Phoenix Among Men Chapter 359

Hearing this voice, that Ni Wei instantly turned pale with fear, and those few guys who were ready to make a move were so scared that they rushed back!

That lady called Lili was even so scared that she ran away and was soon gone.

“It’s over, it’s over, it’s over …………”

Gu Feng’s face also turned incomparably pale and trembled, “Brother-in-law, it’s over, this bar is the territory of Red Phoenix Hall, if you make trouble here, Red Phoenix Hall will definitely not forgive you lightly.”

Just as Gu Feng finished his words, he saw a middle-aged man wearing an eye patch with only one eye exposed walking over, followed by a dozen of bar security guards behind the middle-aged man!

Seeing this man, Gu Feng was so frightened that he instantly sat down on a chair, a stream of yellow liquid flowing out from his body!

Looking at that look of Gu Feng, Chen Ping was speechless for a while, he didn’t know how Gu Man Tian could have such a grandson.

“Brother Long, Brother Long, it was him …… who did it to me!”

Ni Wei trembled as he walked up to the one-eyed middle-aged man, pulled out a box of Chinese cigarettes and said with a face full of flattery.

“Slap your mouth!”

The one-eyed middle-aged man didn’t even look at Ni Wei and said with a cold sweat.

Soon, a security guard walked up from the back, grabbed Ni Wei’s collar and slapped him!

In total, he hit Ni Wei more than ten times, making his whole face red and swollen!

“Did you just do that?”

After beating me that Ni Wei, the one-eyed middle-aged man looked at Chen Ping and asked.

“Not bad!” Chen Ping nodded his head.

“Slap your mouth!” Another cold snort from the one-eyed middle-aged man, and that security guard walked towards Chen Ping!

Just as he raised his hand, he was grabbed by Chen Ping: “Do you beat people without asking?”

Seeing that Chen Ping dared to resist, the one-eyed middle-aged man frowned: “Those who cause trouble here at my One-Eyed Dragon’s place are each beaten fifty times before asking the reason, are you trying to break my rules?”

“I have heard that the people of Red Phoenix Hall are chivalrous, and the Hall Master is even known as the Living Bodhisattva, is this how you do it?”

Chen Ping was beginning to feel antipathy towards the Red Phoenix Hall at this point!

At first, after listening to Gu Ling’er’s words, he had a good feeling about the Red Phoenix Hall, especially the hall master, Red Phoenix, which Chen Ping admired, but now it seemed that it was all just hearsay!

“Hmph, it’s still your turn to judge what my Red Phoenix Hall is like, slap your own mouth ten times while I deal with your fight!”

The one-eyed dragon snorted coldly.

“What if I don’t fight?” Chen Ping sneered.

“If you don’t do it yourself, then I’ll do it for you!”

The one-eyed dragon said, and smacked a slap towards Chen Ping!

The one-eyed dragon’s speed was so fast that the people around him were all in a cold sweat for Chen Ping, if this smack hit, I was afraid that Chen Ping wouldn’t be able to keep his mouth full of teeth!

As he watched the one-eyed dragon make his move, the corner of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted and he reached out and grabbed the one-eyed dragon’s wrist: “I like to be reasonable, why do you have to make a move?”

With a shock in his eyes, One-Eyed Dragon tried to shake Chen Ping off with a violent push, but found that no matter how hard he tried, he could not break free of Chen Ping’s restraint!

“Kid, do you know the consequences of making a move with me?” The one-eyed dragon was furious!

In front of so many people, he was being restrained by an insignificant young man, how could One-Eyed Dragon not be angry!

“It is obvious that you started it, are you still being reasonable with your Red Phoenix Hall?”

Chen Ping said somewhat helplessly.

“Speak your mother …………”

With his other hand, One-Eyed Dragon instantly made a fist and swung out towards Chen Ping!

Chen Ping frowned and his body exploded with killing energy, he had repeatedly tolerated, but he didn’t want this one-eyed dragon to advance an inch!

Just as the one-eyed dragon swung his fist out, Chen Ping kicked out!