Phoenix Among Men Chapter 324

“Then do you know where Xiao Ru is?” Chen Ping asked.

“She’s been captured and taken to the Fierce Underworld View, and I’m going to rescue her after dealing with the aftermath of my senior brother!”

Daoist Wu Wei slowly picked up Daoist Bu Xu’s body and prepared to go to the backyard to bury it!

Chen Ping reached out and stopped Daoist Wu Wei, “Daoist Master, there are people here to arrange for the afterlife of Daoist Master Bu Xu and the others, if you take me to the Fierce Underworld View now, I am afraid that if I go late, Xiao Ru will be in danger!”

Daoist Wu Wei froze for a moment before putting down Daoist Master Bu Xu’s corpse and nodding, “Good, I’ll take you there now!”

“Ancient, Mayor Ling, I’ll leave this place to you!”

Chen Ping said to Gu Wentian and Ling Zhenchuan.

“Mr. Chen, take care of your safety!”

Gu Wentian admonished!

Chen Ping and Daoist Wu Wei set off, the Fierce Underworld View was on top of a treacherous mountain peak, it was sparsely populated and few people knew about it, so no one would come to make a pilgrimage to the Fierce Underworld View like they did to the Thundering View!

Under the guidance of Daoist Wu Wei, it was not until dawn that Chen Ping and the others arrived at the foot of the mountain!

Looking at the towering mountain peaks and the lush green jungle, Chen Ping’s eyes were filled with a murderous aura.

Because of the heavy rain last night, the entire mountain peak was wrapped in a damp fog, and Chen Ping and Daoist Wu Wei dived headlong into the fog and soon disappeared!

At this moment, inside the Fierce Underworld Temple, several fierce looking Daoist boys were lazily sweeping the temple, these Daoist boys were all vicious murderers who were later hunted down and hid here to become a Daoist boy!

And in the main hall, a man dressed in Taoist robes, this man was the current master of the Vicious Underworld Sect, Xuan Ji Zi, the traitor in Daoist Wu Wei’s mouth was this man, Liao Fei was his disciple!

It was time for the early morning sermon, but this Xuan Ji Zi was distracted, his ears pricked up to listen secretly to the movement behind the main hall!

In the room at the back of the hall, Daoist Exterminator, long past his prime and with a bearded face, was looking lustfully at Xiao Ru on the bed!

Xiao Ru was curled up, her eyes full of terror as she looked at this wild man in front of her!

She had just eaten last night and was about to rest when she suddenly heard a scuffle outside, and when she opened the door, she was knocked unconscious, and on waking up, she found that she was already here!

“Tsk tsk ………… skin as white as snow, even that one blood vessel on the body can be clearly seen, worthy of the body of ice crystal, lost the seven star disk, but get such a treasure, worth it, too worth it ……”

Daoist Exterminator looked greedily at Xiao Ru on the bed, his face full of excitement!

“You …… Who the hell are you? Why did you take me here?”

Xiao Ru asked Daoist Exterminator in fear!

“Little baby, you don’t need to be afraid, I won’t kill you, just be a good girl and stay with me from now on, with this ice crystal body of yours, if you double cultivate with me, I’ll be able to live a hundred more years!”

Daoist Exterminator licked his lips, the lustful light in his eyes caused Xiao Ru to desperately move her body backwards!

“You …… don’t come over or my father won’t let you go, he’ll kill you for sure!”

Xiao Ru didn’t know at this point that Taoist Master Bu Xu was dead!

“Your father kill me? Hahahahahaha …… joke, big joke in the sky!”

Daoist Extermination suddenly threw back his face and laughed out loud, “Your father is now a corpse long ago, what would he use to kill me? With his soul? Even if his soul dares to find me, I can still make his soul fly away!”

When Xiao Ru heard this, her whole body shook, “You killed my father?”

“If I hadn’t killed that old thing, how could I have brought you here?”

Daoist Exterminator said with a cold smile.

Hearing this, Xiao Ru was as silly, followed by her eyes bursting with rage, “I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you ……”