Phoenix Among Men Chapter 312

Even though the snow lotus was soaking in the wine, he could still feel the raging spiritual energy in the snow lotus rushing around!

Although this snow lotus did not look big and had been soaking in the wine for an unknown amount of time, it had long since lost its original lustre, but that did not stop Chen Ping from liking it!

Since these people didn’t know what they were looking for, Chen Ping was afraid that he would be able to pick up a bargain today!

The host was not moved in the slightest by the people’s curses, and still said with a smile, “The starting price for this thousand year old snow lotus is one hundred million, each increase cannot be less than ten million, the highest bidder wins, now the auction begins!”

Chen Ping did not raise his bid at first, but waited a little and looked around to see the reaction of the people.

But just as Chen Ping was about to raise his bid, Zhou Zhiqian in the front row suddenly raised his card, “I bid 100 million!”

Seeing Zhou Zhiqian raise his card, the people around him suddenly murmured.

“Old man Zhou has actually bid, could it be that we have looked away?”

“Tong Ren Tang is so wealthy, one hundred million to buy such an item!”

“Let’s wait and see, that Zhou Zhiqian is so sophisticated that he won’t just bid.”

All eyes were focused on Zhou Zhiqian, who slowly got up and swept a glance at the crowd after making his bid: “Gentlemen, this snow lotus is indeed of poor quality, and its age is not a thousand years, but it is still a few hundred years old. So I will bid to take it, and you all should not grab it with me.”

As the crowd listened to Zhou Zhiqian’s words, although not many people believed him, Zhou Zhiqian made it clear that he couldn’t steal it from him, so I’m afraid no one would dare to bid on it!

Zhou Zhiqian sat down after finishing his speech, and the host gave Zhou a somewhat disgruntled look, but did not dare to get angry, so he could only look at the crowd and said, “Are there any more bids? This snow lotus is definitely worth every penny!”

The host tried desperately to encourage others to bid so that the auction could make more money, but no matter what the host said, no one dared to bid anymore!

With a look of helplessness on his face, the host could only walk back to his position and pick up the hammer and prepare to knock it down!

“One hundred and ten million dollars!”

Just as the host was about to strike the hammer, Chen Ping suddenly raised his sign!

The host’s face lit up with joy as he hurriedly looked at Chen Ping, while everyone’s eyes were also drawn to Chen Ping!

Zhou Zhiqian even frowned and looked coldly at Chen Ping, with a bit of anger in his eyes!

“This gentleman has bid $110 million, is there anyone else?”

The host said, turning his gaze towards Zhou Zhiqian.

Because at this moment, only Zhou Zhiqian would continue to call for bids!

“One hundred and fifty million dollars!” Zhou Zhiqian slowly raised his number plate and said.

An instant increase of forty million dollars caused everyone to look at Chen Ping, wanting to see if Chen Ping still dared to increase his bid, and even that host also put his eyes on Chen Ping!

“Two hundred million!” Without the slightest hesitation, Chen Ping directly raised his number plate!

Wow …………

At this moment, the crowd present all sucked in a breath of cold air, this opening of his mouth was 200 million, a direct increase of 50 million, this was too capricious!

“Brother Chen Ping, the increase is too much!” He Zhigang said in a small voice after Chen Ping.

At auctions, bids were raised a little, so that they could also test the other party’s reserve price, this was a bit too fierce to go up by tens of millions at once.

“Sister Yu Qi, your boyfriend is so handsome, he doesn’t run a bank, does he?”

Gu Yufei’s eyes were full of curiosity as she looked at Chen Ping, as if she wanted to see Chen Ping through!