Phoenix Among Men Chapter 334

“Master, everyone has been arranged, there is not a single dead corner in the front and back of the entire villa, even a fly cannot get in, in addition several experts from the Jiang family have also been arranged, so don’t worry, Master!”

The butler walked into the villa and said to Wei Kunan.

“Alright, I know!” Wei Kun An sat on the sofa and waved his hand!

The butler obediently retreated, while Jiang Lanfeng walked down from upstairs with a mask on!

“Look at your wimpy face, how come you’ve been scared into this state by a hairy boy? I think you are getting more timid with age ……”

Jiang Lanfeng reprimanded Wei Kun’an with dissatisfaction!

Wei Kunan frowned and swept a glance at Jiang Lanfeng, lacking the courage to speak!

But he himself knows that the person who was able to kill Uncle Fu in one move, how could it be an ordinary person, last night Uncle Fu’s head was brought back, after the subordinates told him about the situation, Wei Kun An had worries in his mind!

Thinking about it, if Chen Ping was just an ordinary brat, then why did Lin Tianhu, Gu Wentian, and even Ling Zhenchuan treat him so politely?

And how could Su Wenzong, the richest man in Hongcheng, let his daughter go out with an ordinary person?

So the more Wei Kun’an thought about it, the more wrong it became, which was why he ordered his men to step up their guard!

Seeing that Wei Kun An did not say anything, Jiang Lan Feng coldly snorted in boredom, “I’m going to check on my son, so that he can eat more and increase his nutrition!”

Jiang Lanfeng said, walking towards Wei Tao’s own villa to the side!

At this moment, in Wei Tao’s room, Gu Yufei was lying on the bed without saying a word, her tears had long since wet the bedding on the bed, but she didn’t dare to say a word!

Wei Tao looked at Gu Yufei with a face full of excitement, his hands slowly unbuttoning Gu Yufei’s clothes!

When Gu Yufei’s fair skin was revealed, Wei Tao’s eyes turned red!

“It’s really superb!” Wei Tao licked his lips, his harrumphs almost didn’t flow out!

Wei Tao, who couldn’t wait, jumped head first onto Gu Yufei’s body!

Gu Yufei bit her lips to death and turned her head aside, her tears gushing out like the mouth of a broken river!

Bam …………

Just then, the door to Wei Tao’s room was pushed open with force!

Wei Tao was startled and his face was cold as he said, “Paralyzed, who entered without knowing to knock, looking for death?”

Wei Tao just finished cursing, turned his head and saw that the person who walked in was actually his own mother, so his face changed in shock and he hurriedly climbed up from Gu Yufei’s body.

“Mom …… you, why are you here?”

Wei Tao said with an embarra*sed face.

Jiang Lanfeng looked at Gu Yufei on the bed, and then looked at Wei Tao, and said with a face of anger: “You little brat, don’t you want to live anymore? You are injured now, what did the doctor tell you? How dare you do such a thing?”

“Mum, I can’t see this leg well, and besides, I just …………”

“Shut up, you’ve learned to talk back, haven’t you?” Jiang Lanfeng glared, scared Wei Tao did not dare to speak, Jiang Lanfeng also looked at the bed Gu Yufei, coldly said: “still do not give me get out, look at your virtue, where is the appearance of a lady, also do not know what my family Xiao Tao like you!”

Jiang Lanfeng had mistaken Gu Yufei for Su Yuqi, she didn’t even know that Jiang Wenjie had caught her wrong!

Gu Yufei was pardoned and hurriedly got up, grabbed her collar and ran out, but she didn’t think about running away because she knew that in a compound like the Wei family, she couldn’t run away as a girl!

Jiang Lanfeng gave Wei Tao a severe lecture in the room, then walked out of the room and swept a glance at Gu Yufei, then waved her hand and called over two servants, “Keep an eye on her, don’t allow the young master to go near her, got it?”

“Understood, Madam.” The two underlings hurriedly nodded their heads, they knew how cruel Jiang Lanfeng was, no one dared to offend them.