Phoenix Among Men Chapter 364

Chen Ping violently flew up with two kicks, directly kicking the two men in suits in the knees, the legs of the two men in suits instantly bent strangely and all broke!

The screams rang out again, but this time Chen Ping didn’t ask any more questions, but continued to strike, breaking the arms and legs of the two men in suits, directly ruining the two men!

Looking at the two men who were paralyzed on the ground, their faces full of grimace in pain, Chen Ping said with a cold face, “What are you doing to grab Gu Ling’er?”

“Yes …… it was ordered by our master, saying that he wanted to know your whereabouts from Miss Gu’s mouth ……”

The two men could no longer stand it and could only speak truthfully.

Chen Ping frowned, he did not expect the Jiang family to be so rampant that they had no regard for Gu Ling’er’s status as an agent of the Guardian Pavilion.

Glancing at Gu Ling’er who had fainted, Chen Ping’s eyes flashed with killing intent!

After gently picking up Gu Ling’er and putting her on the sofa, Chen Ping carried a man in a suit downstairs and threw him into the trunk of his car before heading directly towards Jiang’s house!

At this moment, Jiang’s house was brightly lit up!

In one of the rooms of Jiang’s house, the two teenagers’ harsh roars sounded as if they were coming from the abyss of hell, and the sound of laughter came out of the room!

The two Jiang family bodyguards who were guarding the door, listening to the hissing from inside the room, all shuddered and had goose bumps all over their bodies!

“You think this Master Bu Dou looks like a kind-hearted man, how come he has such a perverted fetish?”

A Jiang family bodyguard couldn’t help but say.

“Shhh!” Another Jiang family bodyguard hurriedly made a silent gesture and looked around carefully, “Don’t you want to live? Be careful if Master hears you, he will kill your whole family!”

This scared the bodyguard so much that he hastily kept his mouth shut!

I don’t know how long it took, but the hissing inside the room stopped, and there was no more movement at all!

“Someone, carry it out …………”

Master Bu Dou’s voice rang out from inside the room!

The two bodyguards hurriedly walked in, and when they saw the two girls’ bodies on the floor, they all instantly drew a cold breath!

They saw that the two girls were covered in no clothes, their bodies were covered in bruises, the scene was unbearable, they had beaten them to the point of being inhuman!

But the two bodyguards didn’t dare to look, so they hurriedly carried the girls’ bodies out one by one!

Just as they left the house, they saw the butler approaching, looking at the two girls’ corpses with a frown, and instructed the two bodyguards, “Find a place to bury them, and don’t tell anyone about what happened today, or you’ll be killed!”

“Got it!” The two bodyguards nodded their heads repeatedly, how dare they say another word!

The butler, Old Liu, sighed and after shaking his head, he walked into Master Bewildered’s room!

At this moment, Master Fuzzy was lying on the sofa, his face all content, a cigarette in his mouth, so uncomfortable!

“Master Bewildered, the herbs for making the pills are ready, I wonder when Master Bewildered will be able to make the pills?”

Old Liu, the butler, asked cautiously.

“Put it down!” Master Bu Dou remained lying on the sofa without moving, waving his hand and said, “How are the herbs prepared for our Xuan Yue Valley?”

“We are already hurrying to prepare them, it is estimated that they will be ready in the next two days, our master has said that he will send someone along with Master Bu Dou to Xuan Yue Valley at that time!”

Old Liu, the butler, replied.

“Go back and tell your master that when the herbs are ready, I will refine the pills!”

Master Bu Dou said unhurriedly.

“Understood!” Housekeeper Old Liu nodded, and then took out a cloth bag from his body and put it on the table, which was filled with some precious medicinal herbs that were over a hundred years old, which were prepared for refining the Life Renewing Pill.

After Housekeeper Old Liu left, he immediately went to Jiang Zhengzhong’s room, who was currently waiting for news!