Phoenix Among Men Chapter 317

“No waste, no waste, you sit down quickly!”

He Zhigang pulled Gu Yuyao to sit down!

Gu Yuyao wiped her hands with a wet towel and looked at Chen Ping, “How do you feel after half a day of spinning? Did you know that there are people outside the sky? You even opened your mouth to get a hundred-year-old herbs, are those things something you can play with as a child? Although my cousin’s family has money, it’s not for you to squander it!”

As soon as Gu Yuyao’s words left her mouth, He Zhigang and Gu Yufei were all startled.

“Shut up!” He Zhigang glared at Gu Yuyao before saying with an apologetic face, “Brother Chen Ping, I’m really sorry, Yuyao didn’t mean any harm!”

“He Zhigang, are you crazy? How dare you yell at me now? Did I say something wrong?”

Gu Yuyao yelled at He Zhigang with an angry face.

“Sister, stop it!”

Gu Yufei hurriedly pulled Gu Yuyao aside, and He Zhigang followed her!

The two men whispered something after Gu Yuyao.

All they could see was Gu Yuyao’s face changing and changing, and glancing at Chen Ping twice from time to time!

After a short while, the three of them sat down again at the table, while Gu Yuyao’s face was a bit unpleasant and looked awkward!

Chen Ping smiled faintly and took the lead to say, “Let’s eat!”

Several people began to move their chopsticks, while Gu Yuyao’s hands were trembling slightly as she held her chopsticks, lowering her head and not daring to look at Chen Ping, and even more so at Lin Tianhu beside Chen Ping!

After eating, Chen Ping gave He Zhigang a medicine list and told him to prepare the herbs according to it!

In the afternoon, Chen Ping did not go out in the hotel, but put the thousand-year-old snow lotus and the hundred-year-old medicinal herbs he got from Tong Ren Tang together, and prepared to make a spirit gathering pill!

Looking at the hundreds of millions of dollars on the ground, Chen Ping did not have a single ripple in his heart, after drawing the curtains, a stream of spiritual energy slowly began to rise in Chen Ping’s dantian, immediately after that spiritual energy converged on Chen Ping’s fingertips and turned into a light blue fire!

“Go to ……”

With a wave of Chen Ping’s hand, the pale blue fire instantly surged and wrapped those medicinal herbs on the ground.

With his eyes slightly closed, Chen Ping’s mouth recited the words while the pale blue flame flashed on and off, and all those hundreds of millions of dollars of medicinal herbs slowly turned into smoke under the burning of this flame!

“Condense ……”

Chen Ping’s eyes snapped open and after he let out an explosive cry, the cloud of smoke suddenly seemed to come to life, desperately gathering together and finally changing into the shape of a round ball!

After about half an hour or so, Chen Ping fiercely exhaled a breath, and that smoke was instantly blown away, while in the middle of the smoke wrap, a turquoise elixir floated in the air!

“It’s done ……”

Chen Ping was overjoyed as he leapt up and took the elixir directly into his hand!

This elixir had been refined using hundreds of millions of medicinal materials, and Chen Ping’s hand was trembling a little as he held the elixir!

With an open mouth, Chen Ping ate the elixir.

Boom …………

A surge of spiritual energy rushed straight to his head, and Chen Ping felt like his body was about to burst!

Chen Ping, who was overjoyed, hurriedly sat on his bed with his knees crossed and began to activate his Heart Condensation Technique, refining the surging spiritual qi!

When the sun went down, Chen Ping’s eyes opened, he felt his six roots were clear, and downstairs on the lively road, Chen Ping could accurately detect the sound of small flying insects flashing their wings!

“Ninth level of Qi training, hahahaha, ninth level of Qi training now …………”

Chen Ping felt the breath of his dantian and his entire body laughed wildly.

He did not expect that a Spirit Gathering Pill would allow him to break through directly to the ninth Qi Practitioner layer, seeing as the several hundred million had not been spent in vain.

Ninth level of Qi training, this was considered the peak of Qi training, once he broke through the Qi training stage, Chen Ping would be able to reach Foundation Establishment, and he could go to Nameless Island!

Only the small realms were good to break through, but to break through a big realm, I’m afraid it would be somewhat difficult and would require a certain opportunity to do so!