for it when other people’s families ask you to!”

“I know cousin!” Su Yuqi nodded her head.

After eating, a few people exchanged a few pleasantries and prepared to say goodbye, then Chen Ping and Su Yuqi had to go and find a place to stay.

Gu Yuyao wanted Su Yuqi to stay at her own home, but considering Chen Ping, Su Yuqi refused!

Just after walking out the door of the restaurant, Lin Tianhu greeted us, the car was already fixed!

“This is my friend Lin Tianhu!”

Seeing Lin Tianhu walking over, Chen Ping introduced him to He Zhigang.

“Hello, my name is He Zhigang!” He Zhigang followed Lin Tianhu and shook his hand!

“Brother Chen Ping, I heard that there is an underground emperor in Hongcheng called Lin Tianhu, known as Master Tiger, who is very powerful in Hongcheng and has hundreds of people under his hands.

He Zhigang was a bit surprised.

“There are many with the same name, can Master Tiger give him a soft-earned drive? What are you thinking!”

Gu Yuyao said with a disdainful face!

As soon as Su Yuqi heard that, she immediately opened her mouth and wanted to follow her cousin to explain that this Lin Tianhu in front of her was the Master Tiger they were talking about!

Only before she could open her mouth, she was stopped by Chen Ping with a look, and then said with a smile, “It’s just the same name, it’s just the same name ……”

Chen Ping didn’t want too many people to notice their whereabouts, if Lin Tianhu’s identity was also exposed, then many eyes in Yuncheng would be placed on them!

After separating at the restaurant, Chen Ping and the others found a hotel and booked three rooms directly, one for each person, Chen Ping would have liked to book two rooms, saying he was saving some money, but Su Yuqi disagreed!

They were tired from the journey and the pursuit of the Wei family, so they lay down and went to sleep.

And at this time the Wei family in the provincial capital, Wei Kunan was restlessly crossing his steps!

It’s been more than half a day, but no news has come from him.

Wei Kun’an’s face was getting ugly, and the uneasiness in his heart was even stronger, he knew that something must have happened to his men, otherwise he wouldn’t be unable to contact them!

“Uncle Fu!”

Wei Kun’an shouted out!

“Master!” An old man with a hunched body and a thin build walked in!

This old man was the Wei family’s old butler, from Wei Kun An’s father’s generation, Uncle Fu had worked as a butler in the Wei family, and now that he was older, although he wasn’t working as a butler anymore, the Wei family still held Uncle Fu as one of their own, and still let him stay in the Wei family to retire!