Phoenix Among Men Chapter 368

But as soon as Li Shouyi’s words left his mouth, the Iron Gate Pavilion Master said with a cold expression on his face, “Li Shouyi, this is none of your Dharma Protector Pavilion’s business, so you’d better stay out of it, or else don’t blame me for being rude to you!”

Li Shouyi’s face was cold and his body was on fire, in front of Chen Ping, he, the Protector of Dharma Pavilion Master, was really not giving any face!

It was enough that the Jiang family didn’t give face, but now even the Tie Sect Pavilion didn’t give face, which made Li Shouyi feel that he had lost face!

“Master Tie Pavilion, you must think clearly about the consequences of making a move with my Dharma Protecting Pavilion!”

Li Shouyi grimaced and threatened the Iron Gate Pavilion Master!

“Bah, don’t f*cking scare me, I can bear any consequences, I will definitely kill this kid today ……”

The Iron Gate Pavilion Master said, his body suddenly flashed a faint golden light again, that layer of faint golden light was like armor, protecting the surroundings of the Iron Gate Pavilion Master.

When Li Shouyi saw this, his face suddenly changed and he couldn’t help but take two steps back and said, “Tie Pavilion Master, you …… are you really going to make a move?”

“Cut the f*cking crap, if you don’t want to die, then get out of the way!” The Iron Gate Pavilion Master shouted explosively, followed by his huge body charging directly towards Chen Ping!

At that moment, a delicate cry rang out, “Iron Beard, it’s f*cking against you ……”

With this delicate shout, a figure instantly arrived in front of the Iron Gate Pavilion Master and slapped him across the face!

At this moment, everyone froze, and that Iron Gate Pavilion Master also stopped his body, one hand covering half of his swollen face!

Clamour …………

At this moment, dozens of people suddenly surged out and directly surrounded everyone in the Iron Gate Pavilion.

Only then did the crowd see that the person coming was none other than Red Phoenix Hall’s Hall Master, Red Phoenix.

“Chi …… Chi Feng, my Iron Gate Pavilion and your Red Phoenix Hall have no enmity, what are you …… doing beating me up for?”

Facing Red Phoenix, that Iron Gate Hall Master was obviously a bit timid!

“Bullsh*t, you dare to disrespect Mr. Chen and still say that you have no enmity with my Red Phoenix Hall, I f*cking …………”

Red Phoenix said, lifting his foot and about to kick that Iron Gate Pavilion owner, scaring that Iron Gate Pavilion owner backwards and forwards!

“Mr. Chen …… Chen?” The Iron Gate Pavilion Master looked at Chen Ping with some surprise.

He did not understand how this Red Phoenix treated Chen Ping with such respect and addressed him as Mr. Chen!

“Iron Beard, now take your men and get out immediately, if I know that you are looking for trouble with Mr. Chen again, I will expel your Iron Gate Pavilion from the Martial Arts Alliance, so that you will have no place to land in the provincial city!”

Red Phoenix said viciously to the Iron Gate Pavilion Master.

Although that Iron Gate Hall Master was resentful, he finally led his men away in disgrace!

He didn’t have the guts to go against the Red Phoenix Hall, which was one of the four consuls in the Martial Alliance, so it would be too easy to drive them out of the Martial Alliance.

What’s more, that Red Phoenix was so strong that he knew he was no match, so he could only take his men away!

“Mr. Chen, are you alright?”

After driving away the people from the Iron Gate Pavilion, Red Phoenix walked up to Chen Ping and asked respectfully.

Chen Ping smiled faintly and shook his head!

Seeing how respectful Chi Feng was to Chen Ping, Gu Ling’er and that Li Shouyi were dumbfounded, each looking at Chen Ping in shock, their eyes filled with disbelief!

“Pavilion Master Li, thank you for today!”

Chen Ping said after Li Shouyi.

No matter what, Li Shouyi had indeed stood up for himself today!

“You’re welcome, I didn’t do anything, since it’s alright, I’ll leave now!”

Li Shouyi gave an awkward smile and led his men to rush off!

At this moment, inside Li Shouyi’s heart, it was as if ten thousand Tso Nima were running past, he suddenly realized that it was best for him to stay out of this Chen Ping matter himself, originally he thought that Chen Ping had no power and no influence, he had just wanted Chen Ping to apologize to that Iron Gate Pavilion owner!

Now it seemed that the power behind Chen Ping was not sure how terrifying it was, the titular Red Phoenix Hall Master Chi Feng was even so polite to Chen Ping, Li Shouyi suddenly found that in the whole incident, he was the one who had the least power!