Phoenix Among Men Chapter 318

After a simple tidy up, Chen Ping walked out of his room and found Lin Tianhu waiting outside his room long ago!

“Mr. Chen, He Zhigang is here and has delivered all the herbs and is waiting for you to have dinner together!”

Lin Tianhu said immediately when he saw Chen Ping come out.

“Well, let’s go!”

Chen Ping did not expect this He Zhigang to be so efficient, so many medicinal herbs were prepared in half a day’s time, knowing that these medicinal herbs were used to refine a hundred Little Returning Pills.

Walking downstairs to the hotel, Chen Ping saw that He Zhigang was directing people to unload the carts, a large cart full of medicinal herbs, all being carried upstairs.

“Brother Chen Ping, the medicinal materials are all ready, and I have opened two more rooms on the floor where you are staying specifically for storing medicinal materials.”

Seeing Chen Ping coming down, He Zhigang hurriedly said.

“Well, it won’t take much time either, I estimate that these one hundred Little Returning Pills will be refined in just over a day!”

Chen Ping nodded his head.

“Let’s go, let’s go eat, this time I’ll take you to eat the special snacks of Cloud City, Yu Fei and the others have already gone!”

He Zhigang said with a faint smile.

It could be seen that at this moment, He Zhigang no longer had a fear of Chen Ping and Lin Tianhu!

“Go!” Chen Ping smiled!

Since the snack street was not far from the hotel, Chen Ping, Lin Tianhu and He Zhigang walked towards the snack street!

But just after walking a short distance, Chen Ping’s face suddenly changed and his brows frowned slightly.

“Mr. Chen, did you notice something?”

Lin Tianhu asked in a low voice.

“Well, there’s someone following behind!”

Chen Ping said with a nod of his head.

“Someone? Who’s following us?”

He Zhigang looked surprised and was about to turn around to look!

“Don’t turn around!” Chen Ping put a hand on He Zhigang’s shoulder and didn’t let him turn back!

“Mr. Chen, or you guys can go first, I’ll take care of the people behind us!”

Killing intent flashed up in Lin Tianhu’s eyes!

“The people behind are very strong, you’re afraid you’re no match, we don’t need to care about them, let’s go ……”

Chen Ping finished speaking and continued to walk forward, but this time not towards the snack street, but towards the inside of a rather shady alleyway!

When Chen Ping had just walked into the hutong, five people followed behind them, the leader of which was none other than the Wei family’s old butler, Uncle Fu!

At this moment, Uncle Fu was slightly hunched over, his eyes staring deadly at the alleyway!

“Uncle Fu, should we follow them in?”

A Wei family expert asked.

“Well, let’s follow them in, it seems they have found us out long ago and have deliberately led us in!”

There was a killing intent coming from Uncle Fu, “I’d like to see what kind of book these few people have that they can force me to come in person!”

As Uncle Fu finished speaking, he led the four Wei family experts towards the inside of the hutong!

Just as they walked into the hutong, they saw Chen Ping, Lin Tianhu and He Zhigang standing neatly, watching them walk into the hutong!

“You’re from the Wei family?”

Chen Ping asked with a calm face when he saw Fu Bo and the others who walked in.

“Kid, knowing that we are from the Wei family, how dare you not run away, you seem to have some guts!” Uncle Fu smiled coldly, “But you ruined our young master’s leg, even if you have the guts to do so, it won’t save your life!”

“Wei family? The Wei family in the provincial city?” He Zhigang’s face changed as he said!

“Yes!” Chen Ping nodded his head!

Boom …………

He Zhigang stumbled in fear and almost didn’t sit on the ground.

In the entire Jiangbei province, which person did not know about the Wei family in the provincial capital, the Wei family was all-powerful in the political and business circles in the provincial capital!

He Zhigang could not understand who had given Chen Ping the guts to even ruin the Wei family’s young master’s leg!

Although Lin Tianhu was very powerful and could eat well in several cities around Hongcheng, in front of the Wei family, he was really not good enough!

Looking at He Zhigang’s frightened look, Uncle Fu smiled in satisfaction, “Today, I’m here to take this kid back on the orders of the family head, if you dare to resist, then you will be killed, other unrelated people, don’t get into trouble, hurry up and get out!”