Phoenix Among Men Chapter 356

If this gets to Su Yuqi’s ears, how can she still see Su Yuqi, it’s too humiliating!

“No need to pay back, this 100,000 yuan as my dinner and rest money in your house, I can’t eat and sleep in your house for nothing! ”

Chen Ping said, picked up an apple and nibbled on it!

“You still plan to sleep in my house?” I’ll find you a small hotel to stay in for the time being, and then I’ll find a chance for you to get to know that Red Phoenix, so maybe you can be saved!”

Chen Ping was speechless for a while, seeing as this Gu Ling’er had been trying to save him, but this also touched Chen Ping a little!

“I think that with the strength of the Jiang family, you can be found in any hotel you stay in, so you might as well be safe here with you!”

Chen Ping said with a faint smile.

Gu Ling’er looked at Chen Ping with a wary expression, “You wouldn’t want to do anything to me, would you? Let me tell you, I won’t be sorry for my friends, if you really dare to touch me, I’ll tell Yu Qi!”

Chen Ping looked helpless, “You think too much, I only have Su Yuqi in my heart, so I won’t do anything to you, don’t worry about it!”

“Then you can stay on the sofa for now!” Gu Ling’er said, and went back to her room to change her clothes by herself!

Later in the evening, Gu Ling’er made dinner and followed Chen Ping as the two of them ate!

Just then, Gu Feng came!

“What are you doing here again?” When Gu Ling’er saw Gu Feng, she frowned.

“It smells so good!” Gu Feng looked at the food on the table, and didn’t bother to be polite, he himself just picked up the bowls and chopsticks and started eating, saying as he ate, “You still say you’re an ordinary friend, would you cook for an ordinary friend? Would ordinary friends stay together at night?”

“Shut the hell up, Chen Ping and I are just ordinary friends ……”

Gu Ling’er gave Gu Feng a fierce glare!

After eating, Gu Feng picked his teeth and said to Chen Ping, “Brother-in-law, I’ll take you for a round tonight, by the way, I’ll let you meet my friends, in the future, if you have something in the provincial city, just say the word!”

Chen Ping was about to agree, but he saw Gu Ling’er speak directly, “No, he’s not allowed to go anywhere!”

“Sister, you’re not even married yet, why are you so strict? A mother tiger like you, be careful no one will want you!”

Gu Feng spat out his tongue and said.

“I’ll beat you to death ……”

Gu Ling’er was so angry that she was about to hit Gu Feng, while Gu Feng was hiding behind Chen Ping!

“I’ll just go out for a while, it’ll be fine!”

Chen Ping knew that Gu Ling’er was afraid that Jiang’s family would run into him!

When Gu Ling’er saw that Chen Ping was willing to go out on his own, she didn’t stop him!

After going downstairs, Chen Ping got into Gu Feng’s car, a BMW of unknown hands, but Gu Feng drove it with great excitement!

Halfway down the road, Gu Feng picked up a girl, the girl’s slender big push exposed, dressed very revealing, and dressed very enchantingly, at a glance does not look like a girl from an ordinary family!

After the girl got into the car, she glanced at Chen Ping in the back seat and threw an eyebrow at him, “Handsome, what’s your name? My name is Lili, are you interested in discussing it in depth?”

As Lili said that, she actually reached out her hand and touched Chen Ping’s face, but Chen Ping dodged and dodged away!

“Hahahahaha, you’re quite shy, you’re not a virgin, are you?” Lili giggled.

“Don’t be ridiculous, this is my brother-in-law …………”

Gu Feng glared at the girl, and then followed Chen Ping with an embarra*sed face and said, “Brother-in-law, Lili she is just this nature, she likes to joke around, don’t mind!”

Chen Ping smiled and asked, “Your girlfriend?”

“Ah …………” Gu Feng ahhed and did not clearly answer Chen Ping’s question!