Phoenix Among Men Chapter 371

“I don’t care about the others, but my Red Phoenix Hall will definitely make a move on the Wei family’s properties, and I’m not going to lie, I’ve got my hands on the two Wei family property companies now!”

Red Phoenix said with a cold smile.

“Red Phoenix, you deceive people too much …………”

After hearing this, Jiang Zhengzhong slammed the table, his eyes full of killing intent!

“What, do you want to fight?”

Red Phoenix did not show any weakness.

At this moment, the two people were suddenly at sword fight, dozens of martial arts clans below who did not say anything, just watched quietly!

“Alright, alright …………”

Martial Sixth stood up and rounded up, “According to the rules, what Chi Feng said is correct, but the relationship between the Wei family and Jiang family, is also really different, you all give up one step each, let Jiang family give up half of the Wei family’s estate, won’t that be enough!”

“Impossible …………”

The first thing that I would like to do is to give up the Wei family’s property, I will not give up a single point, and whoever eats it, will have to spit it out for me!”

Jiang Zhengzhong’s body rose with rolling killing intent, he would not give up a single point of the Wei family’s estate, because he still had to use the Wei family’s estate to gather the money to buy medicinal materials for Xuan Yue Valley!

Seeing that Jiang Zhengzhong wouldn’t give up a single point, Wu Liuyi was also in a difficult position. Normally, when there was a disagreement in the Martial Arts Alliance, he, a good old man, would make peace with it, but this time, it looked like it was no longer possible to make peace.

“The old rules, let’s see the real thing in the ring, fists are better than words!”

Sun Yaobang, who hadn’t spoken all this time, got up and finished speaking before walking straight towards the outside of the venue!

“Good, see you in the ring in three days!”

Sun Yaobang’s words hit Jiang Zhengzhong right in the heart, so after dropping a cold sentence, he too left directly!

“See you in the ring, just see you in the ring, I’m still afraid of you guys?”

Red Phoenix had no fear, so she also left with a cold snort!

In the end, only Wu Liu Yi was left, after sighing helplessly, he waved his hand towards the crowd on the stage, “Dismiss the meeting, let’s all disperse ……”

The Martial Alliance Conference was unhappy and broke up, it only lasted less than ten minutes, although the many martial families were dissatisfied, they didn’t dare to say anything, after all, their strength was inferior, they could only hold back!

Two days later, Gu Ling’er’s home.

Chen Ping was sitting at the dining table, Gu Ling’er had already cooked a table full of food, these two days Gu Ling’er didn’t let Chen Ping go out for fear that the Jiang family would find trouble, but surprisingly, the Jiang family seemed to have forgotten about Chen Ping, there was no more action!

After Gu Ling’er finished her work, she was just about to sit down to eat when the doorbell suddenly rang.

Gu Ling’er’s body visibly shook slightly, it seemed that she still had lingering feelings about the incident that night when the Jiang family sent someone to arrest her!

“I’ll open the door ……”

Seeing Gu Ling’er’s unattractive face, Chen Ping got up and said.

“Don’t you move, I’ll go ……”

Gu Ling’er told Chen Ping to sit down, then cautiously was to open the door!

When the door opened, Gu Ling’er instantly froze, and then said with a surprised face, “Yu Qi, you …… how did you come to the provincial city?”

At this moment, standing outside the door was none other than Su Yuqi, carrying some fruits in her hand!

“I’m a little uneasy about Chen Ping, so I came over to take a look!”

Su Yuqi said with a faint smile.

“Yu Qi …………”

When Chen Ping heard the voice, he excitedly got up and ran to the door, when he saw Su Yuqi’s figure, Chen Ping’s heart was full of emotion!

“Chen Ping …………”

Su Yuqi jumped straight into Chen Ping’s arms!

These few days, Su Yuqi was worried badly in Hongcheng, after all, the provincial city was not like Hongcheng, it was a place full of hidden dragons and tigers and dangers!

Seeing Su Yuqi and Chen Ping like that, Gu Ling’er was a bit overwhelmed and retreated to the side!

“It smells so good, is it Ling’er’s cooking?”

Su Yuqi said as she smelt the aroma of the rice and took a look at the meal on the table.

“Mmm, Ling’er is good at her craft, she has been eating her cooking for the past two days!”

Chen Ping nodded and said.