Phoenix Among Men Chapter 335

As Gu Yufei was locked away in a side room, Jiang Lanfeng muttered, “This b*****d, he’s just like his father, he goes crazy when he sees a woman ……”

Jiang Lanfeng had just finished speaking when she suddenly heard a loud bang!

The sound was loud, as if it was a crash!

Jiang Lanfeng hurriedly looked for the sound and found that the tall bronze doors of the villa had been ruthlessly smashed open by someone with a car, and the two bronze doors fell to the ground with a crash, stirring up bursts of dust!

All the bodyguards of the Wei family heard the sound and rushed towards the entrance, and then stopped the car that hit the gate!

The car door opened and Chen Ping stepped down from the car with a murderous aura, facing dozens of Wei family bodyguards, Chen Ping’s face did not move in the slightest!

“Who are you?” Jiang Lanfeng had already arrived at this moment with quick steps, and asked with a slight frown on her brow.

“Today, everyone inside this courtyard will die ……”

Chen Ping said coldly, his voice sounded as if it was coming from the nine hells, causing people to shiver coldly upon hearing it!

“You …… are that Chen Ping?” Jiang Lanfeng said with a face full of doubt.

“He is Chen Ping, he is Chen Ping, kill him for me …………”

Wei Kunan who heard the commotion also rushed over, and when he saw Chen Ping, he immediately looked alarmed and roared loudly!

The Wei family bodyguards got the order and rushed together towards Chen Ping!

Chen Ping’s eyes faintly stared, a bloodthirsty killing aura emanated from his body as he slowly took a steel pipe off the top!

“Die …………”

As soon as the word die was uttered, Chen Ping’s figure instantly disappeared from its original position, followed by a residual shadow that was seen weaving in and out of the Wei family bodyguards!

Chen Ping who had already reached the ninth level of Qi training, how could these ordinary bodyguards be Chen Ping’s opponent!

Boom, boom, boom …………

There was a dull sound of blows, Wei Kunan and Jiang Lanfeng only saw a shower of blood splattering, and then they saw that the ground was already full of Wei family bodyguards, each of them had been hit on the head with a hard object and then died from the blast!

In just a few minutes’ time, none of the bodyguards were alive, and a thick smell of blood hung over the Wei family villa!

On the steel pipe in Chen Ping’s hand, blood was still falling low!

Wei Kun An and Jiang Lan Feng were dumbfounded, the two men’s eyes were filled with terror, looking at Chen Ping’s scarlet eyes, both of them were scared!

“Today, you are all going to die ……”

Chen Ping walked towards Wei Kunan and his wife step by step.

“Kid, don’t be arrogant ……”

Suddenly, two middle-aged men in practice uniforms rushed directly towards Chen Ping, swinging their fists at the same time.

Two others were protecting Jiang Lanfeng’s side; these four were the experts left behind by the Jiang family.

Seeing this, Chen Ping dropped the steel pipe in his hand and also swung out both fists at the same time, directly meeting them!


The four fists clashed against each other, erupting with an explosive thunder bar sound!

Chen Ping’s face was chilled and his arms were slightly numb, while the two Jiang family experts flew backwards, their bodies suddenly bursting in mid-air, scattering blood and viscera all over the place, extremely cruel and bloody!

Chen Ping’s strike was a killing move, without the slightest reservation, but these two people were able to make their arms slightly numb when they struck at the same time, this was considered a true expert.

Seeing this, Wei Kun An and Jiang Lan Feng were both dumbfounded, they knew exactly what strength these Jiang family experts were, and now they were even blown away by Chen Ping with one punch.

The other two remaining Jiang Family experts’ faces turned ugly, but they still gritted their teeth and said to Jiang Lanfeng, “Eldest Miss, you take the aunt and go, we’ll hold him off!”

Jiang Lanfeng nodded, her body was slowly retreating backwards, before she saw Chen Ping, she cursed Wei Kunan for being a waste, and now she was beginning to regret it, if she had known that this Chen Ping was so powerful, she would have let the Jiang family send more people!

“Want to leave? I told you that you would all die!”

As Chen Ping finished speaking, his entire body turned into a streak of shadow and rushed towards Wei Kun An and Jiang Lan Feng!