Phoenix Among Men Chapter 319

Uncle Fu was obviously saying this to He Zhigang, after all, Uncle Fu was here to catch Chen Ping, as for the others, he didn’t want to hurt them so as not to invite trouble!

“Brother He, you go and find Yu Qi and the girls first, I’ll be there afterwards!”

Chen Ping said as he looked to He Zhigang.

He Zhigang nodded and took two steps forward, but just as he took two steps, he stopped.

“Chen …… Chen Ping brothers, isn’t it a little bit ungrateful of me to leave you behind here?”

He Zhigang was a bit torn inside!

Chen Ping looked at that look of He Zhigang and said with a faint smile, “Brother He, you have don’t know kung fu, it’s useless to stay, you’d better go first!”

Even if He Zhigang left, Chen Ping wouldn’t blame him, after all, not everyone could be like him and dare to provoke the Wei family.

He Zhigang hesitated and finally gritted his teeth, “I don’t know kung fu, and I can’t leave you all behind, that would be too unrighteous, to die we die together!”

He Zhigang walked back to Chen Ping’s side!

Seeing that He Zhigang had returned, Chen Ping smiled in relief, “Brother He, they will be the ones to die, we will be fine.”

Now that Chen Ping had reached the ninth level of Qi training, he had long looked down on everything in his heart, no matter how strong this Fu Bo was, he would not be Chen Ping’s opponent.

“Good, since you all want to die, then I will fulfill you all ……”

With a chill in his eyes, Fu Bo fiercely waved his hand and said, “Kill them!”

As soon as Uncle Fu’s words fell, all four Wei family experts drew their daggers and rushed up with a murderous look on their faces!

Seeing this, He Zhigang was so frightened that he backed up, his face turning white with fear!

Chen Ping shielded He Zhigang and did not fight, while Lin Tianhu drew his belt to meet him!

The belt in his hand was waved with a tiger’s wind. Lin Tianhu’s belt was of special quality, made of tiny iron rings.

In the darkness of the alleyway, when the belt and the dagger touched, there was a crisp sound, and from time to time there were flashes of fire!

Uncle Fu frowned, seeing that four men couldn’t even take one Lin Tianhu, he shouted angrily, “A bunch of trash, get out of my way!”

Upon hearing this, the experts of the Sima Wei Clan hurriedly withdrew from the battle, while Fu Bo’s hunched body, like a roc spreading its wings, instantly leapt up high and charged towards Lin Tianhu!

When Lin Tianhu saw this, he swung his belt in his hand towards Fubo in mid-air!

He reached out and grabbed Lin Tianhu’s belt and brought it with great force, followed by stomping his feet on Lin Tianhu’s abdomen!

Boom, boom, boom …………

Lin Tianhu was kicked backwards and had no strength to fight!

In the end, Lin Tianhu had no choice but to let go of his belt and roll on the ground to avoid Fu Bo’s attack!

Even so, Lin Tianhu’s face looked ugly, with blood spilling from the corner of his mouth!

“Hmph, how dare you fight me with that kind of skill?”

Uncle Fu threw Lin Tianhu’s belt to the ground with a look of disdain!

“You really have some skills, it’s just as well to use you as a companion today!”

Chen Ping sneered and took a step towards Uncle Fu!

He had broken through to the ninth level of Qi training and had yet to test his strength, so today he could use Fubo to try it out!

“An accompanying trainer?” Uncle Fu snorted coldly, “The price for my company is a bit high, and that is to hand over your life!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Fubo’s figure instantly rushed towards Chen Ping as if he was a cannonball being launched.

Chen Ping stopped in his tracks and looked at Fubo who was rushing over, his face actually wore a bit of disdain, without the slightest look of dodging.

Boom …………

There was a dull thud, and Fubo’s rapidly swinging fist hit Chen Ping’s body fiercely!

But before that Fu Bo could be happy, he felt a huge recoil bounce back along Fu Bo’s arm!