Phoenix Among Men Chapter 325

Fear was nowhere to be seen on Xiao Ru’s face, and her eyes were filled with rage as she lunged towards Daoist Exterminator!

Unfortunately, she was just an ordinary girl now, so she was no match for Daoist Exterminator, and was directly smacked away by Daoist Exterminator!

“If you want to kill me, then be good and obedient, serve me well, double-cultivate with me, and maybe you’ll even find a chance to kill me!”

After Daoist Exterminator finished speaking, a hungry tiger pounced towards Xiao Ru!

“b*****d, let go of me …………” Xiao Ru struggled desperately!

Stabbing …………

A large piece of Xiao Ru’s clothes was ripped off!

At the same time, Chen Ping and Daoist Wu Wei were running fast towards the mountain, Chen Ping was so fast that Daoist Wu Wei could only barely follow behind!

Soon, the Fierce Underworld View appeared before their eyes. Looking at the somewhat dilapidated Fierce Underworld View, Chen Ping was a little puzzled as to how such a Daoist temple could still be occupied!

“Mr. Chen, this Daoist temple was a deserted Daoist temple that was later occupied by that exterminating Daoist and named the Fierce Underworld Temple. The Daoist children here were all villains who were so vicious that they hid here in order to escape from being hunted!”

Daoist Wu Wei followed Chen Ping and explained.

Chen Ping nodded, that meant that there was no problem killing all the people inside this Daoist temple!

When Chen Ping followed Daoist Wu Wei and appeared at the entrance of the Daoist temple, the few Daoist boys who were originally sweeping the floor all froze!

Since no strangers would ever come to their Taoist temple, the sudden appearance of two strangers made them all wary!

“Who are you two? Why have you come to our Evil Underworld Temple?”

A Daoist boy pointed a broom at Chen Ping and Daoist Wu Wei and said.

The voice of the Daoist Boy caused Xuanji Zi in the main hall to hear, so he immediately rushed out!

When he saw Daoist Wu Wei, he immediately revealed a cold smile, “Senior brother, I didn’t expect you to come so soon, have you taken care of Senior Bu Xu’s aftermath?”

“Xuanji Zi, you traitor, I must kill you today!”

After Daoist Wu Wei saw Xuan Ji Zi, his entire being instantly became furious and was about to charge towards him!

Only to be stopped by Chen Ping, and then looked at Xuanji Zi and said, “Where is Xiao Ru, you have captured her and where is she being held?”

The reason why Chen Ping did not allow Daoist Wu Wei to make a move was to ask for Xiao Ru’s whereabouts first!

Xuanji Zi gave Chen Ping a look, “What kind of person are you? A mere junior, do you have the right to speak?”

Seeing Chen Ping’s youth, Xuan Ji Zi took him for a disciple of Daoist Wu Wei!

Chen Ping directly took out the Seven Star Disc from his pocket and said, “I killed your disciple, Liao Fei, and I took the Seven Star Disc, so if you want to avenge your disciple, you can come at me!”

When Xuan Ji Zi saw the Seven Star Disc in Chen Ping’s hand, his eyes burst with anger, “So you killed my disciple, then today I will make you bury him with me!”

A murderous aura erupted from Xuan Ji Zi’s body and with a wave of his hand, he said, “Go on, kill this fellow and take back the Seven Star Disc!”

Upon hearing this, the several Daoist boys all instantly showed their fierce faces as they rushed towards Chen Ping!

Chen Ping’s eyes were full of disdain, and he was about to wave his hand away these Daoist boys when he suddenly heard a girl’s shriek, although it was not loud, Chen Ping could still hear it clearly, after all, his hearing was different from normal people now.

The sound came from the back of the main hall, and Chen Ping knew that it must be Xiao Ru’s voice, Xiao Ru was in danger again!

“Daoist Master Wu Wei, you stop them, I’ll go and save Xiao Ru!”

Chen Ping said, his whole body flickering away, rushing towards the Great Hall!

“Stop him!” Xuanji Zi let out a furious cry and stepped out to stop Chen Ping!

“Traitor, today I will cleanse the hall!”

Daoist Wu Wei waved his duster in his hand and attacked towards Xuan Ji Zi.

While Xuan Ji Zi followed Daoist Wu Wei in battle, Chen Ping rushed into the hall and viciously kicked open the wooden door of the room at the back of the hall!