Phoenix Among Men Chapter 376

“Old Sun, you have to be careful ……”

Wu Liuyi seemed to have seen something and warned Sun Yaobang.

Having said that, Wu Liuyi and Red Phoenix saw this and walked towards the ring together!

“Since you insist on competing, then I’ll show you my true skills!”

Jiang Zhengzhong said, as a monstrous battle intent also instantly erupted from his body.

The two men’s auras instantly tangled together, and a fierce wind swept up in the ring, while the crowd on the stage felt no pressure at all!

Because this ring is specially made, no matter how fierce the two sides fighting in the ring, no matter how fierce the breath is, it will not affect the people below the stage, otherwise the whole venue would be destroyed if the two great internal energy masters were to compete!

“Blast Gun …………”

Sun Yaobang let out an explosive shout, followed by a shake of his hands in the air, a long spear instantly condensed in his hand.

An Inner Strength Grandmaster, who could condense qi and transform it into objects, was able to transform the strong qi in his body into various weapons, and could also harness it to hurt people!

With the lance in his hand, Sun Yaobang instantly drew several gun blossoms in the air, a gun blossom instantly turning into a sharp weapon as it hurried towards Jiang Zhengzhong!

“An Inner Strength Grandmaster, it really does live up to its name, it’s simply too powerful!”

“This Sun Yaobang’s strength has improved quite a bit, it seems he’s hidden his strength before!”

“This time, I’m afraid that Jiang Zhengzhong has met his match!”

When the crowd on the stage saw Sun Yaobang’s move, they were all shocked and talking about it!

Lin Tianhu, who was beside Chen Ping, looked even more dumbfounded, his eyes filled with searing heat and envy, he, the underground emperor of Hongcheng, had only realized after arriving here that this point of his strength was a joke to others!

The huge gap in strength made Lin Tianhu’s heart full of inferiority and shame!

Chen Ping could see Lin Tianhu’s inferiority complex and with a faint smile patted Lin Tianhu’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, your strength will definitely be able to surpa*s them.”

“Really?” Lin Tianhu looked at Chen Ping with hope in his eyes!

“Of course, don’t you even believe me?”

“Yes, of course I do!” Lin Tianhu hurriedly nodded his head.

Lin Tianhu had absolute confidence in Chen Ping’s strength, and he also believed that as long as Chen Ping helped him, he would definitely be able to improve his own strength by a lot!

At this moment, above the ring, Jiang Zhengzhong, facing the gunflakes that were rapidly attacking him, coldly snorted, with a face full of disdain, and reached out his hand and flicked it in the air in front of him, immediately a ripple could be seen in the air, and when the gunflakes touched these ripples, they were instantly defeated and disappeared without a trace!

Sun Yaobang’s face turned pale, he did not expect Jiang Zhengzhong to have defused his move so easily.

“Blinding Wind Slash ……”

Sun Yaobang roared, his body leaping up high, the lance in his hand instantly transformed into countless lance shadows, directly enveloping Jiang Zhengzhong’s entire body!

“Hmph, that’s all you’ve got!”

Jiang Zhengzhong snorted coldly as a faint white mist instantly emerged from around his body, directly enveloping his body!

When the lance in Sun Yaobang’s hand touched that layer of fog, it actually instantly went up in smoke, becoming energy once again and dissipating!

“This …………”

Sun Yaobang was so shocked that his body retreated one after another!

When the crowd saw this scene, they likewise drew in a cold breath, not expecting Jiang Zhengzhong’s strength to become so terrifying, or else how could he dare to let slip that he would become the Martial Alliance’s alliance leader!

When Red Phoenix saw this scene, her eyebrows were also slightly furrowed, she didn’t expect that this Jiang Zhengzhong had preserved his strength all along as well.

“Sun Yaobang, now it’s my turn ……”

After Jiang Zhengzhong finished speaking, his body instantly transformed into a residual shadow and arrived directly in front of Sun Yaobang!

Sun Yaobang couldn’t react in time and was struck in the chest by Jiang Zhengzhong’s palm, and his entire body spurted out blood with a wow!

Even though Sun Yaobang was already defeated, Jiang Zhengzhong didn’t seem to have any intention of letting him go, as he kept slapping Sun Yaobang’s body with his palm, and Sun Yaobang’s body let out a bursting sound!