Phoenix Among Men Chapter 361

When she heard that someone was causing trouble at the bar and even named her, Red Phoenix was also a bit angry. In all these years in the provincial city, no one had dared to provoke her like this, not even the several major martial arts families dared to do so!

Red Phoenix hurriedly led his men to the bar, while Chen Ping was strutting around in a chair waiting, one hand gently rubbing the Heavenly Dragon Ring he wore on his hand.

The reason why Chen Ping had asked the one-eyed dragon to call the Red Phoenix Hall Master here was that he had remembered Lin Tianhu’s words that there might be a branch of the Heavenly Dragon Hall in the provincial city.

As to whether it was this Red Phoenix Hall, Chen Ping did not know, so he wanted to meet this Red Phoenix, if this Red Phoenix Hall was also a hall under him, then there would be less trouble in the provincial city in the future!

Half an hour later, the door was opened and a woman dressed in a strong suit, hair coiled on top of her head, in her thirties, with exquisite features walked in, followed by two people behind the woman, both of whom exuded the aura of strong people, each of whom had a much stronger aura than this one-eyed dragon.

“Hall Master …………”

The one-eyed dragon saw that Red Phoenix had arrived and hurriedly greeted him!

Red Phoenix, on the other hand, looked at the messy appearance of the bar, as well as the floor of security guards all lying around, and the anger in his body instantly rose up.

“One-eyed Dragon, who wants to see me?”

Red Phoenix asked in a stern voice.

“It’s me!” Chen Ping slowly rose to his feet!

At first glance, when he saw Red Phoenix, Chen Ping was a little surprised, he did not expect this Red Phoenix to look so beautiful, Chen Ping thought that a woman who fought and killed must look just like a mother f*cker!

“Who are you? Do you have any grudges against my Red Phoenix Hall?”

Although Red Phoenix was now covered in anger, she nevertheless restrained herself and did not strike as soon as they met, but asked Chen Ping.

“We have no grudge or hatred!” Chen Ping shook his head.

“Then why are you causing trouble at my bar?”

Red Phoenix’s brows furrowed!

At this moment, One-Eyed Dragon was covered in cold sweat, he was really afraid that Chen Ping would tell what had happened originally, in that case, he would definitely be punished.

However, Chen Ping did not say anything, but deliberately revealed the Heavenly Dragon Ring and displayed it in front of Red Phoenix, with one pair of eyes secretly observing Red Phoenix’s expression.

When Red Phoenix’s gaze fell on the Heavenly Dragon Ring on Chen Ping’s hand, his whole body suddenly shook, followed by his eyes opening roundly and a light flashing in his eyes, only that light flickered away and Red Phoenix returned to his original appearance.

However, this change of expression still fell into Chen Ping’s eyes, and Chen Ping’s heart was instantly pleased, and he secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

“Everyone out, guard the entrances and exits strictly, no one is allowed to enter without my order!”

Red Phoenix suddenly ordered loudly!

Although his men were all puzzled, they did not dare to disobey the order of the Hall Master and helped the security guards on the ground to go out and guard the entrances and exits!

When only Chen Ping and Red Phoenix were left in the bar, Red Phoenix knelt down in front of Chen Ping with an excited look on his face, “Red Phoenix Hall Master Red Phoenix, pay respects to the Heavenly Dragon Hall Master!”

Since Chen Ping had already known about this, he was not surprised, but smiled lightly and said, “Get up!”

Red Phoenix stood up and waited with a respectful face for Chen Ping’s instructions!

“No need to be so formal, sit down!”

Chen Ping waved his hand towards Chi Feng, who sat down opposite him, while Chen Ping personally poured a cup of wine for Chi Feng!

“Hall Master, I wonder why you have suddenly come to the provincial city and visited my Red Phoenix Hall?”

Red Phoenix asked with a face full of confusion.

“I came to the provincial city because someone forced me to come, and bringing you here was just a whim, I didn’t expect that your Red Phoenix Hall was really a hall under the Heavenly Dragon Hall, do you know where the other halls of the Heavenly Dragon Hall are?”

Chen Ping asked to Red Phoenix.