Phoenix Among Men Chapter 316

“Please spare my life, please spare my life, I’m willing to give all the herbs in my shop to you!”

Zhou Zhiqian kept kowtowing, wishing he could slap himself twice!

He had already seen that Chen Ping was not an ordinary person and should have power behind him, but he had not expected that the power would be so great, even Lin Tianhu was a follower, I was afraid that in the whole Jiangbei Province, there were really not many people who had such power.

“I won’t want your herbs for nothing, I don’t have enough cash on me now, I can exchange it with you with small reversion pills, I want you to acquire as much of the hundred age herbs from the whole market in Yuncheng as you can, how much money you need, you can find big brother He and convert it to small reversion pills and give it to you!”

Chen Ping didn’t rob hard and grab, he couldn’t do a one-shot deal, he was still counting on Zhou Zhiqian to be able to provide him with precious medicinal materials for a long time!

“Little …… Xiao Hui Dan?” Zhou Zhiqian raised his head and looked at Chen Ping in surprise, “Could it …… be that ……”

“Not bad, the Little Returning Pill is what I refined, and you guys should not hit the idea of the Little Returning Pill, no one can possibly refine it except me!”

Chen Ping knew what that Zhou Zhiqian was going to say, so he nodded his head and said.

“I dare not, I dare not ……”

Zhou Zhiqian’s old face flushed and said!

“Alright, you can get up!”

Chen Ping waved his hand and let Zhou Zhiqian get up!

Zhou Zhiqian hurriedly had someone bring Chen Ping all the hundred aged herbs in the shop and had Chen Ping take them away!

“Chen …… Chen …………”

After walking out of Tong Ren Tang, He Zhigang wanted to talk to Chen Ping, but he didn’t know how to address him for a while!

At first he called Chen Ping with the mentality of his own big brother, originally thinking that when he was on his own turf, being a big brother could still help Chen Ping out!

But this time, He Zhigang knew that his own strength was far worse than Chen Ping’s, so he was embarra*sed for a moment and did not know how to address Chen Ping.

“Is there something wrong, Brother He?”

Chen Ping asked as he looked at He Zhigang who had an embarra*sed face.

“Oh, I …… just want to ask, what’s the deal with that Little Returning Dan, in addition …… additionally is this really Master Tiger of Hongcheng?”

He Zhigang sneaked a glance at Lin Tianhu and said.

Follow Lin Tianhu contact for so long, He Zhigang surprisingly did not notice at all, this Hongcheng underground emperor is also too easygoing!

“What? Brother He doesn’t look like me?”

Lin Tianhu smiled towards He Zhigang.

“Like, like …………” He Zhigang nodded his head repeatedly, not even daring to look Lin Tianhu directly in the eyes!

Chen Ping smiled and followed He Zhigang to introduce the Xiao Yang Dan, and intended to let He Zhigang be the agent of Xiao Yang Dan Yuncheng, as for the matter of the raw material of Xiao Yang Dan, he would also be given to He Zhigang!

This kind of common herbs were almost everywhere in Yuncheng, so it would be easy to get them together!

As he listened to Chen Ping’s introduction, He Zhigang became more and more excited, if he could get the Xiao Yang Dan Yuncheng agent, it would be a constant source of wealth!

“Brother Chen Ping, don’t worry, I’ll supply the herbs, all the top grade herbs!” He Zhigang had a face of excitement, “It’s almost noon, let’s go eat, go to the biggest hotel, my treat ……”

Along the way, Gu Yufei’s pair of eyes always inadvertently glanced at Chen Ping, like her age, it was the age of budding spring, looking at Chen Ping was especially manly and manly!

If Chen Ping wasn’t Su Yuqi’s boyfriend, maybe she would have taken the initiative to pursue him!

“Sister Yuqi, you are so happy to have found such a good boyfriend ……”

Gu Yufei’s eyes were filled with envy.

After arriving at the hotel, He Zhigang ordered a table full of dishes and called Gu Yuyao to come over for dinner together after work!

When Gu Yuyao came over with her bag on her back and dressed in a professional outfit, she looked at the table full of wine and dishes and frowned slightly, “With just these few people, isn’t it too wasteful to order so many dishes?”