Phoenix Among Men Chapter 353

Provincial city, Jiang’s house!

Jiang Zhengzhong was sitting on the sofa with a towel on his head, the blow of losing his daughter was giving him a headache right now!

“Dad, that Li Shouyi is back!”

Jiang Wenjie said as he walked over to Jiang Zhengzhong.

“Did you bring the man?” Jiang Zhengzhong had his eyes slightly closed and did not open them!

“No!” Jiang Wenjie shook his head.

“Since the Protector’s Pavilion is useless, let’s do it ourselves… Is that Chen Ping still in Hongcheng?”

Jiang Zhengzhong asked.

“Not anymore!” Jiang Wenjie replied.

“What?” Jiang Zhengzhong’s eyes snapped open and he threw away the towel on his forehead, “Has that kid run away? Did Li Shouyi let it get away on purpose? If so, I won’t spare him!”

“Dad, that kid isn’t in Hongcheng, but he shouldn’t have run away either, most likely he came to the provincial city, at that time when Li Shouyi came back, he didn’t have that Gu Ling’er with him, so I suspect that Li Shouyi had that Gu Ling’er quietly bring that Chen Ping to the provincial city, in order to not want our Jiang family to make a move!”

Jiang Wenjie carefully analyzed.

“Hmph, killing to pay for a debt, no one can stop me, he’s just a pagoda master, how dare he try to stop my Jiang family?” Jiang Zhengzhong’s face was furious, “Wenjie, you immediately send someone to catch that Gu Ling’er and ask her if she knows where that Chen Ping is!”

“I’ll go and arrange it now!” Jiang Wenjie said, ready to turn around and leave!

“Wait a minute, what about those Wei family properties now? Has anyone made a move yet?”

Jiang Zhengzhong called out to Jiang Wenjie and asked.

“Not yet, but there are already quite a few clans that are making moves, and many of the partners with the Wei family have stopped working together, the other thing is that many of the company’s senior management are starting to be on edge, and they all seem to be looking for a way out!”

Jiang Wenjie said with a worried look on his face.

A large business family with no people left was about to become divided!

“You put out the word, say that all the Wei family’s industries, my Jiang family took over, what was before, is still now, absolutely no changes will be made, first stabilize the hearts and minds!”

Jiang Zhengzhong said with a sigh.

Although the Jiang family was strong, it was after all a martial family, and had little experience in this area of business operations, but things had come to this, Jiang Zhengzhong could only hold up.

“I understand!” Jiang Wenjie nodded his head!

Jiang Zhengzhong reclined back onto the sofa, then waved his hand and told Jiang Wenjie to leave!

Not long after Jiang Wenjie had left, the Jiang family’s butler walked in, and when he saw the resting Jiang Zhengzhong, he hesitated for a moment, but finally did not dare to disturb Jiang Zhengzhong.

But just as the housekeeper was about to turn around and go out, Jiang Zhengzhong spoke up, “Old Liu, what’s the matter?”

Jiang Zhengzhong still had his eyes closed, yet he could tell who was coming in.

“Master, Master Bu Dou from the Xuan Yue Valley in the southwest is here!”

Old Liu, the butler, said respectfully.

“What?” Jiang Zhengzhong leapt up from the sofa with a scuffle, and the towel on his forehead fell to the ground, “Quickly, hurry up and invite Master Bu Confusion in!”

“No, no, no, I’ll greet him personally, hurry up and dress me …………”

Jiang Zhengzhong had an anxious look on his face as he urged at the butler!

The housekeeper was so frightened that he hurriedly picked up his clothes and dressed Jiang Zhengzhong, and then followed behind Jiang Zhengzhong and hurriedly walked towards the outside of the room!

At this moment, outside the Jiang family villa, an old man with an immortal style was standing quietly!

“Master Bu Dou, sins and sins, the subordinates actually made you wait outside, they simply deserve to die, I’ll punish them severely ……”

When Jiang Zhengzhong saw Master Bu Dou, he greeted him with a respectful face!

“Duke Jiang is kind, the subordinates are not at fault, why should they be punished?”

Master Bu Dou smiled lightly and said with a lofty and profound look.