Phoenix Among Men Chapter 343

As the richest girl, Su Yuqi had never cooked before, but for the sake of Chen Ping, Su Yuqi was still learning and cooking, her forehead was covered with sweat!

Looking at Su Yuqi’s busy figure in the kitchen, Chen Ping’s eyes were full of love!

At this moment, Chen Ping’s mobile phone suddenly rang.

Chen Ping picked up the phone and it was Gu Mantian calling!

“Mr. Chen, do you have time now? Pavilion Master Li of the Provincial City Protector Pavilion wants to meet you!”

Gu Wentian carefully inquired.

“The Lord of the Dharma Protection Pavilion? What’s the point of seeing me?”

Chen Ping frowned slightly.

“I’m not sure, he’s hosting a banquet at the Regal Hotel and hopes you can attend!”

Gu Wentian didn’t know what Chen Ping was doing in the provincial capital, he was just pa*sing on the message on his behalf, what exactly he was doing, he didn’t know either!

“Alright, I’ll be right over!”

Chen Ping nodded his head and hung up the phone!

After hanging up the phone, Chen Ping got up and walked into the kitchen, telling Su Yuqi that she didn’t have to be cooking!

Just as he walked into the kitchen, he saw a black smoke rising up, and Chen Ping hurriedly went up and brought down the pot on the cooker.

“Ah, what’s going on?”

Su Yuqi was a little overwhelmed when she saw the black smoke rising from the pot!

Chen Ping opened it and found that the rice in the pot had long since gone black!

Su Yuqi looked at the pot like a little girl who had done something wrong and said, “I forgot to add water!”

Chen Ping smiled, “Alright, we’re not cooking anymore, let’s go out and eat, someone’s treating us!”

“Who’s treating you?” Su Yuqi asked.

“Ancient called and said that Li Pavilion of the Provincial Guardian Pavilion wants to see me, and is hosting a banquet at the Regal Hotel!”

Chen Ping said truthfully.

“The Lord of the Dharma Protecting Pavilion wants to see you?” Su Yuqi frowned, and suddenly her eyes widened, “Could it be because of the matter of you exterminating the Wei family in the provincial city?”

Only when Su Yuqi said so did Chen Ping dawn on him, and then he nodded, “It’s possible!”

After all, Chen Ping did not know any Guardian Pavilion Master, and the other party had named him, so there must be something wrong.

“Then …… then we’d better not go!”

Concern flashed across Su Yuqi’s face!

“Don’t worry, it’s fine ……”

Chen Ping comforted Su Yuqi.

At that time, Chen Ping had destroyed and thrown away the surveillance camera in order to solve unnecessary troubles in the future.

After changing his clothes, Chen Ping and Su Yuqi arrived at the Regal Hotel together, but what surprised Chen Ping was that there were other people attending the banquet, not just Chen Ping, it seemed that the other party was not looking for him for the Wei family’s matter!

Su Wenzong, Ling Zhenchuan and a bunch of other bigwigs from Hongcheng were all there, Pavilion Master Li was from the provincial capital after all, and all these people in Hongcheng wanted to make some connections!

After all, these people were familiar with Chen Ping, so they greeted him, and Chen Ping returned the greetings one by one!

At this moment, in the corner, Gu Ling’er, who was wearing a uniform, was paying attention to everyone’s every move, but when Gu Ling’er saw Su Yuqi, her whole face was slightly stunned!

She walked over quickly and said with some surprise, “Yuqi, why are you here?”

“Ling’er, why are you here?” Su Yuqi looked at Gu Ling’er in surprise, then looked at the uniform Gu Ling’er was wearing, “Not bad, you actually became an agent, you look so handsome in this outfit!”

“I’m here to accompany our Court Master Li!” After Gu Ling’er finished speaking, she gave Chen Ping a glance and asked Su Yuqi, “Who is he to you?”

Su Yuqi glanced at Chen Ping, had a look at the jade pendant on her body, and then said, “His name is Chen Ping, he’s my boyfriend!”

Now that Chen Ping had given her a token of affection, the two were officially established and Su Yuqi could introduce herself to others in this way.