Phoenix Among Men Chapter 396

Without saying anything, the robed man raised his hand and sent the guard flying straight away.

Seeing this, the other guards picked up their weapons and rushed over, while Lin Tianhu hurried over when he heard the commotion!

By the time Lin Tianhu arrived, outside the villa, dozens of guards had surrounded the robed man!

Lin Tianhu looked at the guards on the ground who had lost their voices, and his face suddenly turned grim as he said, “Who are you?”

The robed man swept a glance at Lin Tianhu and spoke indifferently, “Tell that Chen Ping to come out and die, how can I let him live after killing someone from my Xuan Yue Valley!”

“Someone from Xuan Yue Valley?” Lin Tianhu’s frown deepened, he had seen the skills of that Master Bu Dou, these people were all warlocks, each with high Daoist skills, if he really let him fight after these people, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to support them for a single round!

With a faint twinkle in his eyes, Lin Tianhu said to the robed man, “You can look for Mr. Chen, give your name first, I will go and give a notice, you know there are countless people who come to spar with Mr. Chen, and there are many people who want to kill him, but Mr. Chen doesn’t kill nameless people!”

“Hmph, how can I be a nameless person, Xuan Yue Valley’s left inspector, here to take that Chen Ping’s head today!”

The robed man snorted coldly as a terrifying aura instantly erupted from his body!

“Wait a moment, I’ll go and inform right away!”

Lin Tianhu turned around and walked back to the villa, just as he walked into the villa, Lin Tianhu anxiously took out his phone!

At this time Chen Ping was cultivating, he simply couldn’t be disturbed, so he wouldn’t inform Chen Ping’s, instead he took out the phone and called Red Phoenix!

Lin Tianhu knew how little he had, and with his own strength and these guards, he might not be able to stop the Xuan Yue Valley’s people, but if he asked Red Phoenix to bring his men over, they might be able to stop the Xuan Yue Valley’s people if they joined forces!

After receiving Lin Tianhu’s call, Red Phoenix didn’t dare to hesitate and hurried towards Jiang’s villa with his men, notifying Li Shouyi by the way that if it came to a critical moment, then let Li Shouyi use his official presence to suppress it, so that it could be delayed for a while!

The left inspector of Xuan Yue Valley waited for a while, but when he saw that Lin Tian Hu hadn’t come out, his brow furrowed, looking at the surging aura inside the villa, the left inspector of Xuan Yue Valley knew that Chen Ping hadn’t moved at all!

“D*mn it, dare to lie to me?”

The Left Inspector of Xuan Yue Valley let out an angry shout, he finally knew that this was Lin Tian Hu’s delaying tactic!

After a furious shout, the Xuan Yue Valley Left Inspector’s body charged straight towards the villa, not caring about the guards around him at all!

“Stop him …………”

At this moment, Lin Tianhu’s muscles bulged all over his body, and a sinew bulged on his face, he used all his strength, facing Xuan Yue Valley’s people, Lin Tianhu didn’t dare to be the least bit careless!

“Don’t know how to live and die ……”

The Xuan Yue Valley’s left inspector snorted coldly, and with a flick of his palm, he directly sent that Lin Tian Hu flying away, as easily as swatting a mosquito!

Lin Tianhu’s body fell heavily to the ground as a mouthful of blood gushed out!

“We must not let him rush into the villa and disturb Mr. Chen …………”

Lin Tianhu shouted with his last strength!

Dozens of guards, their eyes glowing with a cold aura, all of them were ready to die, these guards were all from the Red Phoenix Hall, all of them had been strictly selected, all of them were loyal beyond compare!

But just as those guards were about to attack the Xuan Yue Valley Left Inspector, Red Phoenix arrived with his men, hundreds of them, surrounding the Xuan Yue Valley Left Inspector in several circles, Red Phoenix took a look at the injured Lin Tian Hu and said with a bit of concern on his face, “Are you alright?”

“Fine, can’t die ……” Lin Tianhu said with a face of shame!