Phoenix Among Men Chapter 313

“It’s not the time for you to say that he eats soft rice, now look at him handsome!”

Su Yuqi smiled slightly, but she was also a little surprised how Chen Ping had so much money, but she had already planned, even if Chen Ping didn’t have any money, after auctioning this snow lotus, she would still call Su Wenzong for money, as the richest person in Hongcheng, the Su family still had a few hundred million to come up with.

Zhou Zhiqian looked at Chen Ping viciously, his eyes slightly narrowed together and a chill began to form on his face.

“Two hundred and ten million ……”

Zhou Zhiqian looked at Chen Ping with a deadly look and gritted his teeth!

“Three hundred million!” Without waiting for Zhou Zhiqian’s words to fall, Chen Ping raised his card again!

At this moment, everyone was dumbfounded and all began to be curious about Chen Ping’s identity, while the host’s face burst into laughter as he roared, “This gentleman has already bid 300 million, 300 million, is there anyone else bidding? I see that this gentleman’s face is new, he doesn’t look like a native of Yuncheng, doesn’t anyone from Yuncheng have any competition? If this gets out, I’m afraid we won’t dare to call this medicine capital by its name anymore!”

I have to say that this host was too bullish, provoking Chen Ping and Zhou Zhiqian with just a few words, just now Zhou Zhiqian was saying that he was afraid of disgracing Yuncheng, now this host brought it up, if Zhou Zhiqian didn’t compete, wouldn’t he be slapping his own face?

Chen Ping glanced at the host on stage and inwardly cursed twice, this guy is really good at stirring up trouble, in order to get people to fight so they can earn more money!

“Three hundred and ten million dollars ……”

Zhou Zhiqian gritted his teeth fiercely and raised his number plate again!

Chen Ping didn’t hesitate, he was just about to raise his number plate, but was held down by He Zhigang!

“Brother Chen Ping, even if it’s a top grade thousand year old snow lotus, it’s not worth this price, don’t ever call again!”

He Zhigang persuaded Chen Ping.

The price at this point was already considered a premium, it wasn’t suitable to buy it down, it would definitely lose money when bought in hand!

“Brother He, I have another use for this snow lotus!” Chen Ping finished his sentence and once again raised the number plate in his hand high: “Three hundred and fifty million dollars!”

Wow …………

The scene instantly caused a commotion, everyone looked at Chen Ping with endless curiosity in their eyes, they were eager to know why Chen Ping had paid such a high price for this snow lotus!

Even for those who don’t know much about medicinal herbs, they knew that this price had long been overpriced and that this thousand year old snow lotus was not worth it at all, let alone a thousand year old snow lotus that had been soaked in wine.

Could it be that this young man had a grudge against Zhou Zhiqian and was deliberately targeting him?

Such a thought came to everyone’s mind, for they could think of no other reason than this!

Zhou Zhiqian himself was the same, his eyebrows knitted together in a fierce fury as he stared at Chen Ping with a pair of eyes, “Kid, are you deliberately seeking to antagonise old me?”

“I have no enmity with you, why am I antagonising you? The rules of the auction are that the highest bidder will win, if Elder Zhou likes it, you can continue to bid!”

Chen Ping said with a faint smile!

“Humph! This is Cloud City, don’t be complacent ……”

Zhou Zhiqian snorted coldly and led his men to brush his sleeves away!

With Zhou Zhiqian gone in anger, the crowd all looked at Chen Ping with pitiful gazes, daring to offend Zhou Zhiqian in Cloud City, there would definitely be no good consequences for him!

“Three hundred and fifty million dollars, the thousand year snow lotus goes to this gentleman ……”

The host happily struck the hammer, before respectfully handing the Tianshan Snow Lotus to Chen Ping!

Chen Ping got the snow lotus and paid the rest of the money to the auction’s account, before following He Zhigang and the others and leaving as well, there was no need to stay at the auction now that the purpose of the day had been achieved!

“Brother Chen Ping, you’ve offended that Zhou Zhiqian this time, he’s afraid that he won’t rest in peace, besides your deal, there’s no way to carry on!”

Walking out of the auction, He Zhigang said with a worried look on his face!