Phoenix Among Men Chapter 327

Thinking of this, Chen Ping instantly turned far away from the Heart Condensing Technique, and soon, the constant outward loss of spiritual energy was stopped!

Immediately afterwards, a huge whirlpool formed in Chen Ping’s dantian and began to desperately absorb the energy towards Daoist Exterminator!

Daoist Exterminator suddenly felt that something was wrong, and immediately afterwards his entire face changed drastically, a look of horror in his eyes!

“You …… how do you know my Star Absorbing Technique?”

Daoist Exterminator said with a look of surprise!

Feeling his body’s energy draining away, Daoist Extermination desperately tried to break free, but at this moment, Chen Ping was like a huge iron-sucking stone, firmly sucking him in, unable to move at all!

The skin on Daoist Exterminator’s body began to age rapidly, and his entire body fell into a state of extreme panic!

After a full ten minutes, all that was left of Daoist Exterminator was a skin, only his eyes were still open in terror, the rest of his body had long since shrunken and curled up together!

As soon as Chen Ping let go of his hand, the Daoist of Extermination knew that he had fallen to the ground, having long since lost sight of his humanity, and to his final death, this Daoist of Extermination was not even able to utter another sound.

Feeling the changes in his body, Chen Ping was amazed, this time his strength had increased a lot more, he really didn’t think that the Heart Condensation Skill had such a wonderful use, before Chen Ping had never thought about it!

“Chen …… big brother Chen ……”

Xiao Ru timidly shouted out to Chen Ping!

It was only then that Chen Ping snapped out of his excitement and hurriedly took off his own jacket and draped it over Xiao Ru!

When Chen Ping helped Xiao Ru out of the hall, Daoist Wu Wei was still fighting with Xuan Ji Zi, the two had long been drenched in sweat, and the bodies of the Daoist boys were still lying on the ground!

By now both of them were probably at their limits, every move felt very strenuous, but they were gritting their teeth at each other, no one was slacking off, because they both knew that any slackness or carelessness could cost them their lives!

“Senior Uncle …………”

Seeing Daoist Wu Wei, Xiao Ru shouted out at once, her eyes watering!

With her own father dead, Daoist Wu Wei was now the only one she had left!

Hearing Xiao Ru shouting for herself, Daoist Wu Wei turned his head to look and found that Xiao Ru was not seriously hurt, and his heart just burst with joy!

When he saw Chen Ping and Xiao Ru standing together, he had a bad feeling in his heart, and after seeing Daoist Wu Wei distracted, Xuan Ji Zi stabbed his sword at Daoist Wu Wei and prepared to escape!

Daoist Wu Wei had, with the duster in his hand, viciously swung towards Xuan Ji Zi, but it was already a step too late!

“Ah …………” Seeing that Xuan Ji Zi’s sword was about to pierce Daoist Wu Wei’s chest, Xiao Ru shrieked in terror.

Chen Ping’s eyes were fixed, and with a snap of his fingers, a white light flashed and struck directly on that Xuan Ji Zi’s arm.

A bloody hole appeared, and the sword in Xuanji Zi’s hand fell to the ground!

Daoist Wu Wei’s duster had also swung and hit Xuan Ji Zi’s head hard.

A mouthful of blood spurted out and Xuanji Zi fell heavily to the ground, unable to get up again!

“Traitor, I’ll see how you can still escape!”

Looking at Xuanji Zi, who was spewing blood from his mouth, Daoist Wu Wei shouted in a stern and angry voice.

“Master …… Brother, spare …… me, I was wrong, I was wrong, it was all because that Daoist of Extermination forced me, it was all because he forced me, please don’t kill me, don’t kill me… …”

Lying on the ground, Xuanji Zi, desperately followed Daoist Wu Wei and begged for mercy, his desire to live was strong!

“People like you, even if you die, you will go to hell, and how do you deserve to live in this world?”

Daoist Wu Wei finished his sentence and kicked Xuan Ji Zi fiercely in the head!

Xuanji Zi’s head was kicked out, and he was directly dead, and Daoist Wu Wei’s whole body also seemed to have all its strength taken away instantly, and sat down on the ground!