Phoenix Among Men Chapter 326

Clatter …………

The wooden door became shattered at the sound, Chen Ping saw a bad old man with a full beard, was pressing on Xiao Ru’s body, Xiao Ru only had a little underwear left on her body at this time!

When he heard the commotion, Daoist Exterminator hurriedly got up and turned around, seeing that it was a strange young man, he frowned!

“Brother Chen, save me, save me …………”

Xiao Ru also saw Chen Ping at this time, desperately called for help and covered herself with the quilt!

“Kid, who are you? Do you know the consequences of intruding into my Fierce Underworld View?”

Daoist Exterminator said with a look of anger.

“I am the one who killed your disciple’s grandson and took away your Seven Star Disc, come and take the Seven Star Disc away if you have the guts!”

Chen Ping flashed the Seven Star Disc and said with a murderous intent.

Seeing the Seven Star Disc, Daoist Exterminator’s eyes lit up, “Good boy, you have guts, you dare to send yourself to the door, then today, Daoist Poverty will take you!”

After saying this, the Daoist robe on Daoist Exterminator’s body was windless, followed by a fist smashing towards Chen Ping.

Chen Ping’s eyes glowed with a cold aura as he looked deadly at Daoist Extermination, his murderous aura rising to the extreme!

“You demonic daoist, today I will do justice to Heaven ……”

Chen Ping finished his sentence, raging spiritual energy rushed up from his dantian, then converged on Chen Ping’s fist, Chen Ping’s fist was now as if it was wrapped in a layer of light!

The extinct daoist was stunned, a few moments of surprise flashed in his eyes, but the fist that swung away did not stop, but once again increased a few points of internal force!

Boom …………

After a deafening sound, the entire room was swept by a strong wind full of sores.

Stomp stomp stomp …………

Daoist Exterminator took three steps backwards in a row before he could stabilize himself, his entire arm was numb!

And Chen Ping stood with a cold expression on his face without moving a bit!

A flash of shock pa*sed through Daoist Exterminator’s eyes, he didn’t expect Chen Ping to have such terrifying strength for being so young!

“You are a cultivator?” Daoist Exterminator narrowed his eyes slightly, “No wonder you have the guts to come up here!”

Daoist Extermination could tell who Chen Ping was, and it looked like he had followed cultivators around!

Chen Ping was a little surprised that Daoist Exterminator could tell his identity at a glance, but he was also a little surprised at Daoist Exterminator’s strength, if Chen Ping hadn’t advanced to the ninth level of Qi cultivation, this punch might not necessarily mean who would lose or win!

“Since you know that, why don’t you kneel down and suffer death quickly?”

Chen Ping said with an indifferent expression.

“Hahahaha, young man, you are too arrogant!” Suddenly, Daoist Exterminator laughed out loud, “A mere little cultivator, the poor dao just happens to suck up your power for my use!”

As Daoist Exterminator laughed, his body leapt up and his hands opened wide, turning into eagle claws as he grabbed towards Chen Ping!

Chen Ping’s backhand clasped the wrist of the Daoist of Extermination, and the Daoist of Extermination did not resist, as if he intended to let Chen Ping clasp his wrist.

Daoist Exterminator similarly clasped Chen Ping’s wrist with his backhand, and the two of them just grabbed each other and used their internal strength to compete!

The corners of Daoist Exterminator’s mouth suddenly lifted, revealing a cold smile of triumph, and immediately afterwards Chen Ping felt the spiritual energy in his dantian like a tsunami, desperately rushing towards his arm!

After this surge of spiritual energy reached his arm, it was actually sucked directly into his body by that Daoist of Extermination!

This instantly caused Chen Ping’s face to change drastically, he didn’t expect this Daoist of Extermination to have such a great skill!

“Hahahaha, seeing how young you are, your spiritual power is surprisingly so surging, I’m going to enjoy it this time!”

Daoist Exterminator laughed out loud, his face full of smugness!

Feeling the continuous loss of spiritual energy from his body, Chen Ping’s mind was moved, since his Heart Condensation Technique was able to draw in all things for cultivation, was it also possible to draw energy from other people?