Phoenix Among Men Chapter 379

“Chen Ping, you’re looking for death …………”

Jiang Zhengzhong was instantly furious, to openly provoke him on such an occasion again was a provocation to his majesty, if he didn’t kill Chen Ping today, how could he still establish his authority within the Martial Arts Alliance?

“Dad, why use your hand to kill this guy, I’ll take revenge for my sister’s family ……”

Jiang Wenjie leapt up and landed directly in front of Jiang Zhengzhong, looking at Chen Ping with murderous intent in his eyes!

Jiang Zhengzhong gathered up the aura on his body and said to Jiang Wenjie, “Take care of yourself, this kid’s strength isn’t low either!”

“Don’t worry, I will make his life worse than death today ……”

Jiang Wenjie gritted his teeth and stared at Chen Ping with a deadly stare, wanting to tear Chen Ping apart!

Jiang Zhengzhong jumped to the stage in one leap, with him watching, even if Jiang Wenjie couldn’t kill Chen Ping, he wouldn’t be in any danger.

“It’s better to let your old man do it, you can’t …………”

Chen Ping stretched out a finger and waved it towards Jiang Wenjie, full of provocative flavor!

“Can you do it or not, try it to know ……”

Jiang Wenjie let out an angry cry and came towards Chen Ping with a whoosh!

Jiang Wenjie’s fist was wrapped in internal energy, the air was stirred up in a ripple, a faint layer of mist rose up all over Jiang Wenjie’s body!

“I really didn’t expect that even the Jiang family’s brat was already so powerful!”

“Inner Strength Da Cheng, this is about to reach the strength of an Inner Strength Master!”

“It seems that in the future, the Jiang family will really be the only one in the provincial city!”

Seeing Jiang Wenjie’s strength, the crowd on stage couldn’t help but exclaim!

Chen Ping smiled coldly and with a slight dodge, he dodged Jiang Wenjie’s blow!

Jiang Wenjie froze, and immediately turned back with a single swing again!

Chen Ping’s feet gently slid to the side, and once again more!

“Kid, you have the ability to fight me hard, are you still a man?”

Seeing how nimble Chen Ping’s body was, Jiang Wenjie stormed out!

“Alright ……”

Chen Ping’s body didn’t move as he faced Jiang Wenjie’s strike, not dodging!

“Is this kid stupid? A blow like that must have a thousand pounds of force, a cow could be easily killed?”

“Not to mention a cow, even a concrete wall could be pierced with a single punch from this kid from the Jiang family!”

“I think this Chen Ping is just scared out of his wits!”

The crowd was chattering!

At this moment, there was only one person watching quietly, that was Wu Liuyi, although Wu Liuyi’s strength was not the highest, but his pair of eagle eyes could definitely see through everything.

Whether it was Jiang Zhengzhong or Red Phoenix hiding their strength, Wu Liuyi could see through them all at a glance, which was why Wu Liuyi had always played the role of a peacemaker, offending no one!

Don’t look at this Jiang Wenjie’s fierce aura, but he was no match for that Chen Ping, whose strength was so strong that even he couldn’t see through it.

In the ring, Jiang Wenjie saw that Chen Ping did not move at all and directly resisted his punch, so he was delighted and increased the force in his hand again!

But just as Jiang Wenjie’s fist reached Chen Ping, he saw Chen Ping reach out and directly grabbed Jiang Wenjie’s fist!

Jiang Wenjie was so shocked that his hand felt like it was caught in an iron vise and he couldn’t move it at all!

Everyone on the stage was also shocked, they didn’t expect Jiang Wenjie’s ferocious punch to be caught by Chen Ping just like that!

“Wenjie, be careful …………”

Jiang Zhengzhong seemed to see that something was wrong, and after yelling out, his entire body leapt up!

Ka-ching …………

There was a sudden crunching sound as Jiang Wenjie’s hand was directly crushed by Chen Ping!

“Ah …………”

Jiang Wenjie’s face instantly turned pale as he screamed miserably.

Immediately afterwards, Jiang Wenjie felt a raging strong Qi coming towards his body from inside Chen Ping’s body, which was scurrying all over his body!