Phoenix Among Men Chapter 328

“Sifu ……”

Xiao Ru ran over and hugged Daoist Wu Wei tightly!

“Xiao Ru, are you alright?” Daoist Wu Wei asked with eyes full of concern.

“I’m fine, I’m fine, but my father he …………”

Speaking of her father, Xiao Ru’s eyes burst into tears again!

“Ai …………”

Daoist Wu Wei sighed!

Chen Ping stepped forward and pulled Daoist Wu Wei up, a surge of spiritual energy was instantly injected into Daoist Wu Wei’s body, giving him a sense of strength!

“Thank you, Mr. Chen, for your great kindness, I will never forget it ……”

Daoist Wu Wei said, about to kneel down to Chen Ping, and that Xiao Ru followed along with him!

Chen Ping rested his hands and did not let the two kneel down, and hurriedly said, “You are welcome, Daoist Wu Wei, meeting each other is fate, not to mention that Xiao Ru has also helped me a lot!”

If it wasn’t for Xiao Ru’s physique, Chen Ping’s cultivation speed would not have been so fast, the cold Qi inside Xiao Ru’s body had accelerated Chen Ping’s cultivation by a lot!

The three of them went down the mountain and returned to the Thunderclap View, which had long since been cleaned up, with no one left but a dozen graves piled up in the open space behind the main hall!

Looking at the empty hall and the cold graves behind it, Xiao Ru broke down and cried out!

She knew that all of them were her brothers and sisters buried here, some of whom had watched her grow up and taken great care of her, but now they had all become corpses.

In front of the largest grave at the front, Xiao Ru was trembling and suddenly she was on her back, her hands picking hard at the grave.

“Dad, come out, come out, I’m Xiao Ru, I’m Xiao Ru, come out and look at me, look at me …………”

Xiao Ru desperately picked at it with her hands, and soon her fingers were rubbing blood.

Daoist Wu Wei’s eyes were red and he wanted to go forward to stop it, but was stopped by Chen Ping, who knew that at this time, Xiao Ru needed to vent her feelings.

It was a full half hour or so before Xiao Ru regained her composure and sort of accepted the reality.

“Daoist Master Wu Wei, Xiao Ru, what are you going to do next? If you need a place to stay, I can arrange it for you in Hongcheng!”

Now the Thunderclap View was afraid that it could not be inhabited, and Xiao Ru was alone and homeless, so Chen Ping wanted to ask the two what they planned to do!

Daoist Wu Wei didn’t say anything, but looked at Xiao Ru with eyes full of pity!

Xiao Ru also looked at Daoist Wu Wei, and then said, “I have only one family member now, senior uncle, wherever senior uncle goes, I will follow!”

“Mr. Chen, it won’t be necessary for you to bother, I’ll take Xiao Ru on a tour of the four directions, with me here, I won’t let her get hurt again!”

Seeing that Xiao Ru was willing to follow him, Daoist Wu Wei said.

“Alright, in that case, then I won’t force myself!” Chen Ping said and took out the Seven Star Disc, “Xiao Ru, take the Seven Star Disc with you, when your cold poison attacks, just use it to suck the cold poison out of your body, as long as you don’t go to places where the Yin Cold Qi is particularly heavy, the Yin Cold Qi in your body won’t come back for a short time!”

Chen Ping stuffed the Seven Star Disc into Xiao Ru’s hand!

“Brother Chen, this …… is your treasure, I can’t take it!”

Xiao Ru knew that this Seven Star Disc was a treasure, Chen Ping had killed that Liao Fei for this Seven Star Disc at that time!

“What treasure or not, it’s of little use to me here, but in your possession, it might just save your life, if it’s fate to meet again, when I’m strong enough, I’ll definitely grant you a great chance!”

Chen Ping smiled faintly and stroked Xiao Ru’s head gently!

Xiao Ru didn’t say anything, but silently hugged the Seven Star Disc in her arms!

After coming down from the mountain, the three of them went their separate ways. Looking at the backs of Daoist Wu Wei and Xiao Ru, Chen Ping did not know that his decision to give the Seven Star Disc to Xiao Ru would allow him to escape from the realm of death several times in the future!