Phoenix Among Men Chapter 381

Chen Ping was standing on top of the ring, looking at the tiger that was transformed into internal energy pouncing towards him, his body did not move, but the Heart Condensation Skill within his dantian had been running wildly.

At this moment, Chen Ping had a bold idea: the Heart Condensation Skill could refine all things, and could suck all the spiritual energy and energy from the body into his own body.

But Chen Ping couldn’t just go around hunting and sucking the energy from others in order to cultivate, wouldn’t he be a demon cultivator?

Since he couldn’t suck it directly from others, could he absorb the energy that was released into his body?

As Chen Ping thought about it, he ran his Heart Condensation Technique and stretched out his hands against the fierce tiger!

Chen Ping did not exert any force, as long as he struck a blow, the tiger would be dispersed in an instant!

Now Chen Ping was only using his body to carry the powerful qi, and his Heart Condensing Technique kept spinning far and wide as he began to absorb the powerful qi!

The ring beneath Chen Ping’s feet began to crack, and the tremendous impact caused his legs to begin to bend slightly!

“This Chen Ping is still young, he really isn’t a match for Jiang Zhengzhong!”

“To be able to hold on until now, this youngster really has some skills!”

The crowd whispered!

Su Yuqi’s hands gripped the corners of her own clothes, her palms covered in sweat!

“Chen is going to be defeated, I’ll go save him …………”

Red Phoenix gritted her teeth and fought her way to her feet, even if she had to fight for her life, Red Phoenix would not watch Chen Ping in danger!

Lin Tianhu pulled Chi Feng and said, “Your current physical condition, going up there won’t help, let’s see first, Mr. Chen won’t be defeated that easily!”

Although Lin Tianhu said so, he was also very anxious inside, he began to resent the anxiety and hated himself for being so incompetent!

When he was in Hong City, Lin Tianhu was the underground emperor, turning his hands into clouds and turning his hands into rain, so Lin Tianhu had neglected to practise his kung fu!

But when he arrived here, Lin Tianhu’s heart was deeply shaken and he began to regret his lack of effort!

At this moment, above the ring, Jiang Zhengzhong looked at Chen Ping angrily, he didn’t launch an attack, but watched Chen Ping struggling to resist his own powerful qi!

“I will let you die slowly, let you die in fear ……”

Jiang Zhengzhong’s voice was cold and eerie as he said.

Chen Ping ignored him, instead he ran the Heart Condensation Technique and absorbed the powerful Qi around him, because it was his first time, so Chen Ping was not very skilled yet, he still needed to feel out many things!

However, Chen Ping could feel the energy around him being absorbed into his body and stored in his dantian, so he could only refine it and use it for himself!

Slowly, the tiger transformed by the qi became fainter and fainter, and finally disappeared, while Chen Ping stood up straight, his feet sinking deep into the ring!

“I didn’t think you were really good at it ……”

Jiang Zhengzhong was a little surprised to see that Chen Ping wasn’t doing anything, he couldn’t help but say.

“What skills do you have, just use them on me, your son’s corpse is still lying on the ground, don’t let him resent you as a father under the nine springs, there is no one to avenge him!”

Chen Ping deliberately provoked Jiang Zhengzhong, he wanted to squeeze all the energy out of Jiang Zhengzhong’s body!

On such an occasion, Chen Ping couldn’t directly suck Jiang Zhengzhong dry, so he could only use this method to provoke Jiang Zhengzhong into releasing all of his energy himself!

As expected, Chen Ping’s words made Jiang Zhengzhong furious and his body rose up in the air: “Kid, you are too crazy ……”

In mid-air, Jiang Zhengzhong’s body was surrounded by a faint Qi, which turned into a sharp blade and rained down on Chen Ping!

When Chen Ping saw this scene, instead of dodging, he actually moved his body quickly to meet the sharp blades transformed by the energy!