Phoenix Among Men Chapter 311

“I see, that Zhou Zhiqian left in a hurry, he must have gone to the auction, this rare and rare thousand year old snow lotus will definitely have many people fighting for it!”

He Zhigang suddenly realized, knowing why Zhou Zhiqian had left his business unattended and just left in a hurry!

“We’ll have to go to the auction then.”

Chen Ping’s heart instantly fluttered with joy, if this could get that thousand year old snow lotus, his own strength would be able to improve quickly.

He Zhigang nodded and led Chen Ping and the others straight to the auction!

The auction was on the outskirts of Yuncheng City, a dome-shaped building with a very ancient Roman flavour.

At this moment, outside the auction, luxury cars were gathered, which could not be seen in normal times, and it seemed that many people were running for the Millennium Snow Lotus.

Walking to the entrance, the staff seemed to be familiar with He Zhigang and immediately took a number plate, and then said respectfully, “Mr. He, this time a deposit of 100 million is required!”

“How much?” He Zhigang was stunned, “Doesn’t it usually only cost ten million? Why does it suddenly require a deposit of one hundred million!”

“Mr. He, today’s situation is special, and as you should know, there’s a thousand-year-old snow lotus to be auctioned, so the auction deposit has gone up to prevent someone from maliciously auctioning it off!”

The staff explained seriously!

He Zhigang’s face was a little ugly, as he didn’t have a hundred million on him!

“I’ll pay it!” Chen Ping could tell that He Zhigang probably didn’t have that much money with him, so he took the initiative to stand out and say.

After Chen Ping had paid the deposit of one hundred million, he got a number plate, and a few people were then let into the auction site!

The auction site, which had been unpopular and empty, was now teeming with people, many of the bigwigs of Yuncheng were there, and in the front row, that Zhou Zhiqian was really there, talking to someone in a whisper!

Seeing that He Zhigang and the others had arrived, Zhou Zhiqian faintly stared, but then smiled lightly and nodded as a greeting!

Chen Ping and the others found their seats and sat down, quietly waiting for the thousand year old snow lotus to appear!

At first it was just some ordinary herbs, not many people were interested, many of them were aborted, these people came for the Thousand Year Snow Lotus!

“Brother Chen Ping, I’m afraid that this time the competition will be fierce, if you want this Thousand Year Snow Lotus, do you have a suitable price in mind?”

He Zhigang asked in a low voice to Chen Ping.

Chen Ping shook his head, “I’ll take it for any amount of money!”

As soon as He Zhigang heard that, he didn’t say anything else!

“Sister Yu Qi, what exactly does this boyfriend of yours do? How come you have so much money, it can’t all be from you, right?”

Gu Yufei was now very curious about Chen Ping’s identity!

Looking at the way Chen Ping was spending money, as if tens of millions or hundreds of millions were nothing in his eyes, like he was spending someone else’s family’s money!

“He won’t ask for my money, you really think he’s a soft eater!”

Su Yuqi smiled faintly and looked at Chen Ping with adoration in her eyes!

Su Yuqi found that Chen Ping was becoming more and more attractive to her, and that unique aura of Chen Ping’s body deeply fascinated her.

Soon, after a few rounds of auction, the host brought up a very large gla*s bottle with a snow lotus soaking in wine in it.

“Gentlemen, this is today’s main character, the thousand year old snow lotus, you should know that snow lotus has not appeared in our Cloud City for some time, this kind of thing is extremely difficult to pick, so fewer and fewer people are picking it, this thousand year old snow lotus is still used by a mountain farmer who made his own medicinal wine and was found by us!”

The host introduced the origin of the Thousand Year Snow Lotus, but there was already a lot of noise from below!

“sh*t, what the f*ck, isn’t this a scam? They tricked us into coming here, and it turns out to be a snow lotus for making wine!”

“Can this snow lotus be a thousand years old? I don’t think a hundred years has pa*sed, you guys are simply big liars!”

“What an auction and a deposit of 100 million, what the hell!”

Seeing this snow lotus, everyone showed their disappointment and shouted curses!