Phoenix Among Men Chapter 320

“What?” Fu Bo’s heart shook and he hurriedly backed up!

But it was too late, the recoil was like it was alive, swimming all over Fubuki’s body!

Uncle Fook’s arm was hanging down helplessly, obviously broken!

Slap slap slap …………

Immediately after a crackling sound, all of Fubo’s clothes burst open as if they had been torn by something.

“No, it’s impossible, how is it possible …………”

Fubo’s eyes were filled with panic, but before he could finish his words, a mouthful of blood mixed with the scraps of his internal organs spurted out.

Poof …………

Uncle Fu fell to the ground and died, his eyes wide open in death!

He didn’t even think about how he died until the end, and at that moment, his internal organs had long been shaken to pieces by that recoil!

When the four Wei experts saw this, they were all trembling with fear, and they didn’t even have the courage to run away!

Uncle Fu’s death was so inexplicable that it had put a lot of pressure on their hearts!

Chen Ping stepped forward, directly crouched down and twisted Fu Bo’s head with force!

Throwing Uncle Fu’s head in front of the four Wei family experts, Chen Ping said in a cold voice, “Take the head back to Wei Kunan and tell him that sooner or later I will go to the provincial capital and twist his head off as well.”

The four Wei family experts nodded repeatedly and finally picked up Fubo’s head, turned around and ran away!

“Let’s go!”

Chen Ping turned back to look at He Zhigang.

He Zhigang’s entire body was dumbfounded at this point, his eyes mute as he followed behind Chen Ping.

What had just happened in front of him was something that He Zhigang was afraid would take him a long time to digest, after all, it was beyond his perception, his brain couldn’t comprehend it!

By the time they reached the snack street, He Zhigang’s expression had not improved, a group of people were eating and drinking, only he did not talk much, it seems that this time was really stimulating for him!

After eating, Chen Ping locked himself inside his room and did not sleep for the whole night, desperately refining the Small Returning Pill, he knew that his desperation at this time was to reveal his own birth faster, he was now eager to know who his mother really was? What exactly was so terrifying about that Dragon Lock Island.

The next day after dawn, Chen Ping just simply ate a meal and continued to start refining the Small Returning Pill again.

And at this time, in the Wei family of the provincial city, the four Wei family experts were kneeling on the ground, each one trembling with fear, while Wei Kunan looked at the head of Uncle Fu in front of him with a shocked face!

Poof …………

Suddenly, Wei Kun An’s anger attacked his heart and a mouthful of fresh blood spurted out!

“Master ……”

The four Wei family experts hurriedly got up and helped Wei Kun An sit down!

“Wei Kun An, don’t brag if you don’t have that ability, if you let the Jiang family do something, this matter would have been solved a long time ago, but now it’s good that even Uncle Fu is dead ……”

Jiang Lanfeng’s angry voice came before she even entered the room!

She too had rushed here in a hurry after hearing that Uncle Fu had been killed!

But just as she entered the door, seeing the blood on the corner of Wei Kunan’s mouth, she was suddenly stunned and a few moments of heartache flashed in her eyes!

Don’t look at the usual beating and scolding, but Wei Kunan really if something happens, Jiang Lanfeng is still very heartbroken, after all, the two people married for many years!

“Madam ……”

Seeing Jiang Lanfeng coming, the four Wei family experts all respectfully shouted out!

“I ask you all, was this Uncle Fu killed by that Chen Ping?” Jiang Lanfeng said as she glanced at Fubo’s head.

“Yes!” One of the Wei family experts said.

“It seems that that Chen Ping did not kill you all so that you could bring back Uncle Fu’s head?” Jiang Lanfeng continued to ask.

“Yes, and he also told us to bring word that he would come to the provincial city and twist off the old master’s head as well!”

A Wei family expert, trembling, said.

“Arrogant …………” Jiang Lanfeng slapped his palm down, and that Wei family expert’s head was directly burst!