Phoenix Among Men Chapter 339

If Chen Ping were here and saw this girl, he would definitely feel somewhat familiar, because there were some things that made this girl similar to Gu Qiant, this girl was none other than Gu Qiant’s granddaughter Gu Ling’er!

After retiring in the provincial city, Gu Mantian had returned to Hongcheng to retire, while his son and granddaughter were all still working in the provincial city.

“Not a single living soul?” Li Shouyi said with a frown.

“No, not a single live witness, and the surveillance camera was also taken away, so not a single image was left behind!”

Gu Ling’er shook her head.

“Ling’er, what do you think about this matter?” Li Shouyi continued to ask.

“This matter is obviously revenge seeking, because many of the Wei family’s gold and silver jewels were not lost, but the murderer’s methods are very cruel, many people were killed by the explosion of their heads, so it is clear that there is a deep hatred with the Wei family!”

Gu Ling’er carefully analysed.

“In that case, then investigate all the people who have a grudge against the Wei family!” Li Shouyi sighed, “Ai, I’m afraid that the provincial city will be in chaos in the future, and our good days will come to an end!”

“Pavilion master, Jiang family side, we …………”

Gu Ling’er was just about to say something when she heard a fierce argument at the door!

“Get the f*ck out of here, I’ll kill whoever f*cking stops me!”

The voice was full of murder and anger!

With the roar, a group of men burst in, no one dared to stop them as a group of agents looked on!

At the head of the group was an old man with a white beard, his eyes full of anger, and his eyes suddenly flushed red as he looked at the scene in the Wei family!

Next to the old man was Jiang Wenjie.

These people were all members of the Jiang family, and this old man was Jiang Lanfeng’s father, Jiang Zhengzhong, and after hearing about the Wei family’s accident, Jiang Zhengzhong immediately brought his people over personally.

“Who is it? Who did it, I will execute his nine clans …………”

Jiang Zhengzhong’s body was trembling slightly, and his roar of anger could be heard clearly even from miles away, the strength of an Inner Strength Patriarch was not something to be played with.

“Elder Jiang …………”

Li Shouyi saw that it was the Jiang family who had arrived and hurriedly greeted them!

“Li Shouyi, how is my sister’s family doing? Do you know who did it?”

Jiang Wenjie, after seeing Li Shouyi, immediately questioned in a stern voice, without a trace of respect to Li Shouyi!

Although Li Shouyi was unhappy in his heart, he did not say anything, and could only say to Jiang Wenjie, “Sir Jiang, please feel sorry for yourself, the Wei family did not leave a single living soul!”

Hearing Li Shouyi say so, that Jiang Zhengzhong’s body shook, and his body suddenly fell backwards!

“Dad ……” Jiang Wenjie hurriedly held Jiang Zhengzhong.

“Elder Jiang, be patient!” Li Shouyi also hurriedly comforted!

Jiang Zhengzhong’s body trembled and his eyes closed tightly, and it took him a while to get over it!

“I don’t care who did this, I’m going to break his body into pieces!” Murderous intent erupted in Jiang Zhengzhong’s eyes before he looked at Li Shouyi and said, “Pavilion Master Li, my Jiang family will handle this matter on its own, you can take your men and go!”

“Elder Jiang, this …………” Li Shouyi had a difficult face.

“Wen Jie, send the guests away ……”

Jiang Zhengzhong didn’t give Li Shouyi a chance to speak at all!

“How can you guys do this? What are you going to do with yourselves when something so big has happened, when we should have been the ones to step in for the Guardian Pavilion?”

Gu Ling’er couldn’t stand it anymore and took two steps forward to question Jiang Zhengzhong.

Jiang Zhengzhong frowned and glanced at Gu Ling’er before asking, “Who is this little girl?”

“Dad, this is Gu Wentian’s granddaughter!” Jiang Wenjie hurriedly replied from the side.

“Hmph, even if your grandfather Gu Wentian were here, ask him if he would dare to speak to me with such an attitude?”

Jiang Zhengzhong snorted coldly, his face covered with a chill!

“Elder Jiang, the young man doesn’t know what to do, he spoke a bit rashly, I hope Elder Jiang won’t be angry!” Li Shouyi saw this and hurriedly made his apologies, then continued, “Elder Jiang, the Wei family still needs to take care of the aftermath of the Wei family, now there are many families throughout the province that are eyeing the Wei family, Elder Jiang should spend more energy here, as for the matter of catching the murderer, just leave it to our Dharma Protection Pavilion!”