Phoenix Among Men Chapter 341

No matter how tired he was outside, as soon as he returned home, Chen Ping felt especially comfortable, especially when he ate his own mother’s cooking.

Although he knew that Chen Baoguo and Tang Hongying were not his real parents, Chen Ping didn’t feel anything, nor did he feel rusty after them!


Chen Ping changed his shoes and saw that no one answered, so he had called out, but still no one answered.

“Where did you go? Did they go out for a spin again?”

Chen Ping nagged and walked to the dining room, only to see a piece of paper on the dining table!

Chen Ping picked it up, and on it turned out to be a letter from Tang Hongying to Chen Ping.

Chen Ping: Your father and I are going back home for a while, you’ve been busy every day, but you have to take care of your health, there’s food in the fridge that I’ve prepared, you can heat it up yourself if you want. If we are not at home during this period, you can bring Yuqi home to take care of your life, so that mum can also feel relieved, there is also mum wants to hold a grandchild, you kid to do it yourself!

Looking at Tang Hongying’s letter to himself, Chen Ping smiled, he knew the purpose of his parents’ return to the old house, they wanted him to bring Su Yuqi over to live with them, after all, with his parents at home, it was inconvenient for Su Yuqi to come over to live with them, and it was also awkward for the two of them to live without a name.

Chen Ping put the letter away, thinking that it was better for his parents to go to live in their hometown, now that he had offended many people, it was possible that his parents would be in danger if they lived in Hongcheng!

Chen Ping took out some food from the fridge, he heated it up and ate it.

After eating, Chen Ping took out the jade pendant that he had taken from the Wei family. The jade pendant was dark green in colour, with a very smooth surface, and at a glance, he knew that the texture was very good ink jade.

After carefully playing with it for a while, Chen Ping suddenly bit his finger and put a drop of blood onto the jade pendant, and the drop of blood was instantly absorbed by the jade pendant!

Seeing this scene, the corners of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted up in a smile, his eyes slightly closed, his hands tightly gripped the jade pendant, a faint golden light emerged from Chen Ping’s hands!

Chen Ping let go of his hand, and the jade pendant wrapped in golden light was suspended in mid-air, and on top of the pendant was a black colour that kept running around!

Behind this blackness, there was a blood red colour chasing after it, the whole jade pendant was like a race, this black and red colour was constantly chasing after each other!

“Break ……”

Suddenly, Chen Ping’s eyes opened, and a light erupted from his eyes as well, shining directly onto that jade pendant!

Snap …………

The jade pendant suddenly disappeared from its golden light and fell from mid-air to the ground, directly falling into two halves!

And after the jade pendant fell into two halves, a stream of black and red blood flowed out from inside.

Chen Ping picked up the two halves of the jade pendant, wiped the blood on it and muttered, “What a good thing!”

Taking the two halves of the jade pendant, Chen Ping injected spiritual energy directly into the two halves, and then found the red rope and tied the knot!

“With this jade pendant, if Yu Qi is in danger again, I will be the first to know, and I will be able to defend her from harm once more!”

Chen Ping smiled lightly and gave Su Yuqi a call!

This one thing made Chen Ping know that even if he was strong, he was still distracted and could not be by Su Yuqi’s side to protect her all the time, and that he could not be the first to know when there was an unexpected situation!

With this jade pendant, which contained his essence blood and was also infused with spiritual energy, the pendant was now split into two. Even if he and Su Yuqi were not together, as long as each of them wore the pendant, they could sense each other, and whenever Su Yuqi was in danger, Chen Ping would be able to know at first.

“What, just half a day apart and you miss me already?”

Su Yuqi said as she picked up Chen Ping’s call, her mouth still full of food.