Phoenix Among Men Chapter 315

“What’s the difference between following bandits when business reaches this level of yours? Letting me lose fifty million dollars in the blink of an eye, this money is too good to earn!”

Chen Ping sneered disdainfully.

Zhou Zhiqian’s face turned slightly cold: “Then say, how much to sell it for, or I’ll take it over at the original price!”

“No matter how much it costs, I won’t sell it!” Chen Ping shook his head.

“Kid, you’re not going to eat the wine? Do you really want to force my hand?”

Zhou Zhiqian’s face became increasingly ugly!

“I advise you not to make a move, if you don’t, you are a businessman, it is normal to fail to negotiate a deal, but once you do, you are a black shop, and there is no need to talk about rules when dealing with black shops!”

Chen Ping’s eyes faintly stared, and a murderous aura began to permeate his body!

“D*mn it, who are you bluffing?”

The young man shouted angrily and slammed his fist towards Chen Ping!

Chen Ping pulled Su Yuqi and pulled back slightly, while Lin Tianhu at the side could not resist rushing up!

The youth’s body lost its balance and Lin Tianhu kicked the youth’s leg, a bone cracking sound rang out, the youth’s leg bone was directly broken by Lin Tianhu’s kick!

Without the slightest pause, Lin Tianhu grabbed the youth’s wrist and slammed it down with great force, dropping the youth to the ground with a vicious stomp!

This kick was so powerful that it directly dented the youth’s entire chest, and it was estimated that none of the ribs were in good condition.

Poof …………

A mouthful of blood spurted out from the youth’s mouth, and his face turned extremely livid!

“This …………”

Zhou Zhiqian looked dumbfounded, this youth was his sidekick, very strong and had followed him in his fights for many years, yet he was settled by Lin Tianhu with three punches and two kicks, and he had no power to fight back!

Lin Tianhu’s strength had grown a lot after taking the Power Gathering Pill, so of course this youth could not be a match!

At this moment, He Zhigang and Gu Yufei were also stunned, they didn’t expect Lin Tianhu to be able to fight so well!

“D*mn it, playing black with me, when I was in the business, you were still eating milk!” Lin Tianhu spat fiercely before kicking the youth in the head, directly killing the youth, after killing the youth, Lin Tianhu looked at Zhou Zhiqian: “Old thing, do you want to try?”

Although Zhou Zhiqian also had kung fu, but he was no match for Lin Tianhu, so he retreated in fear, his face pale, “You …… who the hell are you?”

“I do not change my name, Lin Tianhu is me!”

Lin Tianhu took out his aura of an underground emperor, his whole body was filled with killing aura!

Suddenly, that Zhou Zhiqian’s eyes widened and cold sweat instantly ran down his forehead, “You …… are the underground emperor of Hongcheng, Lin Tianhu, no, no, no, it’s the Tiger Master of Hongcheng!”

Zhou Zhiqian also recognized Lin Tianhu at this time, he had seen Lin Tianhu twice before, only that it had been a long time, the impression was not deep, plus he then did not expect the titled underground emperor Lin Tianhu, would come to Yuncheng without any stance, at that time, looking at Lin Tianhu some familiar, so he did not care!

Now Lin Tianhu himself said so, he finally remembered!

“Master Tiger …… Tiger, it’s all my fault for being blind ……”

Zhou Zhiqian fell to his knees with a poof!

Lin Tianhu was right, don’t look at Zhou Zhiqian also fought and killed in the past, and was a formidable figure in Yuncheng, but in Lin Tianhu’s eyes, it was all child’s play, Lin Tianhu’s reputation was also famous in several surrounding cities.

Don’t look at the provincial city Wei family dare not put Lin Tianhu in their eyes, but several cities around Hongcheng, which dare to underestimate Lin Tianhu?

“Mr. Chen ……”

Lin Tianhu glanced at Chen Ping, how to dispose of Zhou Zhiqian, needed Chen Ping to give the word.

Chen Ping walked directly to Zhou Zhiqian: “I just said, if you do it, you can be a black shop here, I don’t like to follow the rules when dealing with black shops!”