Phoenix Among Men Chapter 351

When Chen Ping saw this scene, he frowned slightly, “What is this thing?”

At this moment, on that Ye Yong’s body, it was actually emitting an aura that was even stronger than that Ye Fengchun’s!

“Chen Ping, be careful, this is his Golden Bell Shroud …………”

Gu Ling’er saw the Golden Bell Shroud that Ye Yong was using and immediately shouted to Chen Ping in shock.

Ye Yong, on the other hand, laughed out loud, “Kid, today I’ll let you taste the power of the Golden Bell Shroud, even if you have the power to open mountains and crack rocks, you won’t be able to touch me in the slightest!”

“Is that so? Then I really want to try it!”

Chen Ping finished his sentence and slammed his fist towards Ye Yong’s chest!

That Ye Yong didn’t dodge or evade, his face looked at Chen Ping with a bit of disdain!

Dang …………

After a crisp sound like ringing a bell, Ye Yong did not move a bit, but Chen Ping felt his arm was numb!

“Hahahaha, hahahaha …………”

Ye Yong laughed arrogantly, his eyes full of provocation!

Seeing this, the corner of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted slightly, “It’s a bit interesting, then try me out with a punch!”

As Chen Ping finished speaking, the spiritual energy in his body began to run wildly, and then all of it converged on Chen Ping’s fist!

At this moment, Chen Ping’s fist also began to emit a faint light, and eventually the light was like a dazzling little sun, shining so brightly that people didn’t dare to look at it!

The smile on Ye Yong’s face instantly froze, and his mouth couldn’t help but open round: “What ………… is this?”

Chen Ping didn’t yo answer him, instead he swung out with a fist!

Bam …………

After a thunderous sound, the light on Chen Ping’s fist disappeared!

Then look at that Ye Yong, standing motionless in place, the faint light on his body slowly dissipated, the whole person was like a puppet!

“Senior brother …………”

The two guys from the Iron Gate Pavilion who came with Ye Yong hurriedly stepped forward and called out softly to Ye Yong!

Poof …………

Suddenly, Ye Yong’s mouthful of blood gushed out!

The blood was mixed with pieces of his internal organs and all of them spurted out!

Poof …………

Ye Yong’s huge body fell heavily to the ground, his eyes were wide open and he was no longer breathing!

Seeing this, those two men from the Iron Gate Pavilion turned their heads in fear and ran away, not daring to stay for another moment!

Gu Ling’er also froze for a good half a day before she reacted, panic flashing across her face as she said, “You …… how did you kill him?”

Chen Ping smiled and said, “Didn’t you ask me to kill him? Why do you want to play dirty now?”

“Oops, I was just saying something in anger, how did you really kill him!” Gu Ling’er looked alarmed and went forward to pull up Chen Ping, “Hurry up and go, I’m afraid that the people from the Iron Gate Pavilion will take revenge later!”

Gu Ling’er pulled Chen Ping away, and the meal was not finished!

“We haven’t eaten our meal yet, I’m hungry now ……”

Sitting in the car, Chen Ping looked at a panicked Gu Ling’er and asked.

“Go to where I live, I’ll cook you some noodles to eat, you’re too reckless to really kill that Ye Yong!”

Gu Ling’er sighed.

“You told me to kill it anyway, I don’t care about the rest!” Chen Ping said with an indifferent face.

“You …………” Gu Ling’er’s face was red with anger, but there was no way to retort.

Gu Ling’er drove Chen Ping to a neighborhood and then led Chen Ping to where she lived!

The place where Gu Ling’er lived was small, it was a one-room apartment, and it was still rented!

Although the place was small, it was clean and had that unique fragrance of a young girl as soon as she walked in the door!

“Sit down first, I’ll find out if there’s any food left at home!”

After Gu Ling’er arrived home, she started preparing to cook.

Chen Ping sat bored in the living room, looking at Gu Ling’er who was busy in the kitchen, Chen Ping felt very strange, with a status like Gu Ling’er, how would she need to rent a room by herself?

Even if she didn’t want to rely on her family’s connections, her own family always had a house, right? The actual can’t buy a set of bigger comfortable house, also always have that strength, to know that Gu Wentian in Hongcheng that small courtyard spent a lot of money, plus the family of those antiques, any piece is enough for this Gu Ling’er spend.