Phoenix Among Men Chapter 340

After listening, Jiang Wenjie also whispered a couple of words in Jiang Zhengzhong’s ear, as if he was saying something!

Jiang Zhengzhong’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Whoever dares to hit the Wei family is against my Jiang family, I would like to see that family in the provincial city dare!”

After saying that, Jiang Zhengzhong’s body suddenly erupted with a surging murderous aura, the clothes on his body were windless, and all the people around him were all shivering and shuddering!

“I give you three days, bring the murderer to me within three days, after three days if your Protector Pavilion has not caught the murderer, I will solve it in my own way!”

Jiang Zhengzhong said coldly to Li Shouyi.

“Three days?” Li Shouyi’s face instantly showed a look of embarra*sment!

“Pavilion Master Li, I’ll tell you a candidate now, this matter is mostly the work of a fellow called Chen Ping, who is from Hongcheng, as for the rest, you can check it out yourself!”

Jiang Wenjie thought of Chen Ping the first time after he got the news of the Wei family’s accident!

“Chen Ping?” Li Shouyi muttered, before nodding and saying, “Thank you for reminding me, Sir Jiang, I’ll go check it out!”

Li Shouyi took his men and left, the rest of the Wei family’s affairs would be handled by the Jiang family’s people!

“Ling’er, isn’t Ancient recuperating in Hongcheng, ask Ancient, who is this Chen Ping, to be able to wipe out the Wei family, he must not be an ordinary person, how come I haven’t heard of him?”

On the way, Li Shouyi said to Gu Ling’er.

“Got it!” Gu Ling’er casually replied, but with a few moments of unhappiness on her face!

She had just been lectured by the Jiang family, which made Gu Ling’er’s heart very upset!

Li Shouyi glanced at Gu Ling’er and didn’t say anything else, but sighed faintly.


Yuncheng, Chen Ping slept for a whole day, felt his body recovered a lot, immediately called He Zhigang and asked him to prepare medicinal materials, Chen Ping wanted to use the night time to refine a pill for Lin Tianhu in order to let Lin Tianhu’s body recover as soon as possible!

After Chen Ping made the pill, he had Lin Tianhu take it, and taught him a set of ordinary mind techniques so that Lin Tianhu could concentrate on his body when he had nothing else to do.

The next morning, Chen Ping and the others planned to go back to Hongcheng, this time they had been out for several days, I was afraid that Su Wenzong would be worried at home, how to say that Chen Ping and Su Yuqi were not married, not even engaged, so they were running around together like this, it was inevitable that there would be some gossip!

The Gu Yuyao sisters and He Zhigang came along to see them off, I could see that the Gu Yuyao sisters had a bit of reluctance in their eyes, it wasn’t that they didn’t want to leave Su Yuqi, they didn’t want to leave Chen Ping, these two sisters already had Chen Ping’s shadow in their hearts!

“Big brother He, I’ll leave the matter of Yuncheng to you, keep an eye out for medicinal materials, as long as there are rare medicinal materials, no matter what the cost, we have to take them down, if you’re not sure of anything, you can call me!”

Chen Ping patted He Zhigang’s shoulder and said.

“Brother Chen Ping, don’t worry about it, now all the medicinal herbs in Yuncheng that are over a hundred years old have to pa*s through my hands at Renhe Hall, no one dares to compete with me!”

He Zhigang said with confidence.

After all, only Ren He Tang was the agent for Xiao Hui Dan, and since Tong Ren Tang didn’t dare to make any money, other medicine companies would not dare to follow Ren He Tang!

After a few more small talk, Chen Ping and the others rushed back to Hongcheng!

When they returned to Hongcheng, Su Yuqi went straight home, she had not seen Su Wenzong these days, and Su Yuqi was a bit worried, so Chen Ping went back to the Pan Long Mountain Villa by himself!

“Mom, I’m back, is the meal ready?”

After entering the door, Chen Ping changed his shoes and instinctively shouted.