Phoenix Among Men Chapter 383

After climbing to his feet, Jiang Zhengzhong continued to retreat backwards, covered in dust and in a terrible state of disarray!

At this moment, everyone was dumbfounded, not understanding why Jiang Zhengzhong was in such a mess, and his expression was terrified!

None of them knew that Jiang Zhengzhong’s energy had already been sucked out by Chen Ping, and that any one of them could kill Jiang Zhengzhong now!

“Give me a reason for not killing you?”

Chen Ping asked in a cold voice.

Jiang Zhengzhong’s eyes suddenly caught sight of the man with the hat in the Jiang Family camp below the stage, and he instantly lit up and said, “Chen Ping, don’t be rampant, I’ll find someone to clean you up right away!”

After Jiang Zhengzhong finished speaking, he said respectfully to the man with the hat, “Please also ask Master Bu Confusion to help out and relieve my Jiang family’s crisis, my Jiang family will definitely repay Master Bu Confusion properly, I am willing to dedicate all my medicinal herbs to Master Bu Confusion!”

At this moment, Jiang Zhengzhong only wanted to save his life, as for refining the Life Renewing Pill, those were not important anymore, what was the use of refining the Life Renewing Pill if he could not even save his life now, so Jiang Zhengzhong planned to use all the medicinal herbs of the Jiang family to beg Master Bewilderment for his hand!

Hearing Jiang Zhengzhong mention medicinal herbs, Chen Ping’s eyes also lit up, he had now reached the ninth level of Qi training and needed a lot of spiritual qi to break through to the Foundation Establishment stage, now upon hearing that the Jiang family actually had medicinal herbs, Chen Ping’s heart was instantly overjoyed!

“Duke Jiang, are you telling the truth?”

Master Bu Dou was secretly happy in his heart, if he could get this batch of medicinal herbs into his hands, then he would be able to increase his strength by a lot, the problem was that these herbs would also allow him to refine aphrodisiac pills, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to afford two little girls every day!

“Master Buzzy, I am a man of my word, how could I lie in front of so many people, not to mention that I wouldn’t dare to lie to Master Buzzy!”

Jiang Zhengzhong said with a humble face.

“That’s true!” Master Bu Dou took off his hat and slowly walked towards Chen Ping!

“Who is this man? He looks so familiar!”

“I don’t know him, he couldn’t be a high ranking person invited by the Jiang family, right? Looking at this immortal look, he must be very strong!”

The crowd whispered after seeing Master Bu Dou!

Master Bu Dou stood opposite Chen Ping and swept a glance at him, “Young man, you are very strong and very talented, if you take me as your master, I guarantee that in less than two years’ time, no one in the entire Jiangbei Province will be your opponent, and I guarantee that the Jiang family will no longer dare to trouble you!”

“Master Bu Dou …………”

Jiang Zhengzhong shuddered slightly, and his eyes widened as he shouted.

Chen Ping was his enemy who had killed his son and daughter, how could he just say he would let it go, there was no way Jiang Zhengzhong would let Chen Ping go!

“Shut up!” Master Bu Dou frowned and said in a stern voice!

Jiang Zhengzhong immediately shut his mouth, although he was not convinced in his heart, he didn’t dare to say anything at this time!

“Kid, have you thought it over? Being my disciple is something that many people would not have the chance to do even if they crowded their heads!”

Master Bu Dou looked at Chen Ping and continued.

“If you want to be my master, you have to have real skills, do you have any?”

Chen Ping asked playfully.

“Since you ask so, then I will show you what true ability is!” After Master Bu Dou finished speaking, he suddenly pulled out a black, round ball-like object from his arms, and then slammed it on the ground!

Boom …………

After an explosion, the entire venue was instantly enveloped in smoke, and it was still rolling black smoke, no one could be seen across the room at all!

This time, many people panicked, and some even began to run outside, one pushing and shoving and shouting!

But soon the black fog disappeared and the crowd returned to silence!

But when the crowd looked into the ring, they were all stunned, for they saw that the ring, which had collapsed, was now intact, and Chen Ping and the Confounded Master were standing on top of it!