Phoenix Among Men Chapter 348

Su Yuqi also looked at Gu Ling’er, after all, here Gu Ling’er but to watch Chen Ping, is to prevent Chen Ping run away or hide.

Feeling Su Yuqi’s gaze, Gu Ling’er’s face burst with embarra*sment, holding the coffee Chen Ping made in her hand, she bit her lip and said, “I …… I sleep very hard, I won’t wake up at night if there’s any movement!”

Gu Ling’er’s meaning was obvious, this was telling Chen Ping and Su Yuqi that they could escape at night while she was sleeping!

Looking at Gu Ling’er like that, Chen Ping suddenly smiled, “Miss Gu is telling me that I can escape at night, right?”

“I …… didn’t say that!” Gu Ling’er glared at Chen Ping fiercely, her eyes full of reproach, chastising this Chen Ping for how he could just say it.

“Chen Ping, don’t talk nonsense, Ling’er didn’t say that!”

Su Yuqi also knew that Gu Ling’er was helping them, and also glared at Chen Ping and said.

“Hahahaha ……” Chen Ping suddenly laughed, “You two haven’t seen each other for many years, it’s better to catch up, don’t worry about my affairs, I haven’t married such a beautiful daughter-in-law yet, how can I die! ”

Chen Ping cupped Su Yuqi’s chin with one hand and suddenly gave Su Yuqi a kiss on her cheek!

Su Yuqi blushed instantly, this was when Gu Ling’er was still present, and this Chen Ping dared to kiss her right there.

“Chen Ping, you big bad egg …………”

Su Yuqi deliberately pouted in anger, but in her heart she was already happy!

The dog food was a bit unprepared, but at this point in time, Chen Ping still had the heart to fool around, Gu Ling’er admired Chen Ping’s mentality.

At this moment, a figure suddenly rushed into the villa and then anxiously walked up to Chen Ping and said, “Mr. Chen, I heard that the people from the Provincial Dharma Protection Court want to arrest you to go to the provincial capital? I’ve already gathered all my men, thousands of them have blocked all the intersections, if the people from the Dharma Protection Court dare to take you away, I’ll make sure that none of them can leave Hongcheng!”

The person who came was none other than Lin Tianhu. Since Lin Tianhu was injured, Chen Ping had told him to take care of his injuries, so he did not tell him about this matter.

Lin Tianhu’s words made Gu Ling’er’s face turn ugly, wasn’t this a slap in the face of the Guardian Pavilion?

However, Gu Ling’er did not dare to say anything, after all, Lin Tianhu’s words about thousands of brothers had scared her, if the other side really had thousands of people, then these dozen people from their Dharma Protecting Pavilion would really not want to go back.

Chen Ping smiled lightly and patted Lin Tianhu’s shoulder and said, “Go back, I’ll go to the provincial city and come back after a walk, and save someone from always thinking about my family!”

Lin Tianhu glanced at Su Yuqi and Gu Ling’er before pulling Chen Ping aside, “Hall Master, if you insist on going to the provincial city, you can go around to a few gangs in the provincial city, maybe there are also halls of our Heavenly Dragon Hall in the provincial city!”

There was no connection between the thirteen halls of the Heavenly Dragon Hall, so Lin Tianhu did not know where the other halls were, nor did he know the people of the other halls, but the hall masters of the other halls definitely knew the Heavenly Dragon Order ring on Chen Ping’s hand, as long as there were halls of the Heavenly Dragon Hall in the provincial city, then it would be much easier for Chen Ping to have things in the provincial city when he arrived.

“Alright, I’ll go around then!” Chen Ping nodded, “You should go back and rest, although your injuries are no longer serious, you still need to rest more before you can do so, when I return from the provincial city, I will refine another pill for you to improve your strength by one step!”

“Many thanks, Hall Master!” Lin Tianhu had a happy face, “If there’s anything, let me know anytime, I’ll bring my brothers to kill in the provincial city right away!”