Phoenix Among Men Chapter 385

“You …… actually broke my Spirit Trapping Formation?”

Master Bu Dou had a surprised look on his face.

“This broken formation, do you still need to break it? If this is all you have, and you still want to take me as your disciple, it’s a joke!”

Chen Ping snorted coldly, with a disdainful face!

“Kid, don’t be rampant!”

Master Bu Dou was really enraged by Chen Ping!

He pulled out several black clay pots and placed them in front of his body, five in total, each sealed with yellow paper!

Seeing Master Bu Dou pull out these jars, Chen Ping’s eyes lit up, he had already guessed what was inside!

These were all things that could help Chen Ping’s cultivation!

At this moment, Master Bu Dou pulled out a talisman, and between the pinching of his fingers, the talisman actually burst into flames in his hand!

“Ten thousand ghosts devour the heart, give me the …………”

As soon as the burning talisman in Master Bu Dou’s hand was thrown, only to see the talismans on the five black clay pots follow suit, followed by a burst of ghostly cries and wailing sounds resounding throughout the venue!

This frightened many people on the stage to curl up, each one in a cold sweat, Su Yuqi was even so frightened that her face turned pale and she was hugged by Chi Feng into her arms.

In an instant, the whole venue began to turn dark, and from those five clay pots, ghosts began to fly out, with their teeth and claws open in great terror!

Those who had not seen this scene before were scared half to death, and some even fainted from fear!

Lin Tianhu, on the other hand, was staring at the ghosts with no fear in his heart, after all, this was not the first time he had seen them!

The ghosts were surrounding Master Bu Dou, while Master Bu Dou looked at Chen Ping and found that Chen Ping was surprisingly calm and not the least bit frightened, so he couldn’t help but frown: “You’re not even afraid at all?”

“A mere brat, what is there to be afraid of, just go ahead and strike!”

Chen Ping sneered, his heart expecting Master Bu Dou to strike sooner, knowing that these ghosts were the best resources for Chen Ping’s cultivation.

Master Bu Dou gritted his teeth, the matter had come to this, so he could only fight!

“Go!” Master Bu Dou commanded the ghosts to charge towards Chen Ping!

Each of these ghosts danced around with their teeth and claws, as if they wanted to tear Chen Ping apart!

With a smile on his face, Chen Ping fiercely opened his mouth and sucked in the ghosts as they approached!

Some of the ghosts were caught off guard and were all sucked into Chen Ping’s stomach, while the rest fled in fear!

When he came across such a good cultivation resource, how could Chen Ping let it go?

As Chen Ping’s body flashed, those fleeing ghosts were caught one by one and then all of them were eaten by Chen Ping.

Master Bu Dou was dumbfounded, his face turned extremely ugly, this was his last killer move, and he had secretly raised all these ghosts, there were rules in Xuan Yue Valley that did not allow these things to be raised, raising some spirit creatures was fine!

And when the crowd under the stage saw that Chen Ping had actually eaten all those ghosts, some of them couldn’t stand to watch and vomited.

After seeing that, Su Yuqi also had a flutter in her heart and vomited out with a wow, she felt too disgusting, I’m afraid that after this time, Su Yuqi is going to leave a psychological shadow, if Chen Ping wants to make out with her in the future, it will be a bit difficult!

“Run …………”

Master Bu Dou shouted, and then his body instantly crossed backwards and hurriedly ran towards the outside!

Master Bu Dou’s cry was for Jiang’s family, not that he was kind enough to remind Jiang’s family, but he hoped that once Jiang’s family ran, Chen Ping would definitely go after Jiang’s family, and he would be able to escape.

But who knew that Chen Ping didn’t care about Jiang’s family at all, but went straight after them towards him!

Jiang Zhengzhong didn’t even look confused that the Grandmaster had been beaten away and immediately led the Jiang family to run, not even wanting Jiang Wenjie’s corpse!