Phoenix Among Men Chapter 321

The three remaining Wei family experts were so frightened that they hurriedly knelt on the ground, each body shaking like a sieve!

They knew that it was Jiang Lanfeng, not Wei Kunan, who was truly ruthless and in charge of the Wei family!

“You guys take care of the master, don’t worry about anything else!”

Jiang Lanfeng glanced at the pale Wei Kunan, then turned and walked out!

After going out, Jiang Lanfeng directly called his brother Jiang Wenjie, it seemed that this matter could only rely on the Jiang family to take action, relying on these people from the Wei family, I’m afraid that it would be impossible to take revenge!

After Jiang Wenjie received the call, he rushed to the Wei family without stopping.

Looking at Wei Tao lying on the bed, Jiang Wenjie said with a face of anger, “Sister, who beat Xiao Tao up like this? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Uncle, you have to avenge me, it’s Chen Ping, he’s the one who ruined me, I’ll be a cripple from now on!”

Seeing that Jiang Wenjie had arrived, Wei Tao burst into tears!

Jiang Wenjie was not older than Wei Tao by a few years, and the two of them had played together since childhood, and had a very good relationship. Seeing Wei Tao crying and complaining, Jiang Wenjie felt a burst of heartache inside: “Xiao Tao, you don’t need to care, this revenge, uncle will take revenge for you!”

“Uncle, there’s also that Su Yuqi, it’s because of him that that Chen Ping broke my leg, I want you to get her too, I want to take it out on her!”

Wei Tao said hurriedly.

“No problem, it’s all on uncle’s shoulders!”

Jiang Wenjie patted his shoulder and said.

“Little Jie, don’t fool around, don’t listen to him, that Su Yuqi is the daughter of Hongcheng’s richest man, Su Wenzong, if we bring her in, then Su Wenzong will definitely make a scene, we just need to bring in the man who scrapped Little Tao now, don’t cause any more trouble!”

Jiang Lanfeng advised Jiang Wenjie.

“Sister, don’t worry about it, what’s the richest man in Hongcheng, it’s their honour that our Xiaotao has taken a fancy to his daughter!”

Jiang Wenjie was unconcerned and left after following Wei Tao and asking him some questions!

Jiang Lanfeng didn’t say anything, her son was like this, so she could be capricious.

The fact that he didn’t know it was this idea that set the whole Wei family on the road to ruin!



It only took a day and a night for Chen Ping to refine a hundred Small Returning Pills, while Chen Ping was refining the Small Returning Pills, Lin Tianhu was guarding outside, while a bored Su Yuqi went to find the sisters Gu Yufei and Gu Yuyao!

“Lin Tianhu, hasn’t Yuqi returned yet?”

Looking out of the window at the already darkening sky, Chen Ping asked Lin Tianhu.

“Mr. Chen, Miss Su has called, she said she was coming back after dinner, she is following the Gu sisters!”

Lin Tianhu replied.

“Hmm!” Chen Ping nodded, after all, several people hadn’t seen each other for years, it was normal to see each other and hang out together more.

As Chen Ping was about to take Lin Tianhu to dinner, suddenly his phone rang!

When he took out his mobile phone, he saw that the call was from Gu Wentian, so Chen Ping felt a bit strange!

After all, it was rare for Gu Mantian to contact Chen Ping directly.

After picking up the phone, Gu Wentian’s anxious voice came from the other side: “Mr. Chen, something is wrong, something big has happened ……”

When Chen Ping heard this, his body shook slightly: “Ancient, what’s wrong? Speak slowly!”

“Lei Ming Guan, something has happened to Lei Ming Guan, come back quickly ……”

Gu Wentian’s voice trembled with a bit of panic!

“Okay, I’ll go back immediately!”

Chen Ping’s face was cold as he directly hung up the phone!

“Mr. Chen, what’s wrong?” Lin Tianhu saw that Chen Ping’s face did not look right, so he asked.

“Something has happened to Daoist Master Bu Xu, I’m going back to take a look, you stay here and guard Yu Qi, don’t let her be in danger!”

Chen Ping said, as he went back to his room to sort out his clothes!