Phoenix Among Men Chapter 391

Although he couldn’t believe it, this earring in his hand might just confirm his suspicions!

It was a while before Red Phoenix and the others arrived, Chen Ping’s speed was too fast for them to keep up!

“Mr. Chen, could this be ????”

Red Phoenix looked at all the newly turned up dirt on the ground and seemed to have thought of something too.

“Send someone to dig it all up here ……”

Chen Ping didn’t reply to Chi Feng, but told Chi Feng to send people to dig up all of this place!

Very quickly, Chi Feng sent people to start digging, and immediately afterwards a body of a girl was dug up.

These girls’ corpses were covered in wounds and looked horrible!

“Wow …………”

Su Yuqi couldn’t take it anymore, and vomited out with a wow!

And everyone else had anger bubbling in their eyes, their teeth clacking!

“This Jiang Zhengzhong, killing him is simply too cheap …………”

Gu Ling’er said with red eyes and gritted her teeth.

When a murderous underground emperor like Lin Tianhu saw this scene, his eyes also turned red and his stomach turned upside down!

Without saying a word, the killing intent on Chen Ping’s body rose to the sky, his eyes blazingly cold!

“Mr. Chen, although that Jiang Zhengzhong is ruthless and ruthless, he has never heard of him doing so in all these years, this incident might have been done by someone else!”

Red Phoenix whispered to Chen Ping.

It wasn’t that Red Phoenix was excusing Jiang Zhengzhong, these girls were all captured by Jiang Zhengzhong’s men, and it was impossible to excuse Jiang Zhengzhong anymore, it was just that Red Phoenix felt that such a cruel method didn’t want to be done by Jiang Zhengzhong!

When Red Phoenix finished speaking, a person instantly flashed inside Chen Ping’s mind, that was the kind looking, immortal looking Master Bu Dou!

“Sort out the remains of these girls and bury them properly!”

After Chen Ping finished speaking, he tilted his head and looked up at the mid-air, suddenly pointing his finger, a golden light shot out directly and then disappeared instantly in the mid-air!

The black cloud of grievances in the mid-air instantly dissipated under this golden light, and finally became without a trace!

To Chen Ping, these grievances were an excellent cultivation resource, but Chen Ping would not suck up these grievances, he would just disperse them so that these girls could be reincarnated again!

Back at the villa again, Chen Ping’s face never looked good, while Su Yuqi kept vomiting, with Gu Ling’er persuading her from the sidelines!

About a few hours later, the entire Jiang house was searched, and the last pile of contract documents, as well as several large bags of herbs, were laid out in front of Chen Ping.

Red Phoenix, on the other hand, walked in with a lot of ladies’ underwear and said to Chen Ping, “Mr. Chen, these were all searched in one room, and I checked the surveillance, and that room was where that Daoist Master lived!”

“This Taoist-looking fellow is worse than a beast!”

Lin Tianhu was furious when he heard that.

Chen Ping wasn’t surprised, he seemed to have guessed it too.

“Southwest Xuan Yue Valley ……” Chen Ping’s eyes faintly stared in the direction of the southwest, “I will make you pay for it!”

“Mr. Chen, these are some of the business family contracts that the Jiang family has partnered with under their name ……”

Red Phoenix said as he handed the documents to Chen Ping.

Chen Ping didn’t even look at them and said, “I’ll leave these to you, what I want is what’s inside that bag!”

Red Phoenix put the documents down, then opened one of the bags and said, “Mr. Chen, here are some precious medicinal herbs, but they are all spiritual medicines that are over a hundred years old!”

There was no need for Red Phoenix to say it, Chen Ping had already known about it, such a dense spiritual energy, Chen Ping had felt it long ago.

But what made Chen Ping wonder was that the Jiang family so would have so many herbs that were over a hundred years old, knowing that Chen Ping had not found so many hundred year old herbs even in Cloud City, which was known as the capital of medicine.

In the entire Jiangbei Province, only Yuncheng had the largest herbal base, could it be that the Jiang family did not purchase all these herbs from Yuncheng?