Phoenix Among Men Chapter 373

The Jiang family villa!

Jiang Zhengzhong was holding a very delicate wooden box, standing respectfully inside Master Bu Dou’s room!

At this moment, Master Fuzzy was sitting on his bed, his eyes slightly closed, his hands were choking on a spell, and a green flame was floating in the air, like a ball of ghostly fire!

Looking at the scene in front of him, Jiang Zhengzhong was a little stunned, although he had now reached the strength of an Inner Strength Master, and could also condense Qi into a sword and pick leaves to hurt people, but this was the first time he had seen a landscape like this!

“Hop …………”

Suddenly, Master Bu Dou shouted explosively, and the ma*s of green flames instantly merged together, followed by a deafening explosion!

Boom …………

The sound was so loud that it rattled the gla*s inside the room!

But right after the flames exploded and the smoke cleared, Master Bu Dou’s hand was surprisingly filled with a green elixir that was only the size of a thumb and shimmering with luster!

“This is the Bursting Pill, after you take it, your strength will instantly double, but it only lasts for three hours, once that time has pa*sed, it will be back as before!”

Master Bewildered said as he casually tossed the Bursting Pill to Jiang Zhengzhong.

“Thank you, Master Bu Dou, here is a thousand year old ginseng, a special tribute to Master Bu Dou!”

Jiang Zhengzhong said as he placed the wooden box in his hand on the table.

“Mm!” Master Bu Dou nodded, and then waved his hand and let Jiang Zhengzhong go out!

After Jiang Zhengzhong went out, Master Bu Dou’s face instantly showed excitement as he jumped straight off the bed, and after opening the wooden box, he carefully put the thousand-year ginseng into his pocket!

Ordinary pills like this, quite a few practitioners of the arts were able to refine them, it was just that many people in the martial arts world didn’t understand them, and that was why they looked at them, the practitioners of the arts, as if they were gods, these things were just like a mountain from one line of work to another!

An ordinary bursting pellet had been exchanged for a thousand-year-old ginseng, Master Fuzzy’s heart had already burst with joy!

“Master, that thousand year old ginseng is something you’ve had a hard time finding, are you just going to give it away like that?”

Old Liu, the housekeeper, saw Jiang Zhengzhong walking out of Master Bewildered’s room and asked, full of puzzlement.

“Hahahaha, what do you know!” Jiang Zhengzhong held up the bursting pill and said, “This pill is able to instantly double my strength, so when we get to the ring tomorrow, I’ll see who is still my opponent! Do you think I’m only after the Wei family’s industry in the ring tomorrow? What I want is the entire Martial Alliance, I want to be the Alliance Master, with this Burst Pill, I’ll see who dares to disobey!”

“Your Lordship is wise …………”

The butler, Old Liu, did not expect that Jiang Zhengzhong’s ambition would be the entire Martial Dao Alliance.

Early the next morning!

Many people rushed to the venue on the outskirts of the provincial city in advance, apart from those martial arts families in the Martial Alliance, there were also quite a few business families heading there.

Li Shouyi, on the other hand, brought up the people from the Dharma Protection Pavilion and also set up a guard around the area to prevent any accidents from happening!

Although Li Shouyi knew that he could not intervene in the affairs of the Martial Arts Alliance, even if there was a fire fight between the two sides, they could only watch, but his duty was such that Li Shouyi could only lead people to take care of the security of the periphery!

Chen Ping took Su Yuqi and Lin Tianhu with him, then followed the people from the Red Phoenix Hall towards the venue!

Gu Ling’er, on the other hand, followed the people from the Dharma Protection Pavilion, after all, she was an agent of the Pavilion!

“Red Phoenix, fight against that Jiang Zhengzhong, don’t try to be strong, kill if you can, if you can’t, retreat, the Jiang family won’t be able to bounce around for a few days!”

In the car, Chen Ping barked at Chi Feng!

“Don’t worry Mr. Chen, I have confidence!”

Red Phoenix smiled faintly.

Chen Ping could also tell that Red Phoenix must have hidden a lot of strength over the years, otherwise he wouldn’t have such confidence!