Phoenix Among Men Chapter 329

Cloud City Hotel!

Su Yuqi looked at Lin Tianhu strangely and asked, “Lin Tianhu, tell me the truth, what did Chen Ping do?”

“Miss Su, I really don’t know, Mr. Chen said he had an urgent matter and left!”

Lin Tianhu said with a helpless face.

“He left last night, he hasn’t even returned yet, and he can’t even get through on the phone, nothing could have happened, right?”

Su Yuqi’s face was full of worry!

“I don’t think he’s gone to look for his mistress, right? There’s not a single dedicated man like this kind of rich and handsome man!”

Gu Yu Fei on the side said with a bad laugh!

“Yu Fei, don’t talk nonsense, I don’t think Chen Ping is like that kind of person!”

At this moment, Gu Yuyao gently slapped Gu Yufei to stop her from talking nonsense!

At this moment, Gu Yuyao’s attitude towards Chen Ping had simply changed a hundred and eighty degrees, a man who had such strength but kept it hidden would not easily fall under a woman’s skirt.

“I don’t think brother Chen Ping would do something like that either!” He Zhigang didn’t believe it either.

“I believe in Chen Ping, I’m just worried that he’ll be in danger!”

Su Yuqi wasn’t worried that Chen Ping would go for some mistress, but that Chen Ping would be in danger!

“Well, maybe brother Chen Ping will call back in a while, let’s go eat!”

He Zhigang said, and a few people walked out of the bar, ready to find a restaurant for dinner!

While walking down the street, Lin Tianhu frowned slightly, an extremely dangerous feeling made his heart start to beat faster!

“Miss Su, we might be being followed, you guys go first and don’t look back!”

Lin Tianhu whispered in Su Yuqi’s ear.

Su Yuqi was startled and after nodding, she hurriedly led Gu Yufei and the girls to quicken their pace!

With one hand gripping his belt, Lin Tianhu snapped back and saw three men walking towards him with cold smiles on their faces!

Seeing that he had been spotted by Lin Tianhu, the three men didn’t show a hint of panic!

“Who are you people? Why are you following us?”

Lin Tianhu said with a stony face.

“Ah …………”

Lin Tianhu had just finished his words when he heard a shriek, it was Su Yuqi’s voice!

Hastily looking over, Lin Tianhu found that there were likewise three men with hideous faces in front of Su Yuqi and the others, directly blocking their way!

He Zhigang trembled, but still blocked in front of Su Yuqi and the three girls, constantly backing up, and finally following Lin Tianhu to stand together!

“You’re Chen Ping?”

One of the inch-heads looked at He Zhigang and asked.

This man was Wei Tao’s uncle Jiang Wenjie, he had never met Chen Ping, so seeing that He Zhigang was young after all, he asked to He Zhigang.

“I …… I don’t ……”

“What are you looking for Mr. Chen for?”

Lin Tianhu didn’t wait for He Zhigang to finish, he directly opened his mouth and asked.

“Of course it’s to kill him, after scrapping Wei Tao’s legs, can he still live?”

Jiang Wenjie said with a grim face.

“You are sent by the Wei family!” Upon hearing this, Lin Tianhu hurriedly tensed his nerves and drew his belt out as well, ready to make his move.

“You are that Lin Tianhu, right? Mind you are also a lord, there is nothing for you to do here, get lost!”

Jiang Wenjie waved his hand towards Lin Tianhu.

“Humph, arrogant ……”

Lin Tianhu said, the belt in his hand instantly swung towards Jiang Wenjie, this time, it’s time to strike first!

The steel belt, whistled and swung towards Jiang Wenjie, but Jiang Wenjie didn’t even dodge or evade, he reached out and grabbed Lin Tianhu’s belt, and then pulled it with a violent force!

Lin Tianhu was so shocked that he felt a huge force pulling him towards Jiang Wenjie!

Jiang Wenjie threw a fierce punch, smashing directly into Lin Tianhu’s abdomen.

Poof …………

A mouthful of blood gushed out from Lin Tianhu’s mouth, and several ribs were instantly broken!