Phoenix Among Men Chapter 377

In the end, the whole man flew out of the ring and fell heavily to the ground, looking at Sun Yaobang’s bloodied body, even if he didn’t die, his whole body was probably ruined!

The Sun family rushed forward and carried Sun Yaobang away, each with an angry look on their faces, but the Alliance rules state that life and death are at stake in the ring, so even if they killed him, there was nothing the Sun family could do!

“Jiang Zhengzhong, you have already won, why do you still want to do this?”

Wu Liuyi asked with a frown of discontent.

“Whoever obeys me will prosper and whoever disobeys me will die, whoever stands in my way of becoming the alliance leader today will die, who else among you dares to come on stage?”

Jiang Zhengzhong swept a glance at the crowd with a fierce face and said rampantly.

In an instant, there was silence on the stage. With the strength Jiang Zhengzhong had shown, who would dare to go on stage?

The Jiang family were all excited, if Jiang Zhengzhong became the alliance leader, then their Jiang family would be the only one in the provincial city!

“Ai …………”

Wu Liuyi shook his head and retreated to his place to sit down!

He knew that he was no match for that Jiang Zhengzhong, so he could only watch Jiang Zhengzhong run wild above the ring!

“Jiang Zhengzhong, don’t run wild too soon …………”

Red Phoenix made a long leap and landed gently on top of the ring like a cloud swallow!

“Red Phoenix, even if you don’t get on the stage, I will still put you to death, you have opposed me at every turn, today I am going to finish with you!”

Jiang Zhengzhong said as his aura instantly pressed towards Red Phoenix!

“Humph!” Red Phoenix coldly snorted, her petite body instantly exploding with a terrifying aura as she followed Jiang Zhengzhong in a struggle!

“Half jin and half ……”

Chen Ping looked at the two people in the ring and casually spoke!

“Mr. Chen, is that …… that Red Phoenix in danger?” Lin Tianhu tensed up when he heard Chen Ping say half a catty!

Chen Ping glanced at Lin Tianhu and said with a faint smile, “Even if Red Phoenix loses, his life will not be in danger, don’t worry about it!”

Lin Tianhu blushed slightly before looking nervously above the ring!

At this moment, above the ring, the auras of Red Phoenix and Jiang Zhengzhong were entwined, and both of their faces didn’t look too good!

“Red Phoenix, I didn’t expect you to hide your strength ……”

Jiang Zhengzhong’s eyes narrowed slightly as he said with some surprise.

“Hmph, there’s more you didn’t expect!”

Red Phoenix finished speaking, only to see his hands spread out, followed by a white light flashing from his back, that white light directly transformed into a phoenix, hovering above Red Phoenix’s head!

Seeing this scene, no matter if it was Jiang Zhengzhong or the crowd on the stage, all eyes were wide with disbelief!

“Fire Phoenix Strike ……”

With a push from Red Phoenix’s hands, the phoenix hovering above his head suddenly let out a phoenix cry before flashing its wings and flying towards that Jiang Zhengzhong!

Jiang Zhengzhong’s heart was horrified, his hands hurriedly drew in front of his chest, countless energy formed a barrier in the air!

Boom …………

The phoenix hit the barrier hard, only to see the barrier instantly appear cracks, followed by another impact, the barrier instantly become shattered!

Jiang Zhengzhong’s body also fell out heavily, a mouthful of blood sprayed on top of the ring!

“Master ……”

“Father ……”

The Jiang family all exclaimed in shock.

And the crowd below the stage looked at Chi Feng in shock, they really didn’t expect that Chi Feng, a woman, was hiding such a powerful strength!

“Beautiful …………”

Lin Tianhu couldn’t help but shout out when he saw that Red Phoenix had won!

Red Phoenix looked at Jiang Zhengzhong indifferently and said with a disdainful face, “Jiang Zhengzhong, you have lost, your dream of being an alliance master is shattered ……”

“I don’t lose, I can’t lose either …………”

Jiang Zhengzhong got up, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and suddenly pulled out a green pill from inside his coat pocket, then swallowed it in one gulp!

Red Phoenix was stunned and wondered what that Jiang Zhengzhong had eaten!