Phoenix Among Men Chapter 305

The Wei family was once besieged by hundreds of people who were seeking revenge, and the entire Wei family was in danger.

“Uncle Fu, take a few people to Yuncheng, make sure to bring the guy who ruined the young master, if you can’t capture him alive, even if it’s a corpse, you have to bring him back to me, if this matter is not handled properly, I’m afraid that the Jiang family will look down on my Wei family even more!”

Wei Kun An was now going to get rid of Chen Ping no matter what, otherwise he would be scolded by his daughter-in-law all day long and looked down upon by the Jiang family, and he wouldn’t dare to say anything back!

“Master, don’t worry, I will bring you the man!”

Uncle Fu nodded, and then turned and walked out!

Early the next morning!

Chen Ping had just woken up and had breakfast at the hotel when Gu Yu Fei drove up!

“Sister Yu Qi, Brother Zhigang was afraid that you wouldn’t know each other, so he asked me to come over and take you there!”

Gu Yufei said to Su Yuqi.

“Good, let’s go then!”

Su Yuqi nodded her head.

“Sister Yuqi, you won’t be sleeping with your boyfriend at night, will you?”

Gu Yufei walked up to Su Yuqi and said in a small voice.

“What nonsense, we have one room each!”

Su Yuqi glared at Gu Yufei!

With Gu Yufei leading the way, Chen Ping and the others soon arrived at the main shop of Ren He Tang!

This shop was located in the centre of the city and covered an area of thousands of square meters, so it was clear that the strength of this Ren He Tang was not to be underestimated!

Just after entering, the waiter at the entrance of the shop politely said to Gu Yufei, “Miss Gu, our General Manager He has instructed that you can go directly to the back hall to find him when you arrive!”

“Got it!” Gu Yufei nodded her head and waved her hand towards Su Yuqi, “Sister Yuqi, let’s go to the back hall!”

Chen Ping and Lin Tianhu followed behind the two girls, at this moment, Chen Ping surveyed the entire Renhe Hall, although it was morning, there were already quite a few customers coming in and out, some were inspecting goods, some were bargaining.

In the hall of Renhe Hall, there were no less than a thousand kinds of medicinal herbs, each of which was placed in a display case, and all of them were labelled with the name and efficacy of the herbs, which was enough to see that Renhe Hall was very formal!

Chen Ping secretly felt it and found that the herbs inside were all ordinary things, and he could not sense any spiritual energy fluctuations at all, but when he thought about it, it was right, who would put precious herbs in the hall like this.

After walking through the hall and down a corridor, Chen Ping arrived at the lobby at the back, which was lined with warehouses filled with bags of medicinal herbs!

“Brother Chen Ping, you’re here ……”

Seeing that Chen Ping and the others had arrived, He Zhigang hurriedly greeted them with a smile, “You guys sit down now, I have a guest to entertain, when you’re done, I’ll take you around!”

“Brother He, there’s no rush, you get busy first!” Chen Ping smiled faintly.

He Zhigang nodded, “Someone, serve a few cups of tea!”

After sending someone to serve tea to Chen Ping and the others, He Zhigang left, and at that moment, at the Eight Immortals table in the middle of the lobby, there was a middle-aged man sitting, and He Zhigang sat directly across from that middle-aged man!

The two men were talking and there was an exquisite wooden box on top of the Eight Immortals table, it looked as if a deal was being made!

Chen Ping sat down, took a sip of tea and looked around somewhat bored.

“Mr. He, this is over a hundred years old mountain ginseng, look at this quality, look at this head, and this ginseng beard, this is definitely a first cla*s top grade mountain ginseng, asking you for 20 million dollars is not much at all, if you don’t accept it at Renhe Hall, I can go to Tong Ren Hall, they will definitely accept it for 20 million dollars!”

The middle-aged man suddenly raised his voice and said to He Zhigang.